Kandi Reveals How She Is Preparing For Baby Tucker

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Kandi Burruss isn’t new to the mommy game, but the Real Housewives of Atlanta singer admits she’s a little out of practice when it comes for caring for a newborn.

Kandi and husband, Todd Tucker, are expecting a son this January, and the twosome are taking the necessary steps to make sure they are more than ready for Baby Tucker’s impending arrival.

“Todd and I, we took like a quick, little class of getting prepared for baby,” she told The Daily Dish. “I haven’t seen a baby in 13 years. I’m just kidding! I’ve seen one, but I haven’t really had to keep a baby in so long, so I needed a refresher course.”

And Kandi and Todd are not the only two people making some adjustments before the baby arrives in next year. “[My daughter] Riley is like, ‘Oh I can’t wait to see the baby. I’ll help babysit, but I’m not changing diapers,'” she said. “So she’s the one that I’m like, ‘OK, we’re gonna have to work on you. My mother is excited. She’s actually working on her own baby room in her house. And she told me, ‘Granny needs a nanny.’ I’m like, Granny just don’t know she might be the nanny.'” Mama Joyce just might know now, Kandi! – Reporting by Andrew Herrmann

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