Kandi & Todd Show Off Adorable Baby Bump [Photo]

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Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker shared an adorable photo on Instagram, and it looks like Kandi’s belly is really growing.


The RHOA star shared the photo along with the caption: “#BabyBump #BabyTucker”

#BabyBump #BabyTucker 👶🏾

A photo posted by Kandi Burruss (@kandiburruss) on

Do you think Kandi is having a boy or girl? Make your prediction in the comments!

  • Brenda Sue Hughley

    I thing she have a boy

    • zainab

      i think she will have a girl

      • Felicia Geter

        I pray that they have a bless and healthy baby no matter what. they are truly blessed.congratulations to the both of you.may God bless you all.

        • Linda Ardoin

          Girl..stomach is high..
          Ive never been wrong..I need a pic when shes further along for sure reading

    • Regina Walker

      They are going to have what ever God give them and it’s Healthy ! How about that.

  • verenza williams

    I think a girl kandi, because you’re stomach is high-:)

  • LadyLoxx Gavins


  • B-shot Irvin


  • Berdell Fleming

    Who is Kandi?

  • Bill

    Boy. Hope its boy so Todd can shut up

  • Thea Simon-Abraham


  • Neilly78


  • Doris N.

    A boy

  • carlissa


  • carlissa

    Girls are high boys are low..i have three girls an three boys

  • sharmice

    i have to go with a boy she look to low the way she standing she carry boy

  • Angela

    A boy! Kandi you are beautiful and glowing!

  • LeTricia M. Williams


    • Reid Elaine

      All I know she is having a baby, a very healthy one, my wishes and prayers with her for a healthy and safe pregnancy

  • Nicole Bickett

    A Boy

  • Lisa Kline

    im just glad they finally having a baby, I’ve been missing all this news.BTW it’s a boy

  • Antoinette Marie Lawson

    Congrats to the couple I just have some advice no shade intended thst dress is too tight on your stomach. Dont want the baby getting squeezed. Love and peace for a healthy baby.

  • Nekreiea Simone

    To early to tell #lol

  • Westgirl


  • Beverly Ann McCoy

    Kandi is going to have a boy…………..Todd jr

  • Nichole Princess Baker


  • Jacqueline Denise Phelps


  • Griffin Sharon

    I think she having a Girl

  • Lashay

    I think she’s having a boy

  • Stephanie Black

    She having a Boy

  • Melissa Renae Lunsford

    A boy..she is carrying the baby high. .congrats you two!!

  • LISA A.

    baby boy,jr………todd your mother is smiling from heaven☺

  • Stefanie

    Hope it’s a boy they both have girls already but at the end of the day I wish for them a healthy baby

  • Roberta

    Its a girl…..mark my words ….

  • Sandy Cooper Kidd


  • Peggy Mckever

    Boy or girl it doesn’t matter just so the baby is healthy..but my prediction is girl.

  • Lisa de la Rionda

    definitely a BOY!
    and I pray for a healthy baby, whether girl or boy

    • Komegawilliams

      I think a BOY

      • Komegawilliams

        I agree ladies

  • J Clark


    • sarassteen

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      • Debra Henderson Vallejo Smith


    • Olami

      It’s definitely a girl. I see Kandi surrounded by girls.

  • Hope Hill

    Boy she’s carry like me and I’m having a boy hopefully around the same time

  • Eva Cochran

    I think Kandi is having a boy

  • Kelia Howard

    Kandi is glowing and absolutely gorgeous! It’s A Boy For sure! Love yall to pieces
    Todds mom would be proud of this moment ♡♡♡♡

  • Stacey D. White

    Congratulations to you Kandi & Todd and to be having a healthy baby rather it be a little boy or a little girl.

  • Cionja

    I think it’s a boy:)

  • Chaketia

    Congratulations on you and Todd soon to be born princess…

  • latesha lewis

    IT’S A BOY

  • Donna Chamness

    She’s carrying like I did, so I’m going to say she’s having a boy.
    No matter, boy or girl, Baby Tucker is so loved !!

  • Kia Loving MeandMine

    I believe a boy. Boys are always all belly. Girl’s cover all around, love handles and all.. thats all belly

  • Terri Bailey

    that is a lil girl!!

  • Barbara Virges

    If it stays high up it’s a girl .

  • Meshelle Ross


  • Jessica Dettlaff

    I would love for them to have a boy but I truly think that it’s a girl…

  • chalan wyatt

    She’s having a beautiful miracle by the Grace of Yahweh. Congrats in advance for our little one who will lead many nations.

  • Kjustthinking

    As long as the baby healthy!!! If i had to guess a baby boy!!

  • Julie Cortes


  • Valinda Clark

    Praying for a good healthy baby regardless of the sex.

  • Karla Berry


  • Hope Hodges


  • Kendra Barnes

    Aww that’s so sweet I want that type of love

  • Nikita


  • Angela

    Kandi, You’ve been looking so beautiful on your pictures!!!! I love seeing pics of your baby bumb. Please continue to give us more! We the fans want to share this journey with you!

  • daisy092326

    It doesn’t matter so I’m not going to try to predict something I’m not qualified to do . only God …. My prayer is that your union will continue to be blessed, closer than close, eachother s best friend, let nobody and I don’t care who it is come between you. That your girls are healthy feeling love and full of love; your blended family b blessed and that you will have a healthy happy baby and a safe delivery

  • mslishacreatiobs

    Omg, i really lost time, kandi having a baby? Omg, whoopie, i m so thrilled! Congrats kandi and Todd, I’m happy for yall

  • mslishacreatiobs

    It’s a “Boy”!

  • Jimnell kagler


  • Issac Abrams

    Boy or Girl, That will be a gorgeous child with enough hair for 3 people…look at the parents!!

  • Elizabeth Nazario

    wow I haven’t seen Candi im awhile this is a sweet surprise. Best part of expecting is candi loves eating now she can with NO GUILT

  • Dondra Currie

    It’s a Boy!!!!!!!!