Real Housewives Of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes: “I Apologize”

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In this RHOA clip, NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey have an emotional make up. Watch below.

  • Sharon Glover

    I love NeNe she just keeps it real. Cynthia on the other hand has not learn to see people tend to get jealous of some friends and their relationship. I think that you guys will be friends but the friendship will never be the same. I pray that you guys get it right.

  • Sarah Nabo

    I knew Cynthia and Nene still loved each other. Cynthia was euphoric after mending fencing with her friend. Peter ruthlessly took it away in the span of 60 seconds. Why is it so difficult for him to allow his wife to make her own decision without his interference. How can he say the friendship had an effect on their sex life when everyone who viewed the episode knew fibroid was the culprit. Peter is working over time to hold a peach in the opening credits.

    • Michelle

      Because he want to have sex with Nene

      • Sarah Nabo


    • MellieKhuntFromCarteret

      Peter is emotionally abusive to Cynthia and that is why Cynthia is so passive aggressive.

    • MellieKhuntFromCarteret

      I never believed Cynthia’s fibroid explanation for not wanting sex with Peter and for her weight gain. He’s just too controlling and he probably repulses her and that’s why she doesn’t want sex.

  • Bobbie Franklin

    God damn! Codependency table for two! What a hot mess they both are and Nene is such a heartless bitch sometimes, I don’t think she’s like that 24-7 she still has some heart she just needs to stop attacking and being such an evil twat. And now Cynthia has start getting bitchy too. She’s so addicted to Nene I bet she’s so happy now that her hat (which is Nene’s ass) is back on her head. She missed being up there I’m sure. Annoying both of em.

  • Janice

    I feel that NeNe influence has contributed to who Andy Cohen ‘Bravo’ pick for the show but what you ladies do once your on the show is totally your responsibilty to pursue your dreams. I never believed NeNe was anybody’s “real” friend.

    • MellieKhuntFromCarteret

      Me neither Janice. Nene has fought with everyone. I wouldn’t have her as a friend.


    Non of all that is going to last!

  • Janice Mcgee

    This is heart warming…I hope they go back to the way they were and forgive each other sincerely.

  • guest

    Cynthiaas, IS JEALOUS OF NENE. SHE CLAIMED TO BE A SUPERMODEL, BUT NO-ONE HEARD OF HER BEFORE RHOA. ALSO PETER IS AGAIN TALKING HER INTO “INVESTING” HER MONEY in one of his get rich quick schemes. She talks behind Nene,s back because she has no guts. Peter has reduced insecure, exceptionally, battered woman!

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  • Sharon

    Nene would be great as the wicked step-mother in Cinderella. She is a real life angry bitch.

  • kelly

    nene’s nobody friend.