Kandi’s Hilarious Backstage Demands

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Kandi Burruss’ backstage demands are HILARIOUS … whatever you do, don’t screw with her Popeyes fried chicken!

TMZ has obtained a copy of Burruss’ contract rider … listing her demands for the touring production of her musical show, “A Mother’s Love” … and she’s VERY picky.

When it comes to food … the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star demands Popeyes fried chicken. The contract states: “Please do not substitute for KFC or Churches, we know the difference.”

But … even though she won’t eat KFC birds … she insists on KFC cole slaw.

Burruss is just as finicky about her bathroom requirements … a brand new toilet seat for starters — which must be installed under the supervision of the road manager or an assistant. Plus, the bathroom must be fully stocked with Cottonelle toilet paper and Dove soap.

Other demands:

-a black Mercedes Benz Sprinter
-golf carts and umbrellas in case of rain
-a police escort to skirt traffic jams — because “under no circumstance shall Kandi be delayed arriving at or departing” from the venue.

Kandi’s rep confirms the authenticity of the contract.

Source: TMZ

  • Kimberley44

    Not bad at all, infact very reasonable…

    • nudedream


  • WhenWillTheyShoot71

    She’s worth it and she has to keep that big booty clean because no man likes a stinky booty.I have loved Kandi since her Xscape days.

  • Jeane Stewart

    And? Not demanding at all. She can apparently get by with very little.

  • Glamazon

    I’ve seen some people’s riders… hers is REAL simple! Trust…

    • Ashley Mz-Hollywood Richardson

      Her rider shows just how down to earth and REAL she is!! I <3 her..not demanding at all

  • Lulu

    What’s with the fried chicken.

    • Jonquette Washington

      Have you seen Mariah Carey s or nicki minaj there’s are craaazzzyyyy. Mariah is a real damn diva

  • Marie A. Brooks

    I agree on the chicken being Popeyes it is great and the cole slaw being KFC love their slaw…the toilet seat and paper why not and no she should be able to get there on time and out of the weather. GO KANDI, can’t wait to see the play.

  • Nancy James

    Reasonable demands, could be much worst

  • Jasmine Rockford IL

    I love Kandi! She deserves it all. She worked for it.

  • Doesn’t seem outlandish to me…….and?


    What can you say, it cost to be the boss!!! You go gurl! Come.Call.Us – Husband&Wife/Bonnie&Clyde

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  • Surprise-1

    This is nothing compared to some other celebrities list I’ve seen. They be taking it overboard. You can tell Kandi is just a humble women appreciating her blessings. She hit the nail on the head with POPEYE’S 🙂

  • Dedric Holder

    That’s not bad at all. Sounds normal to me.