Kandis Wedding

Kandi’s Aunts Hold An Intervention For Mama Joyce

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We’ve always known that Kandi Burruss’s mom Joyce wants only the best for her daughter, and it looks like she’s not afraid to throw some shade to get it!

Joyce, who has long been vocal about her disapproval of Kandi’s various relationships, made sure to give her family a piece of her mind about her future son-in-law right before he and Kandi tied the knot — and let’s just say she’s not exactly singing his praises.

“The biggest misconception is that I don’t like Todd, because I do,” said Joyce, before launching into a tirade about everything from his upbringing to his treatment of her daughter.

“To me, Todd doesn’t have Kandi’s best interests at heart,” she continued. “No way he would be letting Kandi gain weight the way she’s gaining weight.”

Disheartened by Joyce’s criticism of their beloved niece, Kandi’s aunts stepped in to put Joyce in her place.

“If he loves her, he’s got to accept her — look at Oprah! She’s big and she’s successful,” said Kandi’s aunt. “Kandi cried because she wants her relationship back with you, but she don’t know what to do.”

While the conversation may not have changed her mind, Joyce finally relented and agreed to cut down on the trash-talk and learn to love Todd. We’ll see how long that lasts!

Do you think Kandi’s aunt made the right decision by giving Joyce a piece of her mind?

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