Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kim Fields Attends the School of Read

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Class is in session! These girls are too much…LOL! Professors NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks teach Kim Fields how to throw shade.

Watch an exclusive clip below, and don’t miss #ShadySunday starting at 8/7c only on Bravo.

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  • MDaly

    Spot on ladies, lol.

  • Jenny McCready

    Please..What I wouldn’t give for someone to put Kenya in her place and make her speechless. I can’t stand that skank

  • Katie Lou

    Same shes a disgracefull and vicious to everyone she needs bringing down a peg or two

  • Get Slim Waisted

    Kim has to learn how we do in the dirty, dirty girl! Shut ’em down! All the way down. Don’t come for me, cause it will get real! ??

  • ?Sandy Shore?

    Lawdddd this is going to be a classic, rotflmao @Phaedra & NeNe!

  • Stacy Smith

    lololololol!!! hilarious!!!

  • gratefull V!!

    Wasn’t amused!!! Kim is not housewives material!! Phadrea is always talking behild others back, not to their face!!!

    • Sherri Ford

      I agree…… Why id Kim on the show…. Fakdrea is such a punk

    • Ramona

      What is Housewives material? Kenya?

      • Katrina

        Kenya is a trouble maker and talks behind everyone’s back as much as Phadrea. She is rude to everyone and acts like she is better than everyone. Kim Field’s isn’t as fun as the other ladies, but she isn’t a mean person

  • Dorothy M. Tate

    Can’t Wait to see this one