Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi’s Devastating News

By  | What was going through your mind when you heard you would have to cancel the tour?
Kandi Burruss: When I was told that we had to cancel the tour, I was devastated. Of course it was a dream of mine to take the show on the road and I wanted to see that happen, but that wasn’t the main reason that I was devastated. What tore me up inside was the fact that there were a lot of people that were going to lose a job because of this. We were supposed to be on the road for about three or four months. People had turned down other opportunities and some people had quit their jobs to be a part of this show. I always love being able to employ people, bring positive exposure to other artists, and help put money in people’s pockets. I want people to feel secure that when they team up with me it will be a great experience and a lucrative one. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way on this project. I had to tell my cast and crew that the show was being cancelled. I saw a grown man cry in front of me, because he was depending on this to get his home out of foreclosure. One girl threw up because she was so upset that she quit her job for the opportunity to be in this show. I was sick, because there was nothing I could do to save the show. Todd and I promoted the very first play that we did here in Atlanta, which you saw on the finale of Season 6. It was successful, but we didn’t want to do the whole tour because we didn’t have the experience to promote the whole tour. That’s why we signed with a promoter to do it, but unfortunately that didn’t work out for the best. I hate when I give up control of stuff, because it never works out how it should… Were you disappointed with your team’s reaction to the news?
KB: Sometimes my team thinks things are funny when they are not… Did you agree with Phaedra’s mom that Phaedra should move out?
KB: The situation between Phaedra and Apollo had become very tense. I would never suggest she be in a situation that she didn’t feel safe. Maybe they should have gone to counseling together.


  • tina hopkins

    I really wish I could meet the cast ….my daughter died in 2010 from breast cancer she was only 27

    • Glorious Johnson

      May the LORD bless you. May the LORD keep you.

  • tina hopkins

    mostly you and todd

  • yes

    Your concerns for others made me cry

  • Pam Nicolosi Fegley

    I love Kandi and felt very bad for because of the tour being canceled. I thought her team acted so disrespectful, knowing how hard this had to be on her. I truly believe her when she says she is devastated because of what this doing to her cast. It is just the kind of person she is!

  • Get rid of the crew they are not looking out for your best interest and don juan is a joke and ugly.

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  • Guest

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  • l king

    Kandi Burruss has the most amazing heart, not only for her family but the true pain and concern for the cast members. . . how they would be affected.
    Kandi, I was married 2 months short of 35 years when divorce devastated my life..unknown to me he moved our assests and I was left with a small share.
    I have been on SS disability due to having a muscle disease for a few decades (family of MS). so now nine years later… I’m living on the $1037 and food stamps. I told my grown sons my situation…….2001 car needs repairs, house repairs, property taxes, house and car insurance…..”sorry for your problems mom”
    I thought having a SB minister husband break his marriage vows was devastating but now I am broken hearted of the lack of care and concern my children have shown. (Yes, they are very successful men)
    Hence, I am putting my home on the market this week…….credit cards are full!
    Kandi…..I admire your acts of love to your Mother and wanting security for her as she faces life in her senior years. You are steadfast in your love for her!
    PLEASE….. don’t listen to the comments from family and friends. As I have heard you say “She’s my Mother and I love her” I praise you as a wonderful loving daughter and am happy for your mother. (perhaps even a bit envious)
    L King