This Lady’s Reaction To Xscape Reuniting Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

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Oh Lawd….Xscape is back!

And nobody is happier about than this dear fan who literally fell out upon hearing the news. We believe her exact emotions were 1) confusion 2) confirmation and finally 3) conniption!


But we can’t really blame her as it had been nearly 20 years since we last saw the group together.

The love Xscape has received since their reunion at the BET Awards and their follow up performances have been nothing short of amazing.

😂😂😂 "Scape back togetha? Oh Lawd!" She's got me cracking up! Thanks for the love! 😘 #Xscape

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We can’t wait to see what’s next…we just hope this lady is front and center for it!

  • Lacedra Dunn

    Lol😂😂😂😂😂😂 I’m glad y’all back to!!!!!

  • Acy Yapi

    That is the same lady that posted a vid of winning lotto.

  • Tiea Butler

    Along time coming

  • Deborah


  • rene


  • rene

    I feel the same way! Back then my kids were minors and my man left me for my best friend. Wait! He didn’t leave me, I caught them together in my house. They thought I was at work, I had been hearing from my neighbors that she was always at my house, when I dropped the kids off at school and I went to work! He was layed off, I played “Who Can I Run Too” and “Understanding” over and over! I’m sorry but “Just Kicking” wasn’t my song anymore! But with my new man we “Just Kicking” now! Kids are grown and we “Just Kicking” with our grandbabies!