Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Shuts Down The Haters

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As the ladies enjoy a day trip to a local wine vineyard, things quickly turn from sweet to sour grapes when Cynthia’s friend learns not to mess with Kandi’s man…Watch below!

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  • Carmen

    I am not consider myself as a hater but reality is reality. Give me one reason why he does not will sign a pre and all is over. She made her money long time ago. Now he received more job offers and calls than Bill Clinton. Please man what do you wants to prove. Yes mama Joyce you are right. Kandi you are blind? Come girl you are smart. Nope pre=Nope wedding. You are an smart girl.

    • Blessedone

      He said, “I’m not gonna say I will agree to sign anything” to mamma Joyce. That is an apropriate response to someone who doesn’t need to be in you business point blank. She had no place asking him that, she is not marrying him Kandi is. Kandi is a multimillionaire with a frugal lifestyle compared to others. Kandi knows what she is doing. She is a smart girl.

      • Carmen

        I told very open about that because that happened to someone closed to me, and opportunist are everywhere.

    • Carmen June Johnson

      What? Mama Joyce just wants her daughters money. Just like Kandi said by the time Joyce was her age she had been married 4 times. As a mother we try to guide our children in the right direction, when they get grown and pay there own bill they can make there own decisions. For the record he never said he wouldn’t sign a prenup, he said at this moment he’s not signing anything. I know she’s her mother but Damn you would have thought she sang with excape.

      • Carmen

        Ok he likes the same.

  • cheyane

    Kandi shut that heffa down lol that’s what she get trying to be funny and in the end everybody laughing at you lmfao idiot

    • Farris Deloney

      she was looking like she swallowed a lump of the stupid salt she was throwing out..its always the one with no one in their lives that do that ishh

      • Lena Blount

        WRD.!!!!!! CTFU!!!! YESSSSSSSS KANDI BOO!!!! LOL!

    • Fe

      Cynthia is a two faced s**t starter. Hell Peter draining her dry.

      • Latonia Brooks

        Kandi you good girl because I would have best the brakes put some struts gave that b some rosters and oil lube to.

  • Myrna

    Kandi did shut it down respectfully accomplished! Proud of you Kandi <3

  • Devionshe Christian

    I can’t wait to Sunday. I just love this show, I can’t miss it for nothing. Ima watch it over and over again. Kandi yes you is a hot you know what.. and you had her ugly ass speechless. Kudos to kandi…

  • dee

    You go girl shut them down.

  • April

    I think it’s great. I would say Todd is an “opportunist” in that he took advantage of the “opportunity” to be a woman that is loving, beautiful, independent, a go-getter, and about her business, that he believe would be a wonderful mate. Okkkkkkkk, I guess that’s makes me an opportunist also, because I’m always looking to move forward & “up” AND NOT backwards & “down.”

  • M ildred McCarver

    You my girl,Shut them down,Keep them in their lane…

  • Niecy

    To all others that isn’t Todd or Kandi that’s on that negativity just fall back “And let them love” everyone has a past, so get pass that!!

  • ruby

    Kandi don’t play dat,, she should of 100-smack-hoe

  • vanetta

    I have to say Kandi show nuff SHUT IT DOWN lol lol lol. I bet no one else will have anything to say lol lol lol lol. Love it!!!!

  • Marilyn Mundy-Woods

    Kandi did that! Shut it down!!! Smacked that heifer down and didn’t lay a finger on her but I sure that Natalie felt like she had been slapped. S/N Cynthia is sadly mistaken if she thinks no one considered Peter an opportunist. Especially when she was paying all the bills, funding his restaurant….. She jumped and ocean for him and he wasn’t even trying to help her over a puddle. Clean up your own backyard Mrs. Bailey, if it wasn’t for you we’d be like Peter who!?

  • Sheila Sterling McFarland

    On another note……Phaedras’ eyes don’t look right.

  • Neilly78

    People just need to stay in their lane and let people find out who their mates are on their own……That is whats wrong now with alot of relationships….other people point blank….Kandi you did that and she couldn’t say anything else………It is what it is!!!!!

  • miss moo-moo pie

    Pete Got Over on you Cynthia !!!!…thats why ur mama & sister..didn’t approve of u marrying him..REMEMBER ????…Whose money funded…the Restaurants…???…Not Broke Peter…who was NOTHING..without..YOU !!!

    • Latonia Brooks

      Peter got a lap dance I gave it to him

  • Lynda Gates

    NICE! Kandi continue to be the TRUE lady you Southern Mames are., You go giirl.

  • Deirdre Todd

    Y’all can pat kandi on the back,if y’all want to but trust that she took in everything that chick said and now she knows how the other girl felt in Savannah its not cute when someone brings up your man’s past and no your not the hottest or baddest bitch in Atlanta,your not even the baddest or hottest in TRHOA,so take several seats!!!

    • toni

      U need to take several seats hater

  • msb

    I bet at the next round table meeting she keep her mouth shut…..bol


    Kandi, you are a hot bitch but that doesn’t mean your man won’t cheat. One thing has NOTHING to do with the other UNFORTUNATELY.

  • Farris Deloney

    thats the second time that lady got shut down Peter shut her down when she moved in with them

  • audra

    Lol NeNe said thank you for coming!

  • eric

    Not sure why you have to defend yourself to these clowns . The world knows how successful you are. So the haters want to say cap to tarnish your situation. If Todd as isn’t real it will show up . I think you have a great heart. God will reveal truth , but if you make a mistake that’s your business keep it moving. Your Hot Woman to any man you feel me

  • Tamara D Johnson

    I love me some KANDI BURRUSS. You have remained true to yourself since the start of RHOA. My hat goes off to you!

  • Sick of Kandi

    She can shut down everybody but who she needs to shut down.

    • toni


      • Sick of Kandi

        Never a hater sweetie, only stating the obvious. Maybe you need to learn the definition of the word.

  • lyvette

    all i can say to that dammmmmmmmm kandi u let her azz have she was salty after that shit hi5

  • Daoneandonly Pk

    YESSSSSS KAAAANNNNDDDDIIIIII read tht BITCH her rights!!!! #bitchesthrwnshade

  • Sissie

    Wow, I give Kandy a 10 for declaring herself a bad bitch. Leave my man the fuck out of it. Hehehe!

  • L Blake Brown


  • Knatty Tracazoid SupaProducer

    can you say DICK LOOK ON HER FACE rotflmfao and THAT’S how you flip it WITH CLASS go head Kandi lol

  • SeekingGodDaily2013

    Wow Kandi U told the Sister off in a Nice way obviously she seems Like an Anger Women who thought that she would Ruin your relationship with Todd.. We all have a Past and that’s exactly where she should had left it..
    You go Kandi!!
    I know U R a Smart Business women who can tell if they’re playing a Game and Pre-Nups R always available

  • Shan. Church.

    she’ll keep his name out her mouth from now on. blaaaaam!!!

  • vicky

    Do you really want a man to come up off your success? These women are dizzy. Anybody can make money off sex toys nut what about talent? I don’t even like Bey but she and her hubby murdering all y’all in the game.

    • Latonia Brooks

      You don’t even have a man

  • Queens

    Okay Kandi is a professional lady doing big things and who is highly successful…..BUTTTTTTT why would a classy lady refer to herself as a “hot bitch” SMH….Why not a he moved up from a princess to a Queen. I don’t get it . You have a daughter, and tell me would you be comfortable with a young man telling the world that he has a “hot bitch”? If so, some real soul searching should take place.

  • sharelyn santos

    Class act! I loved how she pulled rank and said check mate. Let it be very clear this conversation is over. Simply lovely.

  • Latonia Brooks

    I’ve been gone but I’m back I like a man with some good head and don’t mind doing it when I ask ad know how to lick like a dog and blow like an fish