Life Update

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After a whirlwind summer Kandi is finally back in Atlanta and if you thought the entertainment mogul mama was busy before just wait until she updates you on what’s coming next.

Kandi took to her YouTube channel to bring fans a “life update” and there’s alot coming soon from the Burruss Tucker household.

Number 1 one the list, if you haven’t already heard, is Old Lady Gang NUMBER 2! Yep, after the enormous success of the first location OLG is expanding and according to Burruss might only be a few weeks away.

She also shares that there are two big birthdays coming up. Mr. Tucker himself is celebrating the big 45 and Riley Burruss is getting ready for every teenagers milestone Sweet 16!

We can’t wait to see the celebrations unfold!

Also, the annual Bedroom Kandi convention is coming up which brings in consultants from all over the country.

Kandi also dishes on Kandi Koated Nights, and what it’s like watching herself back on TV and agreeing with comments from viewers.

And last but not least, more Xscape tour dates!!! After their incredible reunion last year, Kandi shares that more dates are in the works for the fall and we couldn’t be more excited.


With so much on the way, what are you looking forward to most from Kandi and Co.?