Kandi Puts Her Baby Bump On Display At Kenya’s Hair Care Launch

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This deserves a celebratory twirl! Kenya Moore launched her newest business venture, Kenya Moore Hair Care, and the event was a roaring success.

Plenty of Kenya’s Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars and friends were in attendance, including a beaming mama-to-be. Yes, Atlanta’s own Kandi Burruss put her bump on display with a big smile at the launch party.


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  • myastone12

    Why does she insist on showing so much cleavage? It’s unnecessary.

    • courtney

      People can wear whatever they want on their bodies. A preacher could have his pants sagging if he wanted.

      • Ness

        Thx Courtney for saying this. IDK why so many people are so vocal about other folks lives as if their judgment is a ticket to heaven. It’s OK to have an opinion but when u direct your judgement on folks as if you are without sin yourself. Show me a Saint and I’ll show you two Liars.

        • Denise

          I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you’re wearing I think you look pretty.

        • Angela Jones

          Well said hunni

        • PunchDrunkLove

          Speaking the truth is not judging. It is speaking the truth. She didn’t say Kandi should dress like her (that’s judging), she said she needs to cover her forever plunging neckline. Learn the difference. Kandi is fat, knocking on 40 with kids. SHE IS TOO OLD TO DRESS RATCHET. If that’s judging, so be it.

          • Shannon CreoleMom Guy

            A RATCHET is a tool, KHANDI is a black woman, grown at that, know the difference.

          • PunchDrunkLove

            Semantics, tuh. I said she dresses ratchet. Everything but the dang nipple showing. Let me guess, you ain’t got kids. Her daughter is constantly embarrassed. It’s written all over her face. Yeah, she grown doe, right?

          • Shannon CreoleMom Guy

            No.1, you guessed wrong….that assuming will get you in trouble all the time, and No.2, there is nothing wrong with her dress, i see a happy glowing woman. Could i say the same if i saw you?

          • JoAnn Hall

            One word ! Kim Kardashian ! Let people do them Opinion and asshole we all got one

          • PunchDrunkLove

            People can do whatever they want and people can have whatever opinion they want. If you classlessly keep it on display, then expect folks to PASS THEIR OPINION!!

        • myastone12

          I don’t have a problem with cleavage. If you read carefully, it’s “so much cleavage”. Her girls are on “night club” display all the time, meaning it dips very low. That’s not judgment, it’s an observation. I said nothing about her character, her looks, or her abilities as a wife or mother, so bring it down a notch. It’s a bit of an over reaction for a rhetorical question.

          • JoAnn Hall

            STFU ! No1 say shit when Kim Kardashian ass and tits are out stop judging !

          • myastone12

            But this article isn’t about her now is it? So you STFU.

          • JoAnn Hall

            1st off ! Get a pic #myassain’ttone ! What you mad cause you don”t /can”t have a baby or are you a flat chested ass angry beaver because didn’t graduate from the itty bitty titty committee when you got pregnant The days of bare footed and pregnant in maternity clothes are long gone JS 100 % BLACK LOVE I will never be mad at that ! #BYEHATERS !

          • myastone12

            What the hell??

        • Vee

          Ness very well said.

        • JoAnn Hall

          Amen !

      • PunchDrunkLove

        That ain’t what the bible says. So eeeent, wrong answer. This attitude is why the world is going to hell in a handbasket. People live like they ain’t gotta die and give an account. The good book says everything thought, every word will be brought into judgement. So please stop with spewing erroneous sayings. It is NOT okay to just do whatever you want…..if you expect to have heaven after this life.

        • courtney

          Shut up.

    • Tai

      If she wanted to show up there naked, that’s her business.

    • Tai

      She can go there naked if she wanted to. That’s her business.

      • Kia Makingmoves Ellis


      • PunchDrunkLove

        Um, not she can’t. That’s what has gone wrong today. Just no standards anymore. Nothing but trashy behavior and we all should be tolerant. She needs to cover up. Time, age and common sense should teach that if her mama didn’t. She more fat than fine now, she’s older now, she’s got an impressionable daughter. Yeah, she’s got many reasons to cover up. IJS

        • Vanessa Daniels

          And your comment means nothing in the scheme of things but thank you for venting I’m sure it means a lot two you and a few others

    • Clara Robinson

      Even Riley had something to say, her own kid!!

      • PunchDrunkLove

        Igg zackly

    • Kris

      Really, she sells a bedroom line and I don’t mean clothes. She’s not going to be a nun. Kandi will fully embrace her sexuality and there is no shame in it. She’s beautiful. Truthfully, she looks better than most women who go bellied up, boobed out, heeled up all the while managing to not look like a hooker. Do your thing Kandi!

    • Mrs.frazier5269

      Its called heavy chested with a job what should she wear t-shirt and hoodies your beautiful kandi show off that baby and anything else you want

    • Kimmie

      Because they are hers and she can decide to wear a low cut dress as a grown woman if she damn well pleases! Ugh, what is wrong with women always criticizing and attacking each other? She doesn’t have to leave the house looking like Mammie just to make women who hate seeing other women in low cut dresses feel more secure.

  • Lydia Borucki Waltower

    U are beautiful and I love your cleavage and boobs. Lydia

    • dimples

      I love you Candy?show as much cleavage as you want.

  • Nina

    Yes kandi u are wearing that dress beautiful hun don’t worry about what people say about u it’s your life and u do what ever u want congratulations to u and Todd can’t wait to met the bundle of joy love u boo ??

  • guest123

    She looks great!

  • KmyahnAprilsmombebe

    Awww so beautiful you are Kandi I don’t see anything wrong with what you are wearing child,, just stay happy and do some prenatal yoga so baby tucker won’t be a cry cry baby. God bless y’all

  • Whitney Marques

    If I had her cleavage I would be showing it off too! She is absolutely gorgeous inside and out!

  • fashionbye1

    Kandi looks amazing….

  • Tee Pulley

    Wow she looks great! I wouldn’t be wearing those heals though… Scared I may fall lol

  • Monika W.

    She looks so beautiful, her face is more gorgeous than usual, and she looks extremely happy

  • Sammie KandiBoo Dickson

    She cant help but to show cleavage theyre growing just like her belly SHE LOOKS GREAT ppl love to pick out the simpliest crap smh

  • Danielle

    Ooo, Kandi! Are those feet swelling already?!

  • Camille Cain

    She looks great!!! So happy for her!

  • Beatrice Mann

    I’m so happy for kandi

  • Tanya Davis

    But Kim Kardashian can take pictures of her naked ass mind you while she’s pregnant and post them on the internet and it’s ok,

    • PunchDrunkLove


  • Torey Kimyatta Gaines

    Omg people are so judgemental why are you so concerned about her cleavage Jezzz just say congrats and keep it moving

  • Harold Smith

    todd is one lucky guy cause kandi is hot. she looks good here, shes glowing and looking radiant

  • Candie Marie

    Let the heels go now @kandi your such a beautiful soul

  • Stephanie Black

    She carrying it high.Boy❓❔????????

  • Kia Loving MeandMine

    You look exactly like riley in this photo.. #Twins #natural beauty

  • Alison Paterson

    Congratulations I am very happy for the both of you

  • Antoinette Lewis

    Looks Great God Bless Yall Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!