Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Marlo Has A Question For Kandi Burruss

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The ladies finally reach the woods of Georgia for a fabulous weekend of “glamping,” but are shocked to learn that they’ll be spending their first night sleeping in tents.


Later at the campsite, Marlo confronts Kenya over unresolved issues, leading to a massive argument.

The next day, the women begin to come together and bond over their outdoor activities, but things quickly fall apart at dinner when Kandi learns about major rumors flying around about her.

Forced to confront old drama and new drama too, the women all decide to speak their truth.

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  • Walker Cooper

    Wow really?! I smell Sharee all up in this gossip smdh

  • Tiffany

    I don’t know why everybody is worried about what Kandi is doing sound like jealousy. I know why people just can’t mine there own business and stop hating.

  • Geraldine Johnson

    Marlo has a nerve asking Kandi if she is a lesbian when she’s a PROSTITUE herself. Porsha has screwed every man she brought on the show and probably some woman. Sheree still sleeping on a air mattress and can’t even pay for her tags on a car. Kandi laugh at them all girl. Much love to you.

    • Irene Simpson

      I wonder if Sheree said anything to marlo about telling Kandi what Sheree told her about the lesbian situation? And just when did they all become friends with Marlo.again?I remember when marlo told Sheree she was ugly and whatnot remember?