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Next On RHOA: Phaedra And Kandi Go One On One

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Next week on a can’t miss Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree’s son gets his first modeling job.


Kenya discusses the problems she’s been having with Matt to her Father.

And Kandi gets a surprise phone call that leads to one on one confrontation with Phaedra.

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  • Monique

    Kandi has changed and not in a good way. I am so tired of her an her mom. She keeps letting her mom say nasty and negative things about other people. Her mom looks like a old bully. She should handle own battles and not her mom. This is just my opinion

    • Freida

      Monique. I like you and don’t know you, but when have your mom decided to shut her mouth about her opinion and not have a voice? You can tell us (I’m a mother with a daughter), but she can live her life however she wants, but if I want to say something to her, her friend or boyfriend or husband, she can’t stop me. I don’t think Kandi can make her mom do anything. We all changed, we must or we will never grow.

      • Kim

        Girl bye, you cannot justify the shit Joyce does, Me personally I have the utmost respect for my elders, always have.. but Joyce if have to lay hands o, messy old batt…

  • Todd Park


    • Pat

      Todd, u need to stay out of it let kandi and Phaedra work it out, and kandi don’t turn into something u not ok stay the sweet person u are work it out

  • bj

    Kandi, I love you on the show. I love how you teach young ladies to be a good wife, a good mother, and a successful entrepreneur. However, when your mom decides to show her classless side, it makes you look so bad. Why does your mom have to go down the disgusting road of retched, flaming insults, for example, “I would not piss in Phaedra’s mouth . . . . Really a 60-year old woman saying stuff like that. It is not cool, unless you want to appeal to that type of audience. I would be ashamed of her nasty hateful ways. I know you love your mama, but come on don’t let your mom taint your image without you ever telling her to chill. No person with any class wants to see that on TV. This comment is not coming from a hateful place, I am just being truthful.

    • Latifa

      I agree with you on this topic BJ! Kandi, I love you! But I do agree that your mother is really making you look bad. We all know how you feel about your mom but as an adult (no disrespect to your mom) you need to tell her when she is wrong!! There is a way to do this without being disrespectful. I feel the same way about my mother and was raised in a family where being disrespectful to an elder was a definite no no. When you are grown, and have children of your own, that’s when you have to tell momma or anyone else for that matter, that this ugly behavior, and nasty words and should not be tolerated!! So sorry to say this but Your mom is so rude, nasty, and very disrespectful and it bothers me that she acts this way with no repercussions. Kandi, I have followed you for a long time and it just doesn’t seem like you are the type of person who would let you mom say some of the things she does about people. Like I said earlier, she is really making you look bad!! A fan of Kandi!!!

  • Dee

    Kandi, you shady ass hell too bc you stay getting into other peeps business and you ask them personal questions in front of the other women. If they do that to you, you would be frowning up and saying well it’s my business. I think to you, Todd and Mama Joyce need to kind your own business and stay out of Phaedra. And your lil office sidekicks too bc I tell Joyce brought her ass to tears when she blasted that Todd was F Carmen. So she know how it feel to be in a corner with everyone in your face and business. Keep classy and not shady sassy.

  • Dana Potts

    Why???? If the tables had been turned and someone came to your place of business with a bomb would you really want somebody talking about it and taking it as a joke. Where’s the love in that. Especially someone you called a friend.

  • Sarah

    Kandi, love u big fan. but these fake ass hoe bitch of cruella vil Phaedra need a bitch slap. When she said ur daughter was a or that u was a one night stand that got pregnant girl u better get that bitch please answer back ..

  • GordonGekko

    N I G G E R

  • Lisa Holston