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Kandi: NeNe Doesn’t Put in the Same Effort

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Kandi Burruss shares her thoughts on therapy and the video for NeNe Leakes. Did you feel like progress was made at the therapy session?
Kandi Burruss: Not really. At least not for me. Why were you against sending the video to NeNe?
KB: Because it was a kiss-ass move. She doesn’t even like most of the girls. Why go above and beyond to try to be friends when she doesn’t put in the same effort? Were you excited about going to Manila?
KB: I like seeing new places, but I just didn’t know what to expect going on a trip like that with this group.

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  • Mary

    Kandi why you sisters can’t get alone?

    • Tommy Holiday

      Proof read you comments Mary

      • Guest

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  • Markeba Drake

    Kandi you ladies cannot keep making excuses,Nene Leaks is not the cause of you ladies issues,each one of you are responsible for yourselves,stop pointing the fin ger,and take full responsibility for your own actions,and problems.

  • Markeba Drake

    Kandi friends support eachother, it is not a one sided friendship, I feel you should be there for Phaedra her husband is locked up in jail for eight years,because of his own selfish reasons,however more so be there,because not only has this situation hurt Phaedra,however for her sons, there is going to be more hurt in the long run,their still to young to understand what is going on,so Phaedra needs all the support she can get through this hurtful time in her, and her babies life. friends,support eacother no matter what,and two although you have issues in your marriage and your mom,and employees are disrespectful to your husband,and you allow this,you still have your husband with you trying to work through all of your issues,where as Phaedra don’t have her husband,be a good friend Kandi,someone is always going to need you more than you need them,and vice versa.

  • Markeba Drake

    Kandi, Nene put forth the effort when she ask you ladies to participate in this therapy session ,that was a first step that Mrs. Leaks took in trying to find some common grounds ,secondly this therapy session was not for everyone to point the blame upon one women,whom clearly,as you all say, have the power to make you conduct yourselves in a bad manner.I have watched this show since the beginning,and I have saw all these women play a part in being back stabbers,twofaced,DRAMA QUEENS,and you all dare point the finger at Nene,she say what she feel,and I have heard you ladies do the same things,you all are responsible for your own actions!

  • Msg99

    Kandi, you are feeling real guilty and it shows, because you were not there for your friend. Messy people always hear what they want to hear. Nene never said that she and Phaedra was best friends. She said that she knew Phaedra was going through a tough time. Phaedra said that Nene and Porsha had been there for her. If you are mad it should be with yourself, you let your friend down. Now you are show mad that you keep throwing Nene under the bus. You get no Props for that!!! Own up to your F-Up.. You are Not Loyal…

  • DSham

    Kandi is selfish. Look at how she treated Todd before they got married and she wonders why her marriage has hit a rough patch. It’s all about money. Kandi likes being the money maker so she feels she’s in control and number one. She clearly is only concerned about her well being and no one else. She’s mad that Nene has used this show and made it work for her. Kandi is boring and the ONLY reason she’s still on the show is because of her Momma!!!!! We all know this! Kandi tried her own show before and she was the only one who watched so she needs to have a seat!!! Several!!!! Kandi is jealous, corny, boring and just plain WACK!!!! Damn she had more money than any of the girls she needs to use it for a makeover!!! Smh #kandineedstoleaverhoaforreal!!

  • DSham

    Stop hating on Nene!!

  • Jean Harris

    Kandi, I’ve said it before and I will repeat…those women on the Reality Show with you are some of the most classless and envious women you will ever find anywhere.
    I will be happy and relieved when you “RISE ABOVE THIS CRAP”.
    Phaedra is consumed with “self”. She doesn’t even consider the fact that if you are not up under her 24/7 that you probably have a REAL LIFE OUTSIDE OF THIS.
    She was so eager to marry, she grabbed the first person who showed her some attention. Now she has to lie in that bed of pitchforks she’s made for herself.
    Cynthia is an absolute “airhead” allowing Peter to walk all over her. Kenya is just desperate.Porsha needs to growup and cultivate some gray matter somhow. NeNe is the prime example of someone who has never had anything. People who are accomplished in their own right don’t have to constantly toot their own horn and boast about the money that is being thrown their way by “whites who obviously view her as a buffoon or a “Miss Step-n fetch-it. Absolutely “Talentless”!!!!!!!!
    Claudia is an instigator who doesn’t know how to behave in public nor at any function/gathering,also desperate to be seen.
    Kandi, you and your husband make a beautiful couple w/two lovely daughters….continued happiness, many Blessings and good fortune.