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Kim Fields Walks Out On Kenya Moore

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“I was cracking up at the #KimFields & #KenyaMoore drama! I can’t believe Kim cursed. She’s always so calm. I thought no one would ever get under her skin.”

WATCH: Kim reaches her breaking point after going at it with Kenya over Cynthia’s commercial.

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  • Angela Lykebudda White

    Cynthia should have intervened. I would have left her straight to video behind talking to herself. Kim is a legend in the tv community period.

  • N J Kimmie

    Kenya gets on my last nerve!!! That’s probably why her mother want’s NOTHING to do with her….she’s EMBARRASSED of her behavior on this show!!!

    • Airica Hawkins

      that was really mean and hateful to say….. i know many people that their moms walked out and they did not deserve that….. those words could change someones life…. i am shocked and appalled that any human could think that way… hell you made me almost cry when i read it…. you should be ashamed…. no one or a dog deserves to be told that or to hear it… god bless you girl….. your going to need it….

    • princesspr

      You do realize that Ms. Moore (I REFUSE to call her a mother, because so does she) was THREE DAYS OLD when her mother abandon her? So, I would seriously doubt Kenya had anything to do with Ms. Moore not having anything to do with her. I see you do not like Kenya; which is perfect fine; but to bring Ms. Moore into a subject, that clear has nothing to do with the matter at hand, is extremely inappropriate and wrong.

    • Ekaterina Rotz

      and you are mean person. you should be ashamed

  • Harriet Johnson

    kenya needs to grow the hell up there is no excuse for her childish behavior just stop you went to far with Kim and her personal space this is how people get hurt one day you will come across the wrong person and bang thats your ass.

  • DawnLeft

    I’m just sayin’ I haven’t watched it yet but these are my observations, she’s threatened by Kim because Kim has been in the entertainment industry and is quite successful so she is trying to belittle her because that’s all she can do, what does Kenya have? A crown….okay….nice….she’s a trip one minute she’s crying oh my mom, my family, my aunt, my dog, my house, blah blah blah, the next minute she’s the nastiest *#@$! she can be. she needs to be kicked off the show because she’s a pain in the butt! she was NEVER married nor did she have a potential fiancee so why is she even on the show? Oh I forgot, you needed a JOB!!! amazing….

  • KMaL

    I felt really bad for Kenya on the episode involving her situation with her Mother. And even though her Mother was very young at the time, I still don’t believe she deserves to be ignored by the woman who should love her most. BUT…even though that situation has no direct bearing on this situation between Kenya and Kim, I do feel like the pain and sadness that has festered in Kenya from the lack of acknowledgment and love from her Mom, is amongst the things that causes her to act out this way with…seems like ANYONE who she wants to target at any given moment. This time it was Kim.

    Seeing Kenya on this show sheds a whole new light on her for me. I’ve always known of her beauty queen status, and I respected her for that but…never about the magnitude of her DIVA-TUDE until now. All of her grace and beauty just seems to be overshadowed by immaturity whenever it appears things just aren’t going her way. In that way MS. GRACE becomes a DIS-GRACE to the very crown that we’ve come to know her for. The problem isn’t that she bites. The problem is that most of the time she bites first, she bites hard, she pours salt on the wound and then she runs off to the ER to complain about the damage someone else had done to her. Not cool.

    I’m not trying to single Kenya out. She’s just the person of interest in this particular case, because of her behavior. But, overall, all of these ladies have their ??? Moments…that make you question why they stick around a bunch of women they don’t seem to like, aside from contractual obligations.

    There are likable things about all of them but, sometimes, behavior like this depicted in this video makes me cringe to even see. This scene makes me sympathetic to Kim. Embarrassed for Kenya. And utterly disappointed by Cynthia, who just sat there–yet again, stuck between two friends…acting blind, passive and voiceless to anything that was going on. Sure we heard her voiceover but, that’s too many times in too many seasons that she just doesn’t know what to say. Hey, I get it. She stays in her lane. That’s quite alright…for some. Just not my definition of a friend who will stand up and be supportive of me or HER own stance in situations like this. I would’ve preferred that she had just left the table. More than anything, Cynthia doesn’t seem to demand respect from the main people she buddies up with most. But she stiletto-kicked Porsha. Bet she won’t try that with NeNe, Kenya or Marlo. Notice how things always seem to go down at her ‘events’ or in her presence…she does the same thing she did at that table…nothing.

    Kim is grounded. No matter how you see her. For some she may be a snooze but to others she may be an enlightening breath of fresh air in the midst of the chaos. Either way, she stands her ground. She speaks up for herself. And she doesn’t get blinded by the bs. Isn’t that ironic.

    • Ekaterina Rotz

      you are correct and you got exactly what happen

    • Platinum

      So true Kandi, you couldn’t have put it better

  • Barbara Hale

    I BLAME ON THIS ON CYNTHIA………she should have known better to mention this to both of them, she didn’t think that out at all………..DUH ! ! !

  • GetReal2014

    Kim is full of chit. If she didn’t want to co-direct she should’ve said that when Cynthia first approached her and Kenya. Instead, she waited until Kenya didn’t show up (and of course she couldn’t show up if production was at her house; so that was producer-driven.

    But, as soon as they were alone Kim made it clear that she didn’t co-direct, so to me that was foul. She was actually saying, it’s either me or her, and why would she have that kind of boldness?

    Nor did she answer the question. How many commercials have you done? Hm, I don’t know but the concept that she pitched was whacked.

    • ms. net

      wow what show did you watch, lol ms. disrespectful kenya missed that meeting. ummm kim was being the bigger and more professional person here she showed up on time she didnt do a not show no call cynthia HAD to call kenya(did u miss that part) so as a professional kim still made her pitch kenya had nothing so to cover up she had to act a fool on kim but kenya still came out looking like the bitch bully she is.. and oh havent forgotten about lady cyn. NOT COOL CYNTHIA but im not surprise at ur lack of participation.

      • GetReal2014

        So, you didn’t see that they had two camera crews in two places at the same time, making it impossible for Kenya to be in two places at the same time.
        Production driven.

        • NikkiO

          Kenya wasn’t at that meeting because it was not a priority. Her house was at the time and that is fine but let’s not make this be about production causing Kenya to act childish. Unfortunately that is all her. Sadly Kenya resorts to immature actions often and excusing them away does not allow her to grow in any way. She never takes ownership of it and that makes it worse. I often wondered what her real issue was but I think a lot of her behavior does have to do with not feeling worthy. Kim did not plot to steal this position. Kenya gave it to her when she decided not to show up to a CLIENT and pitch. When Cynthia auditioned to be in Kenya’s show she was there and prepared because it was business. Kenya failed to take it as such when the roles were reversed. She looked at Cynthia as a friend instead of the client and was too relaxed because of it. Cynthia could have very well stopped all the silliness at that table but I do not think she handles herself very well at all. She definitely came across as wishy washy during that episode. It is truly sad when grown woman who like to say how grown they are can not live up to the words.

          • GetReal2014

            Ha ha ha. It was editing, those scenes weren’t even on the same day. A lot of people got punked. LOL.

    • Tamara Jones-Hines

      No one could team up w/Kenya she would have taken over & resorted to trash talking & calling security when things didn’t go her way.

      • GetReal2014

        I’m sorry you feel that way. I see the whole group ganging up on Kenya at every turn. From the beginning because of their jealousy.
        People have different opinions. It’s important to respect different opinions because everyone has a right to one.

    • rhozy

      Kim does not seem to realize that she talks down to Kenya like she is talking to a child. She started that back with scolding her for instigating (which they all do) instead of simply sharing info. I think Kim’s attitude was colored by Phaedra before she even met Kenya. So Kenya is picking up on that judgmental energy.
      That said, I think this fight was staged. By they time they got to Jamaica, it should already have been decided who was directing the commercial. Cynthia, who claims to be Kenya’s friend when it suits her, should have told Kenya before that point that she was hiring Kim to do the commercial. Kim had already made it clear that she would not co-direct with Kenya or anyone else. So at that point Cynthia needed to make a decision. No need for a three-way meeting. I also did not think Kim’s idea was anything special but since Kenya did not produce hers we don’t have anything else to compare it with. Kenya however did overact. She should have been the one to get up and walk away after wishing them well on their endeavor.

      • GetReal2014

        I agree with everything you’ve said except the last two sentences. Did she overreact? Yes, but I think it was warranted. Kim has been rolling her eyes, throwing subtle shade, talking to her husband about Kenya, when in Kim’s own words they never had any problems when they worked together in the past.
        Kim should’ve said that she didn’t co-direct when Cynthia approached both of them, instead she smiled and lied until she and Cynthia were alone, then she went ham.
        As a human being I can’t call when someone else blows their fuse, but when I watch Kim, I know I would’ve blown my fuse a long time ago, knowing this bich has jumped on the Phaedra train for no conceivable reason and now none of their behinds are interacting with her in any way.

  • Pam

    Kenya is a certifiable nut job! She was badgering and baiting Kim just as she did with Porche, which wound up poorly! She is a big ole bully

  • Hotep2you

    Cynthia is without a doubt, weak and has no backbone. However despite the fact that she could have done more in an attempt to diffuse the situation- Kenya’s petulant child like behavior, is all on Kenya, and no one else!

    Furthermore- Kenya not only failed to show up to the pitch meeting, she didn’t even bother to call and let Cynthia know she would not be attending. In essence she blew off her interview for a job. In doing so- she’s not entitled to A N Y T H I N G! She blew it-period!

  • mae

    I don’t usually comment on these shows but…… Kenya is soooooo shady she is a trouble maker hungry ass want to be relevant b…. shady Kenya what a waste of space

  • mae

    Cynthia Is spineless hanger on her head is sooooo far up kenyas a… she can not see how stupid she looks get a back bone Cynthia and try to handle peter pumpkin eater and stop him from spending your money and making you look like the fool u r HATE Kenya!!!!!

  • mae

    Kim u are far better than Kenya and Cynthia put together Kenya and Cynthia a waste of space Kim do not jump in the sewer with these two rats You Kim are better than that keep your head high Kim and let Kenya and Cynthia stay in the gudder

  • mae

    question why did Porche get a case dealing with Kenya and Cynthia get a pass for kicking Porche make Cynthia get charged with assault

  • mae


  • mae

    why has Cynthia not been demoted for assaulting Porcha ok so Kenya the low down sk…. got away with murder what a crock of sh..

  • Delores

    Kenya personality , kinda makes you wonder why her mom , doesn’t want to have a relationship with her. She seems rude, and obnoxious , insensitive and just down right mean to people. I wouldn’t want her around me either.

  • mae

    why is Kendra still holding a peach her peach is rotten and stinking time to dispose of

  • Carla Zolliecoffer

    That’s right Kim keep on exiting from the mess, you are doing the right thing, cause u still got our Jesus..

  • Carla Zolliecoffer

    2) bad skin Kenya when she throw shade it is ok , as if no one catches her shade, but when it flies in her face she gets mad, but who cares because her messy, bipolar ass have to put on so much make-up and you can still tell you have oatmeal face. And when you try to go and talk about people can’t pay there bills, and tax liens and shit like that , you probably has never owned anything to loose nothing