Was It Ever Kandi Vs. Xscape?

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It may have taken almost 20 years, but all four members of Xscape came together and documented their reunion for Bravo’s Xscape: Still Kickin’ It; which premiered Sunday night to the delight of millions of fans.

Widely documented is the relationship breakdown between the group members, but in the premiere episode, fans find out that the issues with Xscape run far deeper that just radio rumors.

“In 2001 when the girls were ready to come back as a group the first time, I wasn’t ready to,” Burruss said in her confessional after a rehearsal where the other three members are singing a revised version one of their hit songs.

After a rehearsal gone wrong, arguments over the set list and now with the added pressure of a last-minute BET Awards performance, tensions are higher than ever before.

We know now that they did indeed get it together in time to kill the BET Awards, the ESSENCE Fest AND a sold out show in Detroit. But the journey to get there is so much more dramatic than we could have imagined.

In this exclusive clip from this Sunday’s all new episode, Kandi reveals in an emotional conversation with LaTocha Scott that she always felt isolated and at odds with her group members.

Don’t miss Xscape: Still Kickin’ It Sunday at 9/8c only on Bravo.

  • Lessie Hughes

    yall don’t see kandi for all the shit she causes. kandi always want to be the important one so she cry and make people think that they are doing her wrong it is only when she think she is winning that she is happy.

    • Verdie Long

      I don’t think so I feel like she is a very deep person and she give up a lot to please peoples and they take advantage of her and she don’t spoke up about it right away she let it build up then she say something about it when it has gone to far

      • missyhill

        I agree with u Verdie Long!!! Kandi do feel very deeply and she do let things go to far but no one can say she is not a good business person and that being said kandi should be the making the set list even T.I came in and agreed with what kandi was saying bout the set list…

        • bigmomma king

          What you said…

    • bigmomma king

      Na’ll Miss Kandi has done quite well for herself! She appears to be a woman that handles her bizness! She gives to charities & is always spreading the love. These so call Christians are mean girls, you can tell by their demeanor & body language. I lost a lot of respect forTiny after watching the first showing! I don’t think that Tiny wrote a lot on the songs that Kandi wrote, I think Kandi shared the credit with her, I really think Kandi did the work. I could be wrong!

      • missyhill

        I think Kandi stepped out and wrote songs along.(by her self).

        • Antoinette

          Kandi is a strong lady and a passionate individual who can do a lot on her own and she is very creative with her music. Escape is her family as all had know each other from since they were young ladies just getting started in the music industry. Live and learn and walk forwards and not backwards.

    • Carla Michelle Miles

      Kandi came away with less when she left the group, the others kept on going. She has built an empire with what she had. Everybody knows who she is, good and bad, mostly to the good. That should count for something, don’t you think? The others have not grown at all, for the most part. As individuals, they have faded into obscurity like it or not. Kandi has taken on this venture with her obscure group mates, and I look for her to follow through, shining of course. I think she is doing it for us, her fans first, and other reasons second. I wonder if the other ladies consider us first or money and fame. Kandi all ready got the money and fame. This is another burden she has taken on her shoulders, that she did not have to take, but for Xscape to even have an attempt at success again, Kandi Burruss-Tucker has got to be there. Kandi is important, in this case.

      • missyhill

        Everything u said!!! They tried to get back together before it didn’t happen because there was no kandi!!! Tiny talked Kandi into comin back this time……Remember Tiny said is u in are u out…

  • bigmomma king

    This chick is so phony!!! Kandi get the hell a way from them! When they didn’t change that song back & they were all sitting down, not being in formation. They are using your “Popularity” #the people’s champ! Taking bout they Christians! I saw the show & I seen it right off the back….who wrote #justkickinit?