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Kandi’s Rule That Saved Her Marriage To Todd Tucker

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When it comes to marriage, Kandi Burruss does whatever it takes to keep hers in tact. After she and Todd Tucker hit a few road bumps this season on ‘RHOA,’ the Bravo star is revealing the number-one rule that got their relationship back on track!

After tying the knot in April 2014, Kandi Burruss, 38, and Todd Tucker, 36, didn’t expect to spend so much time apart as newlyweds. With Todd all the way in L.A. for work during their first months of matrimony, the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star worried about the future of her marriage. However, while catching up EXCLUSIVELY with HollywoodLife.com, Kandi revealed the golden guideline that helped her and Todd preserve their wedded bliss!

“We came up with our own plan of how many days we’re willing to go without being able to see each other,” Kandi tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “Because if somebody is placed in another city for a few months at a time, you’ve got to think, ‘How long are we gonna go before either you come here or I go there?’”

Good point, girl! Kandi came to this conclusion after realizing maintaining a long-distance relationship is easier said than done.

“It wasn’t as easy as you would think for me to just get up and go, because I have things going on too here in Atlanta,” the Grammy winner explains. “So to save our relationship, we just decided that we were going to make it mandatory that we would never go more than two weeks without seeing each other. It’s a rule we’re definitely sticking to.”

Since they’ve successfully saved their marriage, Kandi and Todd’s next relationship to recover is the one between their families. After insults, tears, and everything in between, Kandi and Todd took their relatives to the Colorado mountains to try and find some resolution! We’ll see the Burruss’ and the Tucker’s go at it on the RHOA spin-off, Kandi’s Ski Trip.

“Right now our families are in a place where we’re trying to mend and blend both sides. It’s been tough, but I have faith we’ll one day be able to all get along,” Kandi shares. “While we’ve never really skied before, we thought it would be a good getaway and an opportunity to talk things out and finally move forward. We’re married, so we had to get it through to both our families that this is forever. You just have to get along!” Our fingers are crossed for you and your folks, K!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip premieres Sunday, May 17 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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  • Millicent

    I couldn’t watch the entire show because of the unwarranted attacks towards Kandi from her “family” on her Mother’s side. Apparently they are unhappy and it grieves them to see Kandi trying to build a relationship with Todd. I am not convinced that her mom, aunts, cousin Weenie, and even Don Juan respect or love her. Kandi deserves a serious break from them or she is going to experience a breakdown from their torment. My comment is based on the glimpse into their lives and it looks pitiful. If everyone is acting for the cameras- great job. However, if this is real, Kanda should walk away from it all because of all people, she should recognize that money doesn’t buy happiness. Her family members appear to be so mean spirited, and evil to the core. She sponsored the entire trip and they should be grateful and thankful. The Bible says, “In all things give thanks.” The show exploits this sensitive, generous, loving, young woman for ratings. I don’t have the financial riches but I am happy and rich beyond measure in so many ways. Her mom, aunts, and everyone who gets angry with her for no sensible reason, would make the best poster display for adult bullies. Ugh!

    • Nancy Baker

      I personally can’t watch the show I can’t watch people that are so ungrateful and rude for crying out loud its a free trip quit bitching

    • Heidi Lark

      I totally agree – and there are more old hag gangs out here ruining (by giving out bad advice or being attitudy and blaming it on old age wisdom) young womens lives because of their mistakes in life –

  • Helen Garrett

    Well Kandi family already know she cries at the drop of a hat. They knows you’re not going to stand up. My goodness put your big girl panties on and handle your business. Your aunts had qualms about how far they had to walk. Okay understandable, but why wait to bring the situation up and know you’re both mad as first ants. You didn’t have to pay one red cent and you’re allowing them to blow up on you. I’m not saying disrespect your family in any way, but my goodness you can still put them in check when they just loss it. Your family don’t respect you as an adult. I don’t think at this point you can fix it. Because now they would say you’re doing it because of Todd. I don’t think a person should change toward their family because you get married. I mean change in what way. You have to learn how to balance the two. If Todd mother were still living. Do you think he would have changed because he got married ? No! He loved and respected his mother and she respected him. This is something been going on long before marriage. No! I don’t like your attitude the last two season’s. That an entire different situation.Your employees and your family just plainly don’t care for Todd. Your girlfriend Carmon, please check her. Something don’t seem right when you guys be around eachother. It seem as they get nervous. Remember when you wanted Phaedra to apologize to Kenya about her own husband. Now you’re about to walk in those same shoes with your husband. (Ijs).

  • goblingirl

    Kandi – you’re family is trash. They’re a bunch of nasty old women that just want to suck as much out of you as they can. they are a bottomless pit of misery that all of your attention, all your money and all your energy is never going to fill. You’re not like that, your daughter is not like that why do you think you have to tolerate their abuse? you deserve a mellow, happy life. forget those old crows. they’re nothing but a pac of jackals gnawing on your carcass. You don’t need a bunch of old women with a collective emotional maturity of 4 year olds. kick them to the curb and go be happy- it may feel funny but you’ll get used to being treated like a human being.

  • Trippinhhard

    Ooooowe all of the post on this page is point on. 5 ppl can see that you are spineless with these old hags. Ummm your mother is disgusting and her feeling are real.. Joyce got her man that screwed up your old house and felt like it was no big deal.. This old heifer had the nerves to say she needed a new house, ummm well you left a home that you own., she wanted Kandi’s old home, so you gave it to her, her man really jacked up that house and didn’t have the knowledge to repair it.. Joyce is happy with her man, and the “old ladies gangs are married”.. They all makes my stomach boil.. I can’t watch your show and it’s for very personal reasons.. I wanted 24yrs and saved my self for my husband, the first time I met my MIL, she told me I know exactly who you are.. Your daddy and I was raised on the same plantation, he wouldn’t give us the time of day, the next thing I find out was, ” he married some black woman from across the river” and she was spoiled.. I burst out laughing, and said he loved that black ass woman from the deepest depts of his soul. She was not spoiled she was married and divorced, and she left her first husband.. He treated her like a rich white woman, I know you were staring at the ROCKS on Four fingers.. He main saying in life was ” he was raised and well educated on the plantation, but he detested Plantation mentality”, that’s why he didn’t date ANYONE from the plantation.. He didn’t give a damn what you look like, because you, yourself gave plantation mentality… Now that who my father was a straight speaking quiet storm and highly intelligent.. I’ve been married for 32 yrs to her son, and she still to this day, hates with the same passion, people love with..
    Her son Big Sexyhave tried to make her understand that I made him a better an, his ass was POOR, but highly intelligent and held his hands out to me, and said anything I ever earn you can rule it.. I told him I been told him, no one rules my money and I’m going to run the finances in our household..I retired at 40yrs old with a full package deal and another 6 figures to STFU about everything I knew about the Fortune 500 corporation that I was employed with.. But his father loved me, he would be outside awaiting my arrive to my husband family.. Asking me are you are to take my son from over her?? I would say I’m in love I just don’t know yet, he would say please, you are what my son needs to be a better man.. Oh how I love my FIL, at this moment he’s dying if stage 4 cancer, and I can’t go see him, but I light my candles and pray to JESUS, to please don’t let him suffer to long, if it Tis his holy will.. That all I can do after being married for 32 years to the only man I waited and saved myself for until I was 24 .. I love Big Sexy from the deepest depts of my soul, I love her because she raised a good man, but she is a royal Bitch.. My Father in Heave told me, don’t go over there anyone more and JESUS gave me back my joy back for putting up with insults for DECADES..I just telling the whole truth.. Kandi either grow a spine or stay the hell away from those old money grabbing heifers…
    I’m just a strong arse woman, and my back is very broad.. I just will let JESUS handle her, his will will be done in his time, because I pray for all of them, including his 3 no good sisters.. I can’t and will not pray against no one The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit will handle them in their time.. Now this is just real talk, they are so envious of our EARNED lifestyle it’s disgusting, but I’m fotting back at them with a wide out butt.. but please say a pray for my FIL, he a awesome intelligent living man….they go to church everyday and pray for an hour, but your heart hates me for no reason at all.. I just got tired of licking ass, by tongue was too tired., this is real talk..

  • Shay AgainstallOdds Lowry

    It is crippling to watch, I don’t know NOBODY on the cast..but I clearly see their afraid he may mess with their extravagant gifts and so forth.

  • S walker

    Kandi, I love the woman that you have become because you take care of business. You need to do the same when it comes to your personal life. It’s one thing to be disrespectful to your mom, which you haven’ t done, but when does she have to respect you not just as her daughter but as a woman. You go above and beyond and not once has your Mom acted like she appreciates it. Your Mom and your Aunts are a hot mess. To be their age they are very childish and petty. I am sorry but you need to stop bending over backwards for them and stand your ground and then maybe they would have more respect. What everyone in your life fails to realize is they wouldn’t have half the stuff they have if it wasn’t for you. They really need to get it together and grow up!!

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