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Mama Joyce Working On Relationship With Kandi

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“I’m trying to rebuild my relationship with my daughter,” she says.


Usually, an engagement and the planning of a wedding is a celebratory time, but for Kandi Burruss, it’s been a difficult, emotional experience that’s potentially damaged her relationship with her mother beyond repair.

As we’ve seen on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Mama Joyce has been vocal about her disapproval of Kandi’s fiancé Todd Tucker.

However, Joyce tells InTouch Weekly that she’s focused on repairing her relationship with her daughter. “Right now, I’ve decided to back off a bit,” she says. “I’m trying to rebuild my relationship with my daughter because that’s all I have.”

Do you think Kandi and Mama Joyce can repair their relationship? What advice do you have for them? Tell us below in the comments.

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  • LadyX

    I think they should try to repair their relationship. But mama Joyce is
    very controlling and manipulative. If she can’t get a grip on her
    insecurities and let go of the grip of Kandi then she is gonna be a
    lonely old lady. She needs to admit that the real reason for her fits
    are not because of Todd but it is because she is afraid of losing Kandi
    or even the closeness of Kandi. But like some people say; “How’s that
    working for ya?” Its sad that she cannot go and find her a man or a
    hobby or something. Go play bingo or volunteer somewhere! Sheesh! Kandi,
    I hope true happiness for you either way.

    • Lashawn Reid

      Landing needs to take better control of her life. Mama Joyce needs to get her own group of friends & stop around her daughters.

    • margaret

      well said i

  • sheree t

    Mama Joyce let go and let God

  • Stephanie SweetasSuga Seaberry


  • Tina Matthews-Dunlap

    Mama Joyce is a sweet lady, but she needs to let her daughter find her true happiness on her own and not feed into the bs of rumors. You only have one daughter, don’t push her away cause you don’t think she shouldn’t marry Todd. Kandi is grown. If you constantly fill negative vibes into someone’s head about what men are like and how they should have more money then no one is going to be happy. Be happy for everyone involved and enjoy life. We only live once.

    • margaret

      exactly and just makes momna joyce look greedy and foolish everytime she acts out abd could loose her daughter and grand daughter or todd may walk.I for one. would hate to see any of that

    • Relaxedn10city

      I agree with everything you said except….Momma Joyce is NOT a sweet woman. I can think of a few things she is but out of respect for Kandi, who I highly respect, I will refrain…

      • Tina Matthews-Dunlap

        I have a different relationship with my mom. She is sweet in front of others but once those doors close she turns into something I never liked. I appreciate the relationship Kandi has with her mom, but the one thing I do not envy is the dependence of acceptance of another person. I did it once with a friend, she ruined every relationship I had with someone and if I depended on that from either parent I would still be single. She had her moments in other seasons where she was sweet, I think this season the caught the bad side. Everyone changes after being on reality tv.

  • LoveLife

    yes she can rebuild it me and my mom have a on & off relationship were not going to always agree with what our parents has to say about what goes on in our life but that’s how they are….things will get better for them!!

  • Viola Blair

    Mama Joyce needs to find something to do and stay out of kandi ane Todd’s business. She’s scared of loosing her daughter but look at it as gaining a son, at the end of the day that’s her mom they can patch things up.

    • kaybee

      Moma joyce is a hot mess she dont want kandi to marry todd because she wants all kandis money houses and etc…kandi need to respectfully put her in her place n cut her funds off from moma joyce and I bet she get her shit together then and get her own man and some damn business

  • teamMamaJoyce

    Kandi should find true love and maybe this is it. If Todd was doing the right thing in the beginning, then I don’t think they would be at this division. I keep saying, if Kandi had let Mama Joyce move in to the house next door, even if it was just temporary, Mama Joyce would be on the same page. When I saw Todd say he didn’t want Mama Joyce move in to the house, I knew this would be a problem. Here he is so soon making decisions about Kandi’s house, They have pushed Mama Joyce to the side. Who want to be a Side Mama????? LOL !!! Kandi and Todd should marry if she is in love but sign that Pre Nup Todd!! btw if all of this is for show…. I am still Mama Joyce team!!! Mama Joyce, you are right!! Get them sisters and show em!!!

    • 215_tae_727

      No he wasn’t wrong. First of, why should she move there? Secondly, Wtf is wrong with where she lives? All she cares about is money because that’s all she talks about. She needs to find her own man and a fucking life and if moving was so important then she could find her own shit on her own dime. How about mamma joyce ass should sign a fucking prenup and get her own on her fucking own and stop worrying about tod and kandi trying to ruin happiness…not everyone wants to be old, miserable and lonely like her…

  • Tracy Jennings

    Mama Joyce thinks she better act right now, just in case Kandi marries Todd anyway and get cut off for good…

    • Elle

      Right, they already got married so she has no choice now

  • Ga Peaches

    I feel that Kandi knows when she’s being played or not Joyce & her sisters r money hungry & thinks that Todd’s not going to let Kandi take care of them anymore which isn’t the case w/ Todd he really loves Kandi & vice VESA maybe if they get a man they wouldn’t be in their business

    • Ga Peaches


  • stephbomb

    Mama J can totally repair her relationship with Kandi- and she should be grateful and humbled by her daughters acceptance and and openness to participate in mending their relationship because she completely over stepped her boundaries. One thing I heard anIder wise lady say is that “I’m not going to be around forever, and I’m not the one who has to grow old with that person so whether or not I like him is irrelevant” I think mama j can take a thing or two from that.

  • ladysadye

    She just wants to control Kandi’s life, and I think she sees Kandi is going to stay
    with her man. Now, she is trying a different tactic of control. Get a grip Joyce!
    I’m older than you are; you can only live one life at a time. Live yours and let your
    daughter live hers!! I wish my daughter could find a man like Todd. Some people
    don’t know how to count their blessings; always looking for “Pie in the Sky”. True
    love (which your daughter has found) is what matters in life, not material things!!

  • OleSchool-HomeTraining

    We need to stop with the colorful opinionated descriptions of Momma Joyce. Regardless of what we think or how we feel, she is Kandi’s mother. Respect her as Kandi does. Kandi will NEVER disrespect her mother, tell her where to go or what to do; she is NOT going to tell her mother to mind her own business,she was not raised that way. I am just happy to hear/see that Momma Joyce wants to rebuild their relationship. Give her credit for recognizing, things have changed between them. I am sure Momma Joyce will take responsibility for her own actions, but if she does not share them with the world, one thing is clear, the relationship she has with Kandi now is not the one she wants. I am certain Momma Joyce will do everything she possibly can to reconcile their relationship and Kandi is not going to hold any of this against her mother.

    • Resa

      I totally agree with you. Thanks for your sensible post!

  • ladysadye

    How do you think his mother feels? You act like she delivered “a bum-of-a-son”.
    I’m sure she is proud of her son too. So stop insulting them both!

  • Meriani Niumataiwalu Nakavulev

    Mama Joyce needs to find peace within her. She is tormenting Todd, poor Kandi has to stand by while she humiliates him. And Kandi is allowing her mother running her mouth and her opinion towards them. This is Kandi’s life and relationship, why is she complaining ? Todd is not her man but Kandi’s The equation here is all wrong..As ,,mentioned by Kandi, she had three failed marriages. No wonder she remained a single woman… cause of her attitude and her facial expression. I hate to see her in any episode… cause negative vibes…is what she dishes out. .

    • Relaxedn10city

      I think the same thing! It is so easy for me to see why she’s had 3 failed marriages. She is for me the biggest reality show villain ever! Her motives are selfish. She needs to get her own life & stay out of Kandi’s.

  • C Butler

    I believe the relationship can be repaired but the scare will always be there. Joyce needs to let the couple live their lives and she need to get a life. Kandi is a big girl and if she believe & love this man let her be.

  • Julie

    Kandi has a right to her happiness and what I heard out her mother was rather than be selfless in support Kandi’s happiness and relationship with the man Kandi’s chosen to spend the rest of her life with, mama Joyce is selfishly concerned with her own needs, future and the possibility SHE would be put out of KANDI’S house and either cut off or affected financially because she’s living off her daughter and her only concern is for herself and how Kandi’s relationship may affect her, her life, her living and financially. If she knew her daughter at all, she’d know Kandi loves her and she does for and will continue to do for her Mother, her Mother is putting stress where there not need be any, you attract more bee’s with honey she just needs to be supportive and vested in her daughters life and happiness and everything will fall into place. Kandi doesn’t owe her Mother anything, remember that mama joyce, she does it out of love and you need to show the same respect.

    • margaret


    • Relaxedn10city

      Yes indeed!!

  • Mena

    Mamma Joyce needs some counseling…Within she needs to understand objective and logical thinking. Some of her points were invalid because she does not understand many don’t make 100,000+ a year. Todd is no scrub…Lawyers have the remedy to protect Kandi in case of a divorce and that conversation could have been had in much easier way by saying Kandi I have some concerns lets go for a free consultation together. Dress shopping time is suppose to be a joyous precious time. Before it was ruined the way that it was mother should have gone for counseling or spoke her peace on the wedding and just supported Kandi. Surely, Kandi made a very good point on the number of divorces moms had and no one is ridiculing her about it. I believe she owes Kandi and Riley a huge apology and certainly, Todd. Her behavior actually disrespected herself because it made her look like a negative person. Love and care must be had in delicate situations as this….I would love to see counseling and some apologies with significant effort…

    • PJ

      I agree with you Mena. I truly believe that Mama Joyce is in dire need of counseling because her actions and attitude is simply awful and very unbecoming of a woman of her age. The gritting of the teeth and the various facial expressions suggest to me that she’s definietly in pain from within (not physical) and the only way to get to the source of the problem is through professional help.

  • Lanese Martin


  • Patricia Boyer

    Momma Joyce needs to mind her business the way things are going Kandi won’t ever have a husband and no friends. Kandi mother needs to back up and let Kandi make her own decisions or mistakes that is the only way Kandi will have to know what is right for her.

  • Maurice Dotson


  • Chris Simrak

    Respect Kandi respect Todd. Stay out of their lives. You are her mom she won’t forget you. Shame on mama Joyce for being selfish you are worried the money train is going to end. Kandi would never do that. She loves and respects you. Try to take a lesson.

  • Carina Brandnew Hopkins

    I think mama joyce was out of line going hard on everyone like she did…..With all do respect she is jealous of Kandi and Todds relationship she wants to be the only one in Kandi’s life……and the Bible says once you get married the parents wants are kind of pushed back….I was very disappointed in that behavior from a mother and grandmother….and I truly believe that on these reality shows they forget that the camera is rolling and and not only will the public be watching the baby riley will be…..I think she owes everyone an apology just because she’s an elder doesn’t mean she’s always right I’m happy Kandi did stand up for herself by staying with Todd. And Riley was right of you stick with him you mom will back off……With all of this said I’m glad I don’t care what my family think as much lol

  • Lynnme1205

    I have mixed emotions on this one. I think Todd and Kandi are a beautiful couple. I warned one of my children and their spouse ended up breaking their heart with a continuous affair even after it was revealed, unfortunately three kids later. I hate that my grandkids don’t get to enjoy both of their parents because their parents “thought” they loved each other enough in the beginning. Sometimes moms see or get a feeling beyond the love. I don’t know what told me, but if felt I should warn my child. And, it almost ruined our relationship until that event happened and they saw the light. If her mom is giving her advice from her heart and not from some preconceived and totally selfish notion, Kandi would do well to be cautious.

    • Lynnme1205

      Ms. Joyce was over the top on the harsh and rudeness. I did not do that, but I did warn my child. I left it alone after that and tried to embrace and respect their relationship. And, yes, they should work to repair the relationship because you only get one mom and it would eat both of them up with guilt if something happened to the other one before they reconnected.

      • Mimi

        At the end of the day Todd may have to bury Joyce and Kandi. Life us but a vapor….no one will carry their earthly goods with them. I feel sorry for Momma Joyce and pray God grants her peace and deals with those inner demons that still haunt her. I also pray for Joyce’s sisters. This is what family does…but it dies not have to end the way it started. However, I would never trust Joyce fully if I were Todd. Love her from a distance!

  • Elle

    If she wants to repair their relationship she owes Todd an apology as well. She insulted him on national television and talked about him like he was nothing. She was rude and very disrespectful. She should be so embarrassed by her behavior. She gives Kandi no credit in being able to find a good man even though she did. Like Kandi said her mother was divorced 3 times by the time she was her age so she is not one to judge anyone’s relationship. Kandi found an all around great guy and I am glad that they went ahead and got married. Unfortunately, they didn’t get to have a beautiful wedding, maybe when they renew their vows. All the best to you both.

    • Resa

      The word is out that they were married in Mexico and that Bravo wants her to keep it a secret for the show. (fingers crossed) If so, my prayers are for their union and the entire family. Wishing them nothing but happiness and bountiful blessings! So deserving!

  • Alicial Tazz Walker

    Its OK to love ur child but they have to make their own mistakes, trust in the lord and the woman u raised. And to kandi I understand that’s ur mom and u didn’t want to be disrespectful but u still have to stand up for ur self

  • Resa

    It;s mind boggling how so many profess their love for Kandi; but choose to disrespect what she loves, her mother. i also find it ludicrous that some have the ignorant ASSumption (note the emphasis on the first three letters) that Ms. Joyce’s ( respect her name, you don’t know her personally and she is not your ‘mama’)issues can be resolved by having sex and the companionship of a man. Kandi advised us recently that her mom is or was dating; so the rhetoric of her needing sex and a man sometimes to the point of being vulgar is a mute point. Oh how wonderful it would be if just being in a relationship and having sex could resolve so many problems. We know that’s NOT true! Look at the divorce rate, unhealthy/toxic relationships between couples who just get together for sexual benefits/ to avoid being alone. To put this thought out there in regards to Kandi’s mom is disrespectful not only towards her mom but also to Kandi. This not a melee of Kandi and Todd vs. Ms. Joyce. This is a family that is trying to overcome a struggle. which is being fueled by fear of losing. Purpose is purpose and if Kandi and Todd are meant to be together then nothing; not even fear can stop the universe from keeping these two together; and in the end all else will be fine. It’s already starting to happen, whether you choose to believe the sincerity of Ms. Joyce or not.. Trust Kandi to know her mother better than any of us. After all it is HER mother.

  • MizzRita-B

    I truly think kandi should have put her foot down along time ago. Mothers will cross the line like anyone else if you let them. Kandi is a smart woman her accomplished in life proves it. Mom need to know kandi is not going to leave her and neither is kandi money. Cause that’s what it boils down to. She was okay with moving into kandi old house ( paid for by Kandi, she don’t seem to care how Kandi takes care of. Businesses so why care about her love life and to drag her grandchild into is just wrong . Mom is so worried about a man getting money that she thinks should be going to her sounds and look like the only gold digger is mom sad but the shoe fits. A man with Mega dollars don’t mean he will treat kandi like a queen. Kandi needs to put on her big woman panties and respectively let mom know she is way out of line. The things some people will do when money is involved. Mom just let go and let God finish the blessed and thankful you have a child that takes care of you very well. And for kandi you don’t need every one blessing on what God has blessed you with.

  • Linda Schuster

    The only thing i have to say is this why was she ok with him when they were dating she liked him then but as soon as they mentioned marriage she started to dislike him?

  • martha

    I think that joyce should leave kandi alone she is no dummy this is not Kandis first relaationship.she needs to mind her own and if kandis follow her mom she will lose a good guy just like Todd said , and when she reach her mom age she will be lobely just like her.

  • Lady T

    I think that Kandi need to continue to stand her ground….at some point a mother should let her daughter make some decisions about her life and it seems that momma Joyce likes to control Kandi as if she was still a teenager. Momma Joyce should respect Kandi’s wishes as a grown mature adult with a career and a child that has been making great decisions in her life. Everyone need someone to love…and money is not everything Momma Joyce and I feel like if Kandi Loves Todd you should love him as well. It just seems like a control issue to me with the entire family. Kandi should not have to answer to anyone but God and Kandi. Stand your ground Kandi…momma is momma always give her the respect she deserves…but respect and control are two different issues, and they don’t blend well together. If you keep letting momma make decisions in your life then you will end up like mommy lonely….She has to much time on her hands that is why she has so much time to meddle in your affairs.

  • QueenE

    Mama Joyce and Kandi have so much love for each other. Their love is deeply entrenched beyond what you see on RHOA. Mama Joyce has experienced deep loss that had left the scar of trauma. She knows her daughter will always be there for her and she will be there for Kandi. Don’t judge her, you don’t know her journey! With a bit more reassurance from Kandi that she’s not losing a daughter because of marriage and Mama Joyce’s acceptance that Kandi can and will make righteous decisions, the mending will naturally evolve.
    Be careful not to judge as you make your comments- many of its see mother’s or mother’s to be and we have a UNKNOWN journey with our children!
    Last comment, isn’t it strange how many moms really trip over the lady of their sons choice and society overlooks that, but in reverse, many are so critical of Mama Joyce?

    • brownsugar

      I agree Queen E

  • Royal

    Yes they can rebuild their relationship because Kandi loves and respects Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce needs to build a relationship with Todd in order to make it easy for she and Kandi to move forward.

  • que

    mom needs to find her a hobby and a man.

  • Hadesah

    Honor your parents so that your days will be many…! Kandi is 100% in line with that!. She speaks boldly on her love and respect for her mom. Joyce will retreat and Kandi will live her life and be blessed because SHE’S DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY!
    It’s going to work out because this is a family with strong integrity. Joyce just has to push through her personal pain, enjoy with Kandi every facet of her new journey, give her blessings and watch God work IT out!

    • brownsugar

      I totally agree with you Hadesah

  • Tspice

    First of in any relationship there has to be boundaries set into place. We all want to see our children happy and wants what is best for them. As a mother we must realize that when our children grow up and mature that the values we have instilled in them will be apart of their lives forever. Mama Joyce you need to pray Gods blessings on Khandi and Todd and know that a family is a Man, woman, and children. GOD is the head and so on forth. We tey to always.reconsruct what God has put into place for us. TODD is not taking your place for he wasnt sent to.replace you, he was merely sent to be a backbone for Khandi and a father to Riley which is whats missing in a lot of homes today. Open up and allow God to pour out his blessings to yiur daughter and granddaughter and you will reap a part of the blessings as well. I love you guys, just know that there isnt snything too hard for God, through him ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. Be blessed family. Todd I have great admiration for you because love isn’t about how many happy times you have but, its about how many storms you gave gone through together and you can look back and say WE made it.

  • Tulanikai

    She needs her own man. Obvious all she has done is live for Kandi and has nothing else going on. She needs to find a companion and live for herself

  • Donna Marie Harker

    Mommy Joyce can be forgiven but I would not be around her a lot

  • ladyflee

    MamaJoyce needs to cut the cord & let go completely. Kandi also need to let her mother know that she is a grown woman with kids of her own & can live her own life. Ive learned from life experiences that sometimes mothers will never let go. I had to step away from my mother just for her to truly understand that I am grown & that she needs to respect my choices & my husband to be. Kandi may need to do the same. It worked for my mom & me. Plus her mother needs a hobby or something to do wit all of the extra time she have in her life.

  • Ari

    She should start by accepting Todd as her future son-in-law, without that acceptance from the heart and mind, her mouth intentions with Kandi is MOOT! Bullshit is bullshit, it is not only the mother but her family as well…they should all accept Todd and keep their damn mouths shut or move to a different show and make their money in another fashion. It is getting so impossible to keep watching Kandi show after show cry, it gets to be monotonous! Ready to shut show off!

  • Mary

    Kandi loved her mom very much so yes Joyce should totally repair their relationship and hope Kandi and Todd can forgive. She was god awful to that boy and Kandis friend. If she were my mom I would have put her out. She is very lucky to have Kandi as a daughter. Now miss Joyce let this girl be happy, stay out of her life. What are you worried about. It seems to a lot of us your jealous. Kandi will still pay your way so let her have her life. Your actions on tv were disgusting. If It were any other man they would have to you where to go, do hold on to Todd he is a gentleman

  • Asia

    She has to realize that Kandi is a grown woman, and if she raisee her with a smart head….she’ll be fine. But this DRAMA AND HURT she is causing is so TRIFLING….she needs to STOP IT and GROW UP. She’s more worried about the $$$$$$$, seems like.

  • Dshun Wheeler

    For the scripture says to train up a child the way they should go and when they grow old they will never depart from it. Moma Joyce as parents we sometimes like as well dislike the person or person’s that our children date. But we must realize that life is so precious as well limited, that is one reservation that we can not cancel. allow Kandi to enjoy life just as you have. She Is no longer a child where she needs your direct guidance. Before we purchase a vehicle we have to test drive it to make sure there is no problems with the vehicle that we are buying. I said that to say that Kandi has test driven Todd long enough to know that this is the ride that she wants drive for the rest of her life. Todd has proven to you as well kandi that this is where he wants to be. We as a people must get away from the material things in life and understand that money, fame, as well fashion’s don’t make one happy. Moma Joyce be there as that seasoned women whom has gone down the same roads as your daughter to become as well get what, she wants in life, Don’t be so selfish that you cause your daughter to go into an inner depression because you want allow her to be the women that she has become. Coming from a Man if he was just there for the gain the pressure you have put on Kandi would have caused him to leave. But he has proven that, this is far beyond gain and this is the women and family that he wants to make his own. Step back and be a mother not a match maker…….Kandi success has proven that she is wiling as well as able to carry her dreams through..Just put your seat belt on and enjoy the ride. What God has put together: CAN’T NO MAN OR WOMAN PUT ASUNDER. Pray for the best and allow God to do the rest. Don’t let your life pass you by trying to live your daughter’s life enjoy the time you have left on this earth. I take my hat off to you for raising the Diamond you have raised…Let her spread he wings.

  • Sharon

    Let Kandi be happy and take care of her business $$$. Sign a prenup and whatever she needs to do to secure her $$…. Yes, work on relationship but understand that Kandi has selected Todd and Momma Joyce has to respect that. Period…. Stop trying to control Kandi’s life.

  • Brownsugar

    Moma Joyce need to realize that Kandi is a grown woman !!!moma Joyce is worried abt losing the $ that Kandi give her . We can all tell that Kandi is very loyal to her mother & i really dnt thk she will let anyone come in between wht she do for moma Joyce. Moma Joyce need to fall back & let Kandi have her happiness she deserves it & if Todd is a jerk it will all come out . Trust & believe Kandi is no fool she will get a prenup !!!

  • True T Brooklyn

    Love that Kandi is fighting for what she truly deserves in spite of MAMA JOYCE NEGATIVE VIEWS ON TODD. Sometimes letting go helps a person (mama Joyce) realize how selfish and petty they were being in the first place. I say counseling for MAMA JOYCE and let Kandi live. I’m sure the relationship between them will be mended…EVENTUALLY.

  • margaret

    if moma joyce is genuine about this i wish them the best , time will tell. Kandi and todd love you as a couple do not let anyone tear that

  • Carla TheoneyoulovetohatePatri

    Mamma Joyce seems like she only worried about Kandie Money she didn’t like Aj cause he didn’t have anything ok understandable but Todd has a Damn good job all she worried if they get married and he put her out the house. Well mamma Joyce Kandie would not let anything happen to you so please let Kandie be happy she is a business woman and she didn’t get this far being stupid she is gonna protect you and Riley lady KEEP CALM KANDIE GOT YOU…

  • Sharif Omar

    I just think that mama Joyce should let Kandi live her own life, she needs to stop trying to control Kandi life and focus on her own life,I think that she needs to get a man her self, that way she can focus on her own life and let Kandi run her own life.


    With all do respect Mama Joyce, it’s about Kandi, and her life. let her live it and be there when she falls/needs you.

  • Killinthagame

    Momma Joyce can’t choose who Kandi loves. I think if she backs off and settle down the relationship can be repaired. She wants Kandi to herself but it’s time to let go.

  • Koleman Debbor

    Momma Joyce should apologize to Kandi and Todd for her accusations about Carmen. She needs to let Kandi make her own decisions, and stop trying to control her life.

  • Tyree B.

    She sees that Kandi isn’t backing down about the way she feels about Todd like she thought she would.

  • Katherine

    I think the relationship will never be the way it was even after the make amends. Mama Joyce destroyed her daughter’s friendship trust with her “mama card”…,there is no coming back from that. What’s left is the future. Only time will tell how they will evolve and I have a strong feeling it will get increasingly distant because Kandie will be bonding with her husband Todd. God will restore the relationship between mama Joyce and Kandie according to His will based on Kandie and Todd….not mama Joyce’s will.

  • Linda Matriarch Artis

    ~MOMMA JOYCE FAN CLUB~ Being a mother and a grandmom (who love her children) I understand where Joyce is coming from, when it comes to her daughter (Kandi)…All you guys who’s saying moma Joyce need to do this or that…most likely don’t have a daughter that has the “WORTH” (finance) that Kandi has…and is not trying to protect you Child or children from those who are “GREED Y” More likely if you have any Kids of age…You probably trying to marry them off!… At any cost you got to know that there are people out there who will ride your coattail to the end…and can “FAKE” it as long as it takes to get what they want(for the love of money is the root of evil)…A year or two is not long enough to really get to know anyone…Kandi’s in “LUV” looking though rose color glasses…Moma Joyce is not…and can see people for what they are…so I say to Moma Joyce…continue to watch your child back.

  • ycart

    Mama Joyce needs some friends and hobbies of her own so that she doesn’t feel the need to control her daughter’s relationships/business. .

  • Live Love Laugh

    I think momma Joyce need to let Kandi be grown an let her live her life how she wants to with what ever man she chose to…
    Yes rebuild the relationship back with your daughter and also admit to the wrongs of yourself and just be happy with her and for her….

  • brandy

    Kandi you do what you think is best for youand your life. Bc What Riley said is so true. Ok mama this is who im marrying wheater you like it or not. I love yoU and yes you are my mama but this is who i love also.

  • brownsugar

    Yes it can be repaired but I do understand both parties I have a daughter and really as a mother we want whats best for them but at the same time we have to support! But Kandi has made it known and very clear that she will not and has not disrespected her mother and I applaud her for that!!! Her up bringing is solid there’s an old saying don’t do as I do but do as I say!! Kandi knows her place when it comes to her mother its called RESPECT if even tho Ms Joyce is strong and aggressive about how she feels and we may see it as she is out of place trust me Ms Joyce will come a round its her only child and God is working on her he got this no worries! !!!

  • aliciaparker

    No cause mama Joyce is still saying she all she has like that’s her bank!!! That’s ur daughter you should be last person counting her money all she does for u and u couldn’t be her mother when she needed u the most has me at an awwww I would have been done told u as my mom well if u don’t approve u ain’t gotta come around don’t cost her love because u think she gonna stop dishing her money Out too u Kandi deserves a Man in her life

  • Julie

    It’s just sad to remember that Kandi was engaged a few years ago and unfortunately he passed away, the future being planned came to a screeching halt leaving Kandi devastated. Kandi’s found happiness again, her mother should be SO HAPPY and THANKFUL her daughters found love again and a man who loves and wants her to be his partner in life, the ONLY thing Mama Joyce should be is thankful, supportive and elated that her daughters heart mended and opened up to love someone new who also loves her daughter in return. Count your blessings!!

  • Theresa her biggest fan

    I really think Kandi needs to speak up to her mom in a loving Godly way because once she marry Todd, its one flesh…. She will have to follow the lead of her husband as the word of God states. I wish them all well and pray it all work out. Theresa M.

  • Jackie Williams

    i think your mom should let u live your life and she should get to know him and not judges him he love u and make u and your daugther very happy only god know who good for us live your life, this 2014 amen he is a good man .there is dog in the world he not one he cute i,am happy for u do u boo

  • Sharon

    I agree with most on here about Mama Joyce, but she also needs to get laid and maybe she won’t be so grouchy, possessive and in her daughters business. She needs to get a life!

  • Mrs Beard

    Mama Joyce needs to pray about it and realize not everyone wants her daughter for her money. What are you implying? From the outside looking in it looks like she either a) doesn’t have faith in her daughter or b) she is afraid to lose the financial services her daughter provides.

  • righteousness73

    Mama Joyce needs to be a better example for her daughter and teach her the right way instead of using the “F” and be a better example for her daughter. Your daughter’s lifestyle is not one to be envied, but pitied. Shacking is not the way it was meant to be.

  • Toni Caldwell

    I think she needs to allow her daughter to live her life. If she truly loves her, it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t approve of her choice but she should still support her daughter 100%. #ltl

  • tsmoth

    Mama Joyce please back off, this should be one of the happiest times in Kandi’s life and yours as well…. If she is happy you should be happy for her. Obviously you didn’t raise Kandi to be selfish or materialistic, because she certainly is not. What God has for her, no one can take from her and that includes you. Kandi and Todd seem to be totally in love and should be allowed to live as husband and wife. Extra perk… they make a totally adorable couple that seem to understand one another. Be happy for them and with them…. or just move out the way and live without your daughter in your life.

  • SCmom

    As a mother I can understand it’s hard for mama Joyce to see that her daughter is no longer her little girl but a grown woman and very capable of making decisions
    On the other hand I think mama Joyce is being selfish because she is thinking more about herself than Kandi. I get the impression that she thinks Todd becoming Kandi’s husband may mean Kandi may not do as much for her as she does now. It bothers me when parents start to think that their kids OWE them. Since when do we give birth to our kids so they can grow up and take care of us? No body ask to be born it’s in most cases a decision between 2 people. So kids don’t owe it to us as parents to take care of us. That’s my opinion.

  • SheShee

    What mother talks about her daughter possibly dying? One of her main concerns during the discussion with Kandi is “what if something happens to you, is he gonna come take my house?” That’s self-centered foolishness if I ever heard it. I have a daughter and I can’t imagine being so concerned about me that I sabotage her happiness. The problem isn’t Todd or Kandi. The problem is the mother is so broken she can’t even begin to see how harmful and dysfunctional her language and attitude are to her daughter. She says she loves her, and maybe she really believes that. But her actions are contrary.
    She tries to isolate her daughter from strong connections with men and women, she discounts her daughter’s opinion and choices, and she displays such disgusting violent behavior in her actions and language that you question her mental stability. I see people commenting that we should “respect” the mother, as if respect is an automatic based on your ability to birth a child. If that’s the case we should respect Precious’ mother or Susan Smith too. How is it possible to respect someone who respects other so little? I respect that she is a human-being, but as a mother, I haven’t seen much worth respecting. The best thing Kandi can do for herself is shake her mother’s hand, keep her distance, and live her life in happiness. I’m team Kandi all day, but I’m sad for her because, while I hope she’ll do what’s best for her, I know she’ll stay wrapped in this crazy dynamic with her mother.
    P. S. Maybe this is all for TV, but the mother is no actress. That all had to come from somewhere. Sad.

  • Helen

    Mama Joyce, the damage is already done and you need to swallow the humble pill and sincerely apolise to Todd and Kandi, then leave them to get on with it.
    You have done damages in Kandi’s relationship in the past and the man is dead so there is no way you can make it up to him, so please do not make the same mistake with Todd.

    He is a good man so what is your problem Mama Joyce? Do you want your daughter to just grow old together with you? That would not work Mama Joyce, only hatred may take control and that you do not want.

    You may think you are doing the right thing but you are only causing Kandi to keep very far away from you and stay closer to the man in her life.

    Kandi it is high time you put Mama Joyce where she belongs. She is a very controlling mother that will not accept any man in your life.
    Is she trying to hold your money for you?

    Mama Joyce time to find yourself a companion and let your daughter do her thing!

    In my opinion they should repair their relationship but Mama Joyce should keep her distance.

  • judy

    Hey kandi marry Todd and leave your and her sisters out of your lifr. They are lonely and jealous don’t fall into there problem. You and Todd deserve each other. So plan u r wedding and move on any girl.

  • Reisha

    Mama Joyce just need tos understand that her daughter is grown and will make her own decicisions. But she respects her moms opinion.

  • Bernie

    Mama Joyce needs a life n try to have a real Mother Daughter relationship with Kandi she is blessed that Kandi thinks so highly of her any other daughter wud have told her to go stick it. Don’t worry MJ Kandi will continue to take care of your mooching.

    • Rhonda IsLoved Seymore

      Kandi needs to have a talk with her mom and remind her that she’s grow and every decision she makes at anytime will be her own. kiss her and talk about what’s important.

  • Theo

    Live and let live

  • Sharif Omar

    Mama Joyce, just let your daughter do her thing,and you do your thing, like get you a man okay sweetheart.

  • Sherry

    I know mamma Joyce mean well and want ?the best for Kandi but in ?the end it’s Kandi’s choose who she marries not her moms.

  • Kim J.

    I blame Kandi she needs to put her foot down, Her mother lived her life Kandi needs to live hers the way she wants to and Joyce needs to stop acting desperate. Let Kandi make her mistakes Its called LIFE.! #Get Your Life

  • Coop

    Mama Joyce, Todd may not be the man that you would pick for yourself but he is the man that your daughter has chosen. Kandi is a dynamic woman. There are not many who possess her talent and drive. She has selected a mate who meets her needs. Rest assured that your work is done raising Kandi, and that you did an outstanding job. Proverbs 10:19 When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.

  • Justsaying7

    I feel its Kandi Life & her mother shouldn’t have a say so in it, but its up to Kandi to deal with her mother & let her know how she truly feels. You can always LOVE your Mother but don’t let her CONTROL your LIFE!! Speak up… Kandi Cane…U do to everyone else!!

  • Koz

    Yes, this was a big mess, totally out of control. She has to have faith in Kandi, she is a smart woman. She lied about her girlfriend and insulted her. I really think that she should make peace with them all including Carmen, maybe she needs to stay from Bravo. How about some counseling?

  • Washington

    I thought her mom was completely out of line at the wedding dress fitting its almost as if she was having a chemical imbalance and I cannot believe her sisters co-signed it! You do only have 1 mother but wrong is wrong. I felt so bad for kandi. I think todd is right for her and she should follow her heart.

  • Relaxedn10city

    Momma Joyce is INDEED controlling,insecure & manipulative. When she threw in that little dig at the hair salon about her health I was rolling my eyes so big!
    That is all…

  • esha


  • judy

    Her Mom needs to find herself. Someone and allow her to move on