Real Housewives Of Atlanta

NeNe Walks Out On Cynthia

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After NeNe Leakes tries to talk to Cynthia Bailey about their friendship, she needs a minute to recover her feelings. Watch the emotional clip below.


  • bkbrom29

    Nene so full of it.. She won’t even let Cynthia explain WHY she feel the way she does. Which is the premise of Cynthia’s argument. NeNe is a bully and can never admit fault. She doesn’t understand that everyone she calls a friend are those who are up her behind and if you are NOT up her behind she claims you are not a friend. Plus NeNE has NO respect for her so call friends and NEVER respected Cynthia. It i so apparent. Cynthia is just tired of it. Cynthia realizes how much of a follower she has been to NeNe and how she allowed NeNe to get away with the disrespect so long until she crossed the line with her HUSBAND! My friend would NEVER disrespect my husband that way. It was out of line and uncalled for and NeNe never really owned up to the BS she just acted as if OH WELL I SAID IT GET OVER IT! Thats not respect. I applaud Cynthia for finally getting a backbone and sticking with her guns. She knows in her heart NeNe is not a GOOD friend. I know women like Cynthia and have been in a similar situation with a So called friend, I blame myself for staying in the poisonous friendship as long as I did. it was a good untill I decided to stand up for myself the this so call friend was BeWILDERED as to what alll this was coming from. I don’t blame her.. I let her be the disrespectful bitch she was so long she thought she actually had the right to be that way with me. I Created that monster in the relationship by putting up with it under the premise that she was my FRIEND,. My heart is too big, I I hate conflict with friends but no More!

    • Markitha

      She wasn’t that much in denial, I think she was just so surprised that Cynthia would be the one to call her out about her ugly ways! #TeamCynthia

      • bkbrom29

        Exactly. She is the one crying (whatever) as if Cynthia did something to her.. NeNe has been shading Cynthia on interviews every chance she gets and its just recent Cynthia has been responding but always in a respectful way. NeNe have several seats Huntee

        • lisa

          Strong woman that’s all.. But when your friends or weak it makes the strong one look like a bully. She’s no bully. Cythina let her man step in.

      • jjules

        I prey god don’t send anybody like that in my life … see how she ugly

    • matt61350137

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    • jjules

      Yes she is, that lady is so disgusting

    • ahwiley

      Now Cynthia knows how Porsche felt.

    • BLACKpeopleLIVESmatter

      When did you see NeNe bashing these women? Clearly she says how she feels directly to their faces. Cynthia is ALWAYS the one to gossip and speak negatively about all these women. Cynthia has been revealing just how much of a phoney she is…she did all BILLY badass acting with Porsha because she knows NeNe don’t play about her respect. Cynthia and Peter puts on a front like NeNe was the issue, as you can see they had several disagreements including Cynthia’s sister and mother. Ask yourself do you ever seen Cynthia’s family members around??? Why did they really hide the marriage license? I use to like how Cynthia would be overprotective over NeNe like a sister , but as soon as NeNe blew up…their relationship diminished and went south…just like Cynthia’s bags underneath her eyes. Chile please go back and start from Season #1 because CLEARLY you have been watching a different Real Housewives just not of ATLANTA!!! TEAM #LEAKES

    • Missy Dale

      So true she is a BIG BULLY

  • Ronald Curry

    I love the show .Nene is Nene ,And you have to respect that !!! Nene is not a follower ,she is a Leader,and if you don’t let Nene lead then get the Hell out of her WAY .I luv her ,Nene speaks her mind ,and really that’s the way must Lady’s are ,rest are fake ,and Kandi needs to mind her own !!!!!!

    • bkbrom29

      There are leaders and then there are bullies. NeNe is Not a Leader she may be an Alpha Female but she is no leader. NeNe is one of the fakest people on the show, Her speaking her mind just show how rude and disrespectful she is and how she has no self control. All her so call friends she bash behind their backs, she throws up their flaws as if she has none and is self serving. I love the show too but lets call a spade a spade. With all due respect.

      • Veonka Mohedano


      • BLACKpeopleLIVESmatter

        Im trying to fiqure out what NeNe did to Cynthia????

    • Markitha

      There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being who you are and being a leader. But when you have absolutely no regard for other people’s feelings but your own then THAT’S a problem. Nene is SELFISH! She’s all about “me, me, me” and if you don’t agree then it’s hell on you. What kind of friendship can be built and KEPT with that type of personality?

    • jjules

      She is a bully ..badmind lady tooo

    • Silkie

      they better keep their eyes on Kandi..she’s always stirring the pot ! if she wanted to help mend fences, why not have cynthia and nene together at dinner along with one other neutral person. she made the show out of this move, KANDI IS SO MESSY!

      • Veonka Mohedano

        I agree with you!

    • LadyV

      Most of the women I know at least

  • Markitha

    You know what, I am just unable to “can” on this one……I CAN’T! Nene is your very typical “dish it but can’t take it” person. Noone can ever tell her when she’s being wrong, and when she’s out of line without her goin’ on 10! She can’t take constructive criticism about her attitude and behavior. She was dead wrong for the way she treated Cynthia and dead wrong for calling Peter a beeotch. HAD THAT BEEN DONE TO HER I can guarantee that she would have been all over Cynthia and then SHE (Nene) would have probably wanted to throw the friendship away. I always say, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” What that means (in this particular situation) is if you’re gonna treat me a certain way and expect me to just “take” it then don’t be so surprised when I dish it back at you and expect you to do the same; if you can do it, I can do it too! I don’t blame Cynthia. She called a spade a spade, and Nene just can’t take hearing the TRUTH about herself. She is a PRO at flipping the script though and trying to make YOU feel guilty for what you’ve done. #ChileBye I’m so over Nene.

  • Purple hazel

    You forgave Kim now yall bff’s, and you both did shady stuff to each other, why can’t you forgive Cynthia?

    • Natasha Salifu

      Kim & Nene have had years to recover from their issues. The wounds fresh with Nene & Cynthia. And, Nene seemed to be closer with Cynthia than Kim so the hurt was greater. I don’t recall Nene crying over falling out with Kim.

  • Ann Marquelle Gorham

    Please At least Nene is herself all day. She was true to Cynthia above all the girls . Peter was acting like a female and was to aggressive with other females. How do accept an apology and then turn on somebody. As stated they were friends on and off the show. Cynthia is fake and to blame nene for your martial problems is crazy , Peter is a control freak who spends your money. Not cool, not right

    • ShiningStar

      Cynthia did not blame Nene for her “martial” marital problems. What show were you watching? Cynthia said that she has more time to invest in her husband/marriage now that she is not investing her time with Nene. Nene’s idea of being a true friend is different from other people that are true friends.

      • Natasha Salifu

        She eluded to her marital problems being caused by her spending too much time with Nene and on the phone with her conveniently forgetting her issues with fibroids, their lack of sex life, his rude behavior to her family, his smart ass comments and controlling ways, his lack of business sense and poor judgment with their finances. Not to even mention his bitchassness towards the other women. He needs to stop acting like a hen if he wants to be the rooster.

        • bkbrom29

          When she say all that? ALL she said was she has more time to spend with him. You are putting a whole lot of words in her mouth. She didn’t allude to anything she spoke straight forward. She has more time. Being friends with NeNe is a liability. The woman has an UGLY character. She is loud, obnoxious, rude, disrespectful and selfish. I am so tired of people claiming she is a leader and speak her mind and is so REAL. This is NOT the model of a strong black woman. I know strong women and they look NOTHING or act ANYTHING like NeNe she is is actually the weak one. Strong women do not need to put others down or need people to sniff up behind her. She is only as strong as the strength of her so called FRIENDS, Nene looks weak and insignificant among REAL strong black women.

          • Natasha Salifu

            Go back and watch it.

  • ShiningStar

    Nene thought that she had Cynthia so far up her behind until it is just killing her that Cynthia finally opened up her eyes and realized that Nene was not her real friend. Nene was on Andy Cohen talking about Cynthia and insinuating that Cynthia should be fired from the show because she’s irrevelant, but yet she says she has been a great friend to Cynthia. Nene don’t know how to be anybody’s friend unless they are kissing her butt and playing by her rules . She is so used to being in control until she won’t even let Cynthia speak her mind. I can tell that Cynthia is still a little intimidated by Nene but she (Cynthia) seems to be trying to hold her stance that she is done with their friendship, but Nene is trying to break her down. I saw a clip of this coming Sunday’s episode where Nene did break Cynthia down during their conversation where Cynthia told Nene that she wants them to be like they used to be. Cynthia still has a hard time standing up to Nene. Nene don’t miss their friendship, she misses her puppet kissing up to her. I think that Peter keeps telling Cynthia to shut it down with Nene and that is the only reason that Cynthia is able to not give in to Nene. Cynthia is better off without her, but Cynthia seems to be jumping out of the frying pan into the skillet by becoming friends with Kenya. That’s not a good idea to become close with Kenya. It’s O.K. to be friendly with her, but Cynthia shouldn’t become close friends with Kenya. In the long run Cynthia will probably regret that to.

    • ced

      The girl taking up for Cynthia must have been in a relationship like this hurt people like to hurt people and lash out at others who are one in the same

    • LadyV

      Well Cynthia turned on her 1st so why not?

  • capricia ellerbee

    NeNe needs to stop the bullshit. It is not always about her ass. To old to be stupid.

  • jacque

    Well evidently Cynthia didn’t learn much because she’s now head first up Cray Cray Kenya’s azz. Cynthia has her problems because she has a husband who acts more like a messy azz woman than a husband. Had she not been allowing Peter to dip in the women’s business, NeNe wouldn’t have had to call him the bi^ch he was acting. NeNe has her problems too, but Peter is a problem.

  • meka51

    Nene has a very strong personality. But her true friends know this and love her still. True friends love each other for who they are. P.S. Not a fan of either but I would respect Nene more for being her true self. Not doing the most for money…

  • Wanda Bell

    This powerful clip just shows that they both has made mistakes, but deep inside, they still care. Like so many women, we sweat the small stuff. I want them to mend their hurt, mend the messy and remember that we are the audience. They are the players in real life. Both need to get their grown woman on and embrace what is still inside of them and thats love between two women. The tears and the words says it all.Get it together ladies, mend your broken hearts! Forgive and enjoy one another like you used to! They miss each other, I saw it in their eyes!!!

  • LadyV

    If my husband feels the need to interact with my friends, and at like he’s one of the damn girls, and they call him out on it, he deserves that shit……… And the only checking on my part would be to check his ass, because I married a man not a female real men don’t roll like that. So if that is her main reason she is weak……. While y’all calling Nene a bully is beyond me she states her opinion, and calls like she sees it. All of these chics on this show messy Cynthia is one of them she gets mess started and act all innocent…….. And I like how people use the word bully loosely. Cynthia is just weak. Just look how she’s acting now and I mean ACTING…….. She is fake, at least she had the one y’all like to call a bully defending that simple ass…….. Let’s see how long she last without Nene’s help, oh, I forgot she’ll have to get big sister to stay around her all the time, because the way she is acting now someone is going to tag that ass real good. Kandi was close to it. Only the fake could side with the fake. Nene has been consistent the entire time. Just like y’all have an opinion about her I guess y’all could be called bullies also…….. So lets face it this Bravo’s version of the VH1’s Bad Girls Club they know what they were signing up for. I hate fake victims. Remember that Opinions are just like an asshole everybody has one.

  • Elaine

    I believe that NeNe needs to apologize to Cynthia for telling Andy she wasn’t relevant to the show that’s what hurt Cynthia. Cynthia should know that she is relevant and her role plays a significant part on the housewives. You are all friends and you should be lifting on another up show the world positives things that you all as black women can do good role models. Through a little funny shade every now and then but not to cut each other up.

  • Sandy

    Take Nene’s country talking, putting n airs ass of he show. she won’t be missed. I don’t care if she thinks that she was the original housewife good bye. BOOP that!!! It’s time to go. I’m over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She can’t act no way, just calling out words like a fifth grader, BOOP!!!!

  • Ka-Ma Bu

    >;~D I simply cannot beLIEVE how NeNe appears to have some of the other ladies snowed. When Phædra comments that she must really be hurting to show that much emotion, please! Do they not recall that, after all, NeNe IS, in her own words, a successful actress? She may be dabbing at her eyes and sniffling but I see neither tear~streaked make~up on her cheeks nor damp mascara on that napkin! NeNe has always had a bully streak in her that she didn’t often show ( use to be only when fueled by Dutch Courage [ liquor ] ) in the past. However, lately she’s been SO full of herself that side of her personality is becoming more evident. As soon as she saw she was losing Cynthia’s blind support, she started cultivating Porsha as her new Yes Woman. NeNe’s behavior does women everywhere a great disservice.

  • Ana Rodriguez

    NeNe, went from rags to riches, from bags to bitches, she is so pretentious to me, very distorted way of thinking, her magical land, has got her to think, she is above and beyond every one else now, she is so invincible, right? she is unreachable, and she needs to understand, Pride comes before a fall, you keep thinking, you are above, with that snobbish attitude, in order to have friends one must be a friend,
    and as Tupac once said, you can’t treat people as if you owe them, and NeNe acts as if, every body must bow down to her, Cynthia was very passive in the beginning of these episodes, now she is standing up for herself, that is something NeNe can’t handle, she must be the Queen Ya, Ya, of every friend ship she claim she has, to feel better about herself, Honey, she would not want to deal with this rican, but you do, have to teach people how to treat you, and I say to all the ladies, Put it in place, when necessary!!! If someone suppresses your seed to grow, and can’t help water your strength, let them go! from an old wise woman once said!!!