Kandi's Ski Trip

‘Kandi’s Ski Trip’ Series Premiere May 17th On Bravo

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It’s spinoff time! Kandi Burruss is getting another Real Housewives of Atlanta offshoot with The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip. The new three-part special premieres Sunday, May 17 at 8 p.m.

Picking up where the intense Real Housewives of Atlanta season seven left off, Kandi and husband Todd Tucker continue to blend their families and attempt to get pregnant. Since the couple wed, Todd’s been traveling to Los Angeles for production on his new show and Kandi has been busy in Atlanta, so the couple needs to recalibrate. Enter: the ski trip. The family jets off to Colorado for the vacation in the spinoff, taking both sides of the family with them to hit the slopes. Can they get everybody on the same page and blend the family?

“We wanted to do this special because we felt there was a undeniable need to mend broken relationships and to continue blending our families, especially since my mother’s passing. We’ve never had Kandi and my family under the same roof so it was an interesting experiment with lots of unexpected moments,” Todd said in an exclusive statement.

So…here are a few takeaways and questions from that teaser:

Mama Joyce wants Carmon to take a lie detector test.

Aunt Bertha is your new favorite reality star. “I am mad as hell,” Aunt Bertha says looking at the scenery. “It ain’t that beautiful to me, I’m going to be honest.

Why is Todd’s assistant “Forrest Gump”?

It seems like this trip may be doing more harm than good…

What happens when they “marijuana like they sellin’ chicken”?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip premieres Sunday, May 17 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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  • Debby

    Kandi, Momma Joyce is right. You’ll see as time goes on. That big mouth so called friend of yours is a liar.

    • Lonette Mcdonald

      Momma Joyce thinks Kandi can’t take care of herself she’s a mart business women ,let her make her own decisions, you’re making her look bad Joyce, and stop taking care of your man with Kandi’s money,that’s the problem you think Todd’s getting her money but I am sure they share finances like all married couples. Don’t worry Joyce there’s enough for you.!!!

  • Cheryll Smith Thompson

    Why is Don Juan there. I don’t like him. I think all of Kandi friends are using her.

    • alex

      i dont think its a good idea to employ your friends. it becomes too conflicted.

  • Liquid Diamond

    More of Todd getting treated like he is less than and disrespected. I don’t believe for one second he cheated on Kandi with her friend. Mama Joyce still running the show.

  • mama joyce kandi mother was wrong for yelling at carmon the way she did as well. for cursing at carmon the way she did as well making lies all about todd cheating.

  • mama joyce kandi mother wrong disrespectful talking yelling carmon the way she did she had no rights reason to yell talk to carmon the way she did in that new program.

  • Farrah Houston

    On the positive note, I adore your family Kandi you and Todd are great together. A lot of people don’t agree with your mom, in her eyes I really think she is trying to protect you. I feel as if she has ran out of options and she is scared that she is losing you to your husband. Can’t wait for this show to come on.

  • Relaxedn10city

    Wow….and the disrespect of Todd continues….Love Kandi…but I give it less than 3 yrs….

  • Angel

    It’s something about Kandi tha’s not right.

    • EloiseM

      So very true I have OBSERVED THAT ALSO. Major defect in her character. In very bad way.

  • peggy harris


  • Cathy Fara

    Time for mama Joyce to her daughter to be a married woman and a wife to her husband, because Kandi made the decision to become his wife.

  • Cathy Fara

    I actually enjoy mama Joyce’s two sisters they are quite entertaining!

  • We are so excited for this to air! What a pleasure to host Kandi and her family in Colorado

  • alex

    i have never seen a woman more evil than kandis mother. (maybe cinderellas step mother…maybe!) and kandis constant begging for her mothers ‘love?’ is cringe worthy. no wonder todd cooled off in the bedroom. he has alot of built up resentment. she devil called your husbands mother a whore & his father a pimp & you buy her another home, after she trashed the last one you bought for her. who is more crazy???!!! thats a f*** up relationship to get involved in. todd should have just stayed dating her & would have been able to move on with no hassles when he got fed up. now they’re going to add a child to this madhouse??!! insane.

  • Maxx Pauliana

    I cannot believe how rude and ill-mannered Kandi’s Aunts were! They get a free trip to a luxury resort and find fault with EVERYTHING just to create drama. Why does Kandi’s family think that she should give, give, give to them constantly? SHE works hard for her money and clearly wants to share her wealth with her family. This is much more than most people would do! But, instead of cheerfully accepting her gifts they act rude, ungrateful and seem to expect her to give more, more, more. Unbelievable. Believe me, if my niece or nephew lavished me with gifts and luxury resort vacations I’d do EVERYTHING I could to make my niece’s life easier and show her proper gratitude. Certainly not be constantly miserable, nag and expect more, more, more. And, I thought they were good Christian ladies. This is certainly not the behavior of a LADY much less a good Christian. They should be so ashamed of themselves! On the other hand, Kandi is a beautiful, family-loving, generous TRUE Christian LADY.

    • Mshopper1

      Kandi Won the trip so the trip was free for her too then turns the free trip into a spin off using her aunts for a TODD production bringing money from all sides Todd has a job with her so the 80+year old aunts should have been considered

  • Maxx Pauliana

    To continue my rant…. you would think that Kandi’s Aunts & Mom would be more understanding that Kandi is newly married with a new blended family that requires more of her attention. And rightfully so. Of course she wouldn’t spend quite as much time with them now. Her life is completely different. And she has every right to her OWN family and, finally, her OWN home life, and, every right to be HAPPY. Shame on their selfish behavior.

    • Mshopper1

      first Kandi won the trip and if the aunts were not there the show wood not be that entertaining what story line would they have.maybe Riley being a spoiled brat, after all the show is a Todd production so they are Making money off the aunts and we know Kandi’s about her money, and all of the family has mentioned her not giving them money So we know she’s not the one that goes throwing money to family members

  • shereen

    What happened to part 2? I’m in the UK so not sure if it just didn’t air over here.

  • BryanKStearns

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