Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi: What Phaedra Said Was Bullsh**

By  | Were you nervous at all about going with Riley to see her dad?
Kandi Burruss: No, I wasn’t nervous. I just feel like it would be better for Riley to meet with her dad by herself so that they can really talk.

ADVERTISEMENT What went through your mind watching Phaedra make those accusations about you and Shamea?
KB: I was cracking up! First of all, what Phaedra said was some bullsh–, but what she did was just an example of what I was talking about. She’s been doing shady things and saying shady things behind my back for years now. That is why I really don’t mess with her like that. Although I shouldn’t have said some of the things Phaedra and I had talked about in private to anyone (I especially shouldn’t have said it on camera for the world to hear), but at least what I said was true. Phaedra is whispering made-up stories, telling them this untrue Shamea story, and her rationale is “we are close.” Girl, you’re reaching! If that’s the case, Phaedra and I used to be close. So does that mean the same goes for us, and then Porsha’s fake, hypocritical ass is going to sit there and co-sign that about her best friend (we had just watched them in a scene right before). And right after that Porsha’s telling me I’m wrong for saying something about my ex friend, but she just co-signed a story Phaedra made up about Shamea, who is her current best friend. SMH… I remember when Porsha first brought Shamea around us years ago, Shamea said something about Phaedra coming at her ex-husband inappropriately. Phaedra denied it, but Porsha didn’t have a problem with what Shamea said. Now all of a sudden because she has this alliance going with Phaedra she wants to pretend like she’s bothered by what Shamea said. Girl, bye. This is not new news to you. Were you surprised Porsha confronted you about what you said about Phaedra?
KB: I was just surprised she was acting like she didn’t know why. As I said, she and I have had this conversation before. But now somehow it’s brand new news to her? I should’ve known that she would be fake about it. She’s the last one who can check me about friendship, considering the fact that she just dogged her own best friend while acting like Phaedra’s puppet. They are Gippetto and Pinnochio…

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  • Charmaine McCary

    You both are hitting below the belt period…… You both are hurt by the friendship you did have. But what us it going to take for one of you to be the BIGGER person and say we are better than this? Kandi, Phadrea was in your wedding you saw her give birth to her children, doesnt that mean something to the both if you? Stop letting people cone in between ya friendship and get it back on track no matter who limes it or not!!!

    • albre

      Charmaine McCary While I agree with you to some degree you must admit the truth yourself. Fakedra started all of this when she owed Todd money. Fakedra is prideful, and does not like to admit when she is wrong. Fakedra/Phaedra is a lie and the truth ain’t in her.

      • John Henry Dill

        They both owed the money. They never even ask Apollo for the money. It didn’t become a part of the story line until he left.

        Regardless, you don’t share personal secrets told to you because you are mad. Oh yeah, Kandi did tell us about Mad Day!!!

  • Julia

    I understand why you outed Fakedra, she wanted to put on a front for the world like she was suffering and because you weren’t fronting with her and perpetuating her lies for the cameras, she threw you under the bus. From the outside looking in it seems that y’all wouldn’t be having these issues if it weren’t for the show HOWEVER it’s clearly for the best! You don’t need someone like Fakedra around you and yours anyway. I just wish you wouldn’t roll around in the filth with her Kandi. You’re soooooo much better than that!

  • albre

    You can’t believe nothing Phaedra says. PHAEDRA IS THE DEVIL; SHE’S SATAN!

    • John Henry Dill

      I would rather watch someone who is fake for the cameras, than someone who would constantly tell the secrets of others. Who would want to be here friend after that. What can you possibly talk about to Kandi. Don’t tell her any of your secrets.
      She use to be my favorite. Well, Nene and Kandi were my favorites. Both of them were using this platform to build their empire. Now it’s just ghetto stuff. Boring!

  • Iris

    Phaedra been fake since she started the show and she didn’t know how far along she was in her pregnancy with Aiden. Fake fake fake. Kandi been the real one since day one

    • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

      I like Kandi, and I’m not saying that Phaedra hasn’t done shady things, but people need to stop being fans and open their eyes! I’ve Always seen the shady fake things Kandi has done, but if you’re just looking at the show and THINKING a person is so innocent, it will all go over your head, which it obviously has over many. If people would go back and look at seasons past and pay attention, you will see how what Kandi has done and said about Phaedra is not the new Kandi. She did not change overnight, this is who she’s always been. Stop being a fan and open your eyes!

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  • Tammy

    dont really care how you or your followers want to justify what you did talking about a secret that could end a woman life. Im speaking from experience i trust a friend like you when i was having problems with my kids dad and she did the same thing you did when we have a disagreement. I almost lost my life thank god for my my aunts and other people around. You could have cuss here out tell her other things about herself, find other means to get back at her cause we all know she messy and fake but so are you and your mom. I wouldn’t want you as my friend miss shady show hers but you wicked. I think your trying to be a nene but you fail big time. I not cussing you just saying how i feel about it. I believe she talk about todd work for her and their mess but u dont believe she stop anyone from working with you personally, to be real you should have let her know both of them know that they should deal with it instead your my husband my husband. Anyway you are friendly with tiny please let us know whats really going on. Haters fuck off my own opinion i don’t need yours bye xxx😥😇😇😇😇

  • Petagay Uylett

    Spill on your surgery, cause i know that is a
    little more than eating right after just having baby. You look great though good surgery.
    I know some people justify what you did however there is no justification for it, she throw shade about your husband you throw secret. I live in the uk my aunt and i argue alot about you she love you untill now.
    She change the channel when you are on, because of what you done, i laugh cause i told her you just pretentious at least we see what the rest capable of but you pretend. Thank you i was just about to start liking you and that cute baby of yours. No thank you dont want a friend like you but i do love that cute baby.

  • EDP

    Gippetto and Pinnochio… LOL LOL LOL!! I LIVE!! I’m totally Team Kandi. After reading “Lies of a Real Housewife” by Angela Stanton… That book sheds TONS on Phaedra’s character, and I truly wondered how Kandi would be her friend from day one especially if she knew about Phaedra’s past and/or read the book.

  • John Henry Dill

    Well, now we know what Mad Day Looks like. Kandi have been sharing secrets on camera Phaedra told her in confidence for 2 seasons now. I remember Kandi warning Phaedra that Nene might have a Mad day.. It seems Kandi is having an entire Mad season or two. Anybody who’s friends with Kandi should be seriously concerned. People should stop sharing personal info with Kandi. I don’t care how mad you get, you don’t share personal info just because you are not friend anymore. That’s tells us more about who you are than the person you are taking about.
    As Phaedra said, you both know things about each other! I don’t blame her for pushing back. But to be clear, you all need to stop using the LGBTQIPA+ community to throw shade at each other.
    Just like with Kim’s husband.
    Considering you all work for people in the LGBTQIPA+ community, you should watch your words and shade.

    Grow up, all of you. It’s embarrassing to the entire community to only see constant bickering. It’s boring and redundant. Please find a new story line.

    Show us what it looks like to be Black and use this platform to fight stereotypes, not confirm them.