Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kim Zolciak-Biermann Comes For Kenya Moore

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Tonight don’t miss the super-sized Real Housewives of Atlanta season finale! Shereé unveils Chateau Shereé at a housewarming party.

But things heat up when Kenya finds herself going toe-to-toe with a blast from the past…Kim Zolciak-Biermann who doesn’t appreciate all the shade Kenya’s throwing at Chateau Sheree.

Elsewhere, Cynthia carries the bone that Apollo’s girlfriend was a guest at Kandi and Todd’s OLG Restaurant preview. Meanwhile, Porsha discovers a new sense of clarity in her relationship with Todd.

It all goes down tonight at 8/7c only Bravo.

  • Wendy Boyd

    Finally someone puts Kenya in her place.

    • Latarcha Jones

      She deserves it

      • Wendy Boyd

        Yup. So rude to go into someone’s home and disrespect them and it!

  • Lavonne Venson

    Yesss but the sad thing is she barking up the wrong tree… She think porsha drug her a$$….baabyy sharee’ is a force who look like she don’t play the radio

    • Latarcha Jones

      Who u telling

  • MEoMY ?

    I can’t understand how Cynthia and Kandi can’t see what a trouble making hater Kenya is. Anybody who supports and is a fan of this evil thing is her equal in evil. The “woman” is vile and disgusting. That’s why God hasn’t yet blessed her with a child. She doesn’t deserve one. If she ever has one the child will suffer insurmountable mental anguish. I despise this cold, cruel, heartless creature. She’s horrid.

    • Latarcha Jones

      I agree she is a miserable woman

      • Lavonne Venson

        Not being funny but her own mother doesn’t want anything to do with her…. To me that speaks volumes… And I watched last nights show and she was very disrespectful at sheree’ house warmjng party.. I thought she was going to put her out I know I would have.. She too grown to be acting the way she does

    • Serengeti

      Thank you!! My exact thoughts.

    • Michelle Robinson

      I totally agree with everything MEoMYsaid ?%

    • Kim Warwick

      So true ???

    • Margarita

      I agree Kenya is a missable female i would have kick her fake hair. Fake Breast Fake but what does she have that is not fake OH her skinny legs might be for real. She does not have a real BFF on this show. Ay 8pm i look at Steve Harvey show Little Big Shot this show is number in my book
      House Wives of Atl can wait. I love looking at Andy Cohen Show this show is so real it scares me what he is going to say next. Margarita from Tampa Florida

  • Latarcha Jones

    I can’t stand Kenya ass she’s a miserable jealous bitch can’t keep a man ass

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  • bigmomma king

    yeah, but they should have checked Kim real quick cause remember she has done dirt to Kandi and told everyone that she didn’t want to have anything to do with those ladies…

    • Katherine Wrightsell

      Exactly? Sheree is a Big Mouth desperate with issues of Her own? Nobody checked her when she was talking about Kenya’s house, She ran around listening to the conversations then telling on them so she could stay on the Show for good? And Phaedra ran around talking Shit about Kandi with porscha acting like she’s her age and instead of being the Lawyer that she is she got herself fired? How stupid can she have been? Kim is just looking for another paycheck until kroy ever gets another job?

  • Judith Lewis

    I am sorry, Kim cheated Kanki out of her money and I just will never care for her. She could not sing a note and Kandi helped her when everybody was laughing at her. She and her life has never been exciting to me. Do not want her on the show, bring in a new person.

  • Kimberley44

    Kenya is a miserable jealous BITCH.

  • Faith

    I think the entire cast needs to be replaced. They were too messy this season. So many lies and they are too old for this.. please replace them all.

    • Wendy Boyd


  • Lourdes Vega

    Why can kenya just be happy for sheree! I think she has mother issue( that’s the problem)