Kandis Wedding

Kandi’s Grand Entrance

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Relive Kandi’s ‘Coming to America’ themed walk down the aisle. This is an entrance you will never forget!

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  • Rhonda Brown

    I really thought it was beautiful and the highlight for me was when her and Todd gave the girls a ring too. That was the perfect touch!

    • Monique Mccallum

      I agree, they make a beautiful family…I loved how her father walked her down the aisle and her mother (thankfully) gave her away…proud of Mama Joyce and hopefully she will come around to enjoying her new son in-law. Congrats Kandi and Todd, may your union be blessed and everlasting.

  • Tlou

    I love the look on some of the guests’ faces! That was priceless!

    • Monique Mccallum

      Especially your mom’s look as you walked down the aisle…she couldn’t help but notice how BEAUTIFUL you looked, how beautiful you all looked. Congrats

  • Marlo Revels

    love is beautiful the sense of humor and seriousness of it all

  • Marilyn Williams

    One of the most beautiful weddings I have seen. Your dress was absolutely one of the most gorgeous dresses. You are truly blessed. I love Todd and You as a couple. God’s continue blessing on this union of love.

  • Wow, she looked great!

  • Blue

    Wow!!!!!! What a gorgeous gown!!!!!!!

  • Ladelle Woods

    Kandi has a BRILLIANT mind. She used her team and now I see why. WEDDING PLANNERS re becoming very “cookie cutter” and not thinking out of the box. This COMING TO AMERICA theme was AWESOME. Also, te eam, who KNOWS how to put on PRODUCTIONS made it seem VERY CLEAN and POFESSIONAL The dancers were in synch lik ona BROADWAY STAGE. The guest wer very “comfortably seated on “French Provencial” Sofas. SO BRILLIANT!

  • Joan Hadnot

    Go had kandi do your thing every woman find that good man

  • sunnyt

    Simply beautiful!

  • shamika


  • Nichole

    Kandi I love this website. I was a fan back from the Hey-Kandi days. Love it