Kandis Wedding

Kandi & Todd’s Wedding Vows

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The happy couple says “I do,” and in a very heartfelt moment, Kandi & Todd give rings to their daughters Riley & Kaela to symbolize their families coming together.

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  • Eve Fancy Johnson.

    Beautiful is all I can say….I love them together! 🙂

  • Larry Galiano

    Congratulations Beautiful made me cry & those dresses amazing !!!

  • Linda D. Cleveland Lpn

    Contgratulations to you both!

  • Dawn Lewis

    Aww. That’s so sweet! Congrats!!

  • disqus_88Acd5V7cT

    Beautiful Congrats Todd n Kandi

  • Rhonda Born Blessed Williams

    Beautiful ceremony congratulations wiping tears from my eyes now <3

  • Ladielabelle

    Mr. & Mrs.Tucker,This ceremony was absolutely beautiful..I know there’s a lot we didn’t see,but I refuse to delete this episode from my dvr…May God continue to smile on you all…Love You All…