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Who’s Invited To Kandi’s Wedding?

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On Watch What Happens Live, Kandi Burruss reveals which Housewives, past & present, are invited to her upcoming wedding…and who has not RSVP’d! Watch below!

Tell us who else you think Kandi should invite to her wedding?

  • M

    None of them

  • M

    Kandi is the best in the show :)

  • Ava

    Why is Tiny Sad? She has that look.

  • Chanea

    that’s why I love Kandi and Tiny, that was good advice, this is what people need to get from the show, how to make it.

  • Ms.Mc

    I am sure she will invite those worth it who sincerely have her best interest she is a smart woman ………Best wishes to all the planning Kandi Girl :)

  • Virginia K Ward

    Kandi you just know NeNe(NANA) will try to spoil your wedding. Uninvite her. These men and women do not deserve your friendship. Of course Phaedra is excluded from those mean women. Wishing you only happiness and a shade free wedding.

    • Pearly

      I TOTALLY agree. Kandi is such a rare and genuine person. Do not invite these mean self-absorbed women (especially Nene). Phaedra is the only other genuine, centered one. She’s the only one who deserves an invite.

      • 0utspoken504

        Right I ♥ Phaedra and Kandi friendship u can tell its genuine. Kandi and Todd are my Favorite couple God bless y’all on y’all new Journey together

  • D

    Has NeNe NayNay ever replied back to anything that doesn’t surround her and thats why you weren’t surprised by it…

  • Freda Hart


  • Helen Whitfield

    Kandi is not perfect neither is nene. The devil is always atwork

  • Helen Whitfield

    Its your wedding kandi, u get enough negativity from or mom. Now you have to read it. Devil haters never stop…

  • miagibson

    kandi burruss is such amazing great good mother to daughter riley burruss. riley burruss is such sweet beautiful young women as welll on rhoa as well.

  • waldoo

    dont let phaedra fool ya……ill say no more.

  • Marlyy Balde