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Kandi’s Explosive Confrontation With Phaedra

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There are certain moments in the Real Housewives franchise’s history that were so singularly horrifying and incredible to watch that you need only mention a single phrase and fans will know exactly what you’re talking about.

We’re not sure what easily-identifible moniker tonight’s conclusion to The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s historic four-part reunion will come to be known by, but the contents rank up there with the best of them. Our suggestion? The Complete Undoing of Phaedra Parks, Esq.

How Phaedra thought she’d get away with this out-of-bounds bit of manipulation might remain one of those enduring Real Housewives mysteries because we’ve got a feeling that just might be the last we’ve seen of the lawyer/mortician/Donkey Booty enthusiast.

After all, how can she even attempt to bounce back from that? If you’re Kandi or Porsha or anyone else, would you agree to film with her again? We’re not sure we would.

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  • Zee

    Never liked fakedra, and I was shocked when people kept coming for kandi acting like she was a bully etc, she can’t control the people around her they are adults and she should not be held responsible for wat they say about shady fadey they may go to far but They got her back and that type of loyalty is hard to find so kudos to them. Kandi was feeeeed up why she spilt some tea understandably it was frustration not a mean heart. She’s alway kept it ? keep winning kandi✊?❤️

    • Pamela

      I was crying for Kandi,i could feel the hurt and pain. Phaedra was so cold, she didn’t have no remorse. Kandi is one of The Most decent person out there.
      She did not deserve that. Phaedra cannot be trusted. Maybe she set her own husband, Apollo up so they won’t come after her. Maybe….. I wonder what else she got up her sleeve.
      Crooked Bitch!! Kandi should sue her ass! She got a good open and shut case of Defamation.

      • Amanda Gooden Turner

        yes she need to sue her for real.

        • Karen Battle

          No she shouldn’t sue…Kandi heart is better then that…Ms.P have kids..and Kandi will not take anything from the kids….as I stated her is bigger then that

    • Amanda Gooden Turner

      team Kandi all the way!!!! yesss honey

  • Keisha Renee’

    I can certainly understand why this lie has made Kandi so upset especially since it involved drug/rape accusations, however, I do believe that this was blown way out of portion. I think Kandi is just as guilty as Phaedra at being vindictive and slanderous. Both of them went on a smear campaign and both of them should be kicked off of the show. Remember what they say, two birds of a feather flock together. I believe that both of them wanted to win at the game of destroying each other and unfortunately the public sided with Kandi. Rewatch it again and you can clearly see that Porsha is trying to manufacture tears. It’s easy for Kandi to cry so it’s more believable. I would love for each of these girls to take a lie detector test. I guarantee you we would be surprised.

    • Vicki

      You have got to be kidding right. No one has been more slanderous with lies and extreme vindictive behavior than Phaedra. I use to like Phaedra, but I am not jaded by my like for her. Wrong is wrong. We have to acknowledge that. What Kandi said about her dating someone does not come CLOSE to all that she has done. And that’s all Kandi has ever exposed about Phaedra and it was not Lie. Come on you can’t be that jaded not to see what’s real. If so, please stop watching.

      • Ajae

        All this this who told the biggest lie who did what but this is not your average lie on you type mess the bottom line is that she intentionally cause damage to someone name that is defaming and assassinations one’s character Bravo done right by letting her go because they allow this rumor to escalate without checking to see if this rumor was true and they can be held liable as well ! We all love something about someone on this show but to this extreme is wrong and heads should roll !! Kandie has be threatened and has been labeled a rapist! This is totally a law suit!! She could be disbar for this ! This is serious people! No laughing matter at all

      • Judith Lewis

        Keisha is one of Phaedra’s intern trying to put a spin on her backlash. SMH

    • Team Kandi

      Kandi was not caught in a web of lies so deep. Kandi’s tears are believable bc of her brand. She stated she had her brand to protect. Hell, who hasn’t gotten so mad they wanted to kill someone?! Remember she had her own $ before the show. Don’t try to make Kandi out to as bad as Fakedra. Fakedra was throwing rocks & hiding her hand by saying nothing for a long time. Remember when Fakedra’s first reunion when Nene said, “you can never win when you dirty honey!” We didn’t know then what we know now. I definitely agree Porsha’s tears were fake. She need her “Rickey Smiley” check.

    • Yolanda Mckinney

      At least Kandi was telling the truth about Phaedra. Another truth is that really Porsha could have filed charges against Kandi. But as far as I know you can not go to jail for the truth.

    • Carla Michelle Miles

      Well at least Kandi did fein a cry, Phaedra didn’t even make an effort. Those tears I would say, were “don’t pop a bitch on national tv” tears. Kandi was pissed! I don’t know what Phaedra was, certainly not remorseful towards Kandi.

    • Judith Lewis

      Kandi has never been vindictive or slanderous. She has always been in the background until Phaedra started that lie which pushed her in the limelight. Kandi had the right to discuss how she felt with her family, friends staff or cast mates. One thing, she did not lie and intentionally set out to destroy a person. Through all this mess, God continued to bless her. Look at Phaedra’s​ life it’s in turmoil. Kandi and her family prayed together and never exhibited any form of blasphemy against God, however, Phaedra did and still continues to do it. Like she asked God to restore and fix it. God answered that prayer and she is gone off the show. He fixed it just like she asked him too. Do u not know, u have to be careful what u asked God for. When he answers your prayers, u better be prepared for it.

    • Robyn Smit

      Kandi never made up shit to ruin phaedras life. That was crossing the line!!

    • ShiningStar

      What!… All of the girls, including Kandi, throws shade and can be messy, but what Phaedra did is abominable and is a low as you can get. There is nothing that Kandi has done to Phaedra that even comes close to the despicable lie that Phaedra made up about Kandi. You have to be a vindictive, snake in the grass person to spread malicious lies like that and then turn around and set your “friend” up to take the fall for it. Don’t even try to compare Kandi with Phaedra. That’s like comparing a a Chihuahua with a Pit Bull. I may be stretching it a little but you get the point.

    • Lene

      You work for Phaedra…. STFU. Phaedra team at it again smh. I always said the preacher daughters always got the devil inside ready to jump out. Sometimes the preacher kids turn out to be the worst.

  • Regina Wright

    They all are guilty. In that each one of them are so sinful. They need to check theirselves. This show has disgrace BLACK WOMAN. To know you put your business and life out there. OMG.. STREET WOMAN NO CLASS.

    • bebes55

      omgosh! I agree Regina!! Where is the class?

  • Sheila Biricik

    I personally feel as if this all comes about because of Todd & Apollo’s friendship. I think PhaPha got hurt by that relationship and wanted revenge against Kandi for that. PhaPha hated the fact that Apollo has made friends with the fellows of RHOA. Men & women are alike in the fact that they do stick up for each other. I personally think PhaPha set a standard of living that Apollo wasn’t accustomed to having to support, therefore, in a round about way, was also responsible for Apollo being in jail. She knew he was making money & had no problem spending it too but got pissed when others, like Todd & Kandi, simply made an attempt to help him hold on to a few material items that meant something to him. PhaPha was happy when the Feds went to Kandi & Todd’s house……..we all know she sent them there & she did it out of pure meanness, jealousy, stupidity, and for lack of better words, just being a bitch.

    • bigmomma king

      No….That’s not it, she is Pure Evil…nothing is good enough, she is jealous of Kandi because Kandi has more $$$$ than her. Kandi got Todd. Phaedra is a pass around.& liar & User. I know people like Phaedra . they don’t really like you …they pretend to like you as long as they can use you for something. When she could no longer use Kandi for air time, then all the shit started. Phaedra is a freak, she is a liar, she is a fraud! What woman don’t know when she GOT pregnant? And if she don’t know it’s simple to find out! Did I say FRAUD?! Oh yeah! They talk about you behind your back!

      • Wendy Boyd

        Yes!!!! There it is!

    • Amanda Gooden Turner

      You are telling the truth honey about this for real…you can tell she didn’t even care at all.

  • Christel Pullum

    Let me say this… PHAEDRA is a fraud and when the truth hits the fan completely… She should be fired. She’s despicable to say the least. She needs to go. Kandi… Babygirl, God will prevail and you, your family and your brand will be just fine. You are a lady and your class/character speaks for itself. I’m praying for you. God has you…Read Jeremiah 32:27… “If God is for me who can be against me”

    • Amanda Gooden Turner

      Amen sister

  • Phyllis Gilstrap

    I would be interested to know why Phaedra is not slammed with all sorts of ETHICS violations. I thought attorneys had to guarantee they knew right from wrong. Ha Kandi not to worry, class wins & you my dear are head and shoulders above the rest.

    • Wendy Boyd

      Great point! Hope she sues phony Phaedra

  • Asecret Keepyaguessing

    This is reality tv at it’s worse!!! When the camera is on they all know dang well it’s not a conversation with 2 or 3 other people, it’s in the ears of millions. When you love MONEY and the THINGS it affords you that’s the price you sometimes have to pay. So Kandi if you are so protective of your “brand” maybe you should leave The Housewives franchise. BUT I bet you won’t bc you and the others are loving that all mighty $$$$!!!

  • Carla Michelle Miles

    Not only accusations of drugging and rape, but kiddnapping as well. Phaedra and Porsha should be so ashamed. These are felonious charges, which could truly ruin a family’s future. Porsha the things you’ve done on national television, leads me to think you are on the spectrum for mental illness, and need to be checked out thoroughly.

  • MegRoy

    I knew seven years ago that Phaedra would eventually get tangled in her own web. I felt an evilness about her back then. She’s always been the creepiest of the ladies. So now we know that those precious little boys have TWO low-life idiot parents. Where did Phaedra learn to be so evil coming from a “religious” background? Porsha’s not so innocent either but she was used…I’ll give her that.

  • AnnMarie Tuohy Ballinger

    Its about time Phaedra was confronted! From the seasons past to this one she has manipulated, used, lied, and schemed! She is a disgrace and Kandi should sue her just for the principle of it. Bye Phaedra, go be ” With the Lord” Wonder how you explain this to your God Fearing people!

  • Teeda Kinteh

    So……. I can’t be asked with all this who’s to blame shit. I know what I watched and I know that Fakedra needed a hot slap and as for Porsha that girl is a fool.

    What my question is….. Is fraudulent Fakedra catching a lawsuit for fake allegations and slandering?

    Kandi please do it, please….. #teamkandi

  • Kelvin White

    Ohh but see whem khandi momma say shit about people like calling todds mom a whoreband his dad a pimp..i didentbser her phony ass go off about that…

  • bebes55

    Why are they hugging Porsche when Kandi walks out? Isn’t she the one that started this fiasco?? She is clearly a trouble maker as is Phaedra. It SICKENS me that Phaedra gossips and says things to cause trouble, including lying as she did here, she dresses risque , as in the net dress on vacation, then she talks about bringing her boys up in a christian home! She will say something slanderous then say “thank you Jesus”….I could vomit. Porsche is a spoiled brat looking for all the attention she can get, at any cost. There are just a couple or so women on Atlanta that have any class about them! Kandi is one of them. Kick those other two to the curb! Fibbin’ Fadra..and her little friend. Btw, there boobs look disgusting hanging out..where’s the class??

  • Kayla Mcclendon

    All this is a plot for ratings….. why Porsha wait until the reunion to say something….SCRIPTED!!