My Love Wins Story

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I was happy to hear President Obama’s announcement that the Supreme Court declared marriage equality for all.

When I wrote the song Let Them Love last year I dedicated it to love. Many of my fans felt moved by the song and thought it’d be perfect to re-dedicate this record to LOVE FOR ALL. #LoveWins

1. Download the “Let Them Love” instrumental from the SoundCloud player above (Free).

2. Record a video sharing your #LoveWins story with us. (When you start your video you need to hold up a sign that says “My Love Wins Story.”) If you really like the track, we’d love to hear you create your own singing cover of the song.

3. Upload your video to YouTube & name it “Hey Kandi, Here’s My Love Wins Story.”

4. Email your link to lovewins@kandionline.com. We’ll post our favorite submissions on KandiOnline.com & our Facebook page.

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  • Danielle

    Kandi, I didn’t know how to reach you, but this was the first place that gave me an opportunity. Ok, maybe I had one to many drinks and hit you up on whatever this is. I found a video (remix of bed rock) with you and “Lola Monroe” and I thought you two made the video. NO SHADE to the rest, BUT I wouldn’t mind seeing something with you two. I know I’m probably late with the video, but I really appreciate you two (not that my opinion matter).

    I want to say congrades to you and Todd concerning you all’s addition to you’ll family. I wish well and a abundance of blessings. And, may GOD rest upon you’ll family and you continue to reap what GOD has for you. Continue to walk in your truth and “fly above” all your haters 😉

    It’s more in-store for you.

    Blessings to you and your family 🙂

    A fan of you and ours