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Kandi: Phaedra Didn’t Even Seem Sorry

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Kandi Burruss discusses the shock of hearing that Phaedra Parks started the rumors. Were you surprised by Shamea and Phaedra’s argument?

Kandi Burruss: No. They don’t like each other. Never have. They just tolerated each other for Porsha’s sake.
Do you think Porsha was sincere in her apology to Shamea?


KB: Not really, but it doesn’t really matter what I think. That’s their friendship. It’s for them to work out. What went through your mind when Porsha revealed Phaedra was the one who told her the rumors?

KB: I was shocked, angry, disgusted… I could go on. Even with everything that had happened between me and Phaedra, I still didn’t think Phaedra would go so low as to tell someone that I wanted to drug them. Being an attorney, you would think she wouldn’t intentionally spread defamatory false statements about someone. The sad thing was that she didn’t even seem sorry for what she had done.

I was thinking, “Damn, was there a reason to hate me this much?” She already assisted Johnnie in helping him to meet an attorney to sue me, and now I find out she was spreading accusations that I want to drug people and take them home! This is too much.

I’m so glad the truth finally came out and I’m glad to be able to move on from this. Thank you to everyone who remained #TeamKandi, especially when others were believing the lies!

Much love,


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  • T riley

    These women should no longer be able to participate on this show. Ms parks is a lawyer, what the hell is her problem credibility shot. Porsha we all know is not the smartest person but dang she took being dumb to a whole different level. Bless her heart. I know this is reality tv but being culpable in lies that could possibly ruin someone’s life is heinous.

    • Elaine Heath

      I totally agree. Phaedra and Porsha should be kicked off the show. I am shocked and amazed at the lowest possible level that they could go. I am not a fan of these women. If they are not kicked off the show I will no longer be watching. This season was the worse I have ever saw. I am disgusted at the way Phaedra and Porsha lied and did not have any remorse. Kandi did not deserve this betrayal at all. Stevie Wonder did not see this coming. Take them off the show Andy!

      • Kathy Kintigh Broker

        With Phaedra being an attorney she should know better than lie about such a terrible accusation. If I was Kandi I would sue her. Things like that should have been stopped by producers and not played up on the lies.

        • Crystal Stewart

          I dont think she would win. Kandi wasnt accused of actual rape by Phaedra. We never heard Phaedra actually state that nor did she publish anything of the kind. Libel and slander have some very explicitly reqts. What Phaedra did doesnt amount to that. Plus their both considered public figures and no tangible damages occurred from Phaedras rumor. They are supposed to use their platforms to dispel rumors gossip etc. It makes a difference. Now who could be sued is Bravo because they actually aired the accusation, which was very irresponsible.

          • Judith Lewis

            Porsha said on national TV that Fraudra told her that. Proof enough. Phaedra needs to be sued.

          • Crystal Stewart

            That does not meet the threshold of slander and libel. Sorry it does not. They are also considered public figures because of this show meaning that they cannot sue one another for that. Bravo could be sued though because they aired the accusation, which was unfounded. They have a responsibility to investigate to obtain the veracity of Porsha’s statements. If found to be untrue, that bit should have never aired and she should have been fired immediately because she was actually the one who said it on camera knowing that the accusation was not true. But, that is where it would get tricky. Would a court believe that Porsha was a ditzy and gullible airhead and did not understand the ramifications of what she saying? I mean why not tell the police if you really believed she was capable of doing that and get a restraining order? That indicates, she knew it was a lie = not slander on Phaedra’s part (stupid gossip) and should be repeated or stated on tv by Porsha. Did Phaedra really believe that Porsha would air that tidbit about the accusation while filming? Remember Phaedra made that statement to Porsha a year ago. So, I don’t think so. She would have egged her on to say it a long time ago. I think she made the statement to turn Porsha against Kandi or she could have jokingly said it. SEX DUNGEON! C’mon that had to be a joke!

          • Judith Lewis

            We can agree to disagree for she can sue both of them. Consulted an attorney. Contract goes out the window because Fraudra sent a fake cease and desist letter under the pretense it came from Kandi. Kandi is getting backlash and Fraudra called the city to cause problems for her restaurant. This things had nothing to do with reality TV. She can be held libel.

          • Judith Lewis

            Like u said, u think. I consulted a lawyer, they both can be sued.

          • Crystal Stewart

            Why would you consult a l lawyer over someone else’s mess? Chile plz. If Kandi can sue Phaedra. Phaedra can sue Kandi and her mom for stating that she should be in prison with Apollo

          • Judith Lewis

            She cannot sue them but they can and will sue her. Whatever they said can and will be proved. GA bar already has a complaint against her. Now she is facing disbarment. She lied about the Angela Stanton lawsuit. Book currently on sale now at Amazon for 25.00. Brace yourself Phaedra is going to jail.

          • Judith Lewis

            I can consult my husband if I want to for u did not know what u r talking about. Girl bye. They spoke the truth, she needs to be disbarred and go to prison. Now u go and consult somebody.

      • Concerned Black Woman

        If they take them off they need to take the whole cast off because all of them do not treat others the way they want to be treated. Also they are not being good role models by being fake and always trying to hurt each other

        • Denise

          Kandi I away believe in you, Phaedra and Porsha saw nothing but haters,they have low self-esteem for any woman that’s cute that low that is so disgusting., you should take her to court and sue her for spreading lies about you that don’t sit right with me at all,.
          You and your family go on and enjoy your life let the haters hate.

        • Crystal Stewart

          I agree. They are all messy and lie

      • carmen vazquez

        yesssssssssss they do

    • Jenni

      She won’t be relent if she doesn’t tell such outlandish lies to keep her storyline alive. Phaedra is dried up like all those cadavers she imagined she autopsyed and embalmed. Bless her southern bell heart, crazy people need love too.

      • Yolanda Gholston

        The whole crew is dry up what story line does any of them have nothing fake housewives

      • Love Chyanne

        Y’all keep saying what they shouldn’t be apart of while missing the point that the drama they have is what gives them those high ratings. So if you’re so annoyed by them, just stop watching the show. Because you watch is giving them ratings which will, HELLO, open that door for a new season. Y’all actually sit for a whole hour looking at reality shows when reality is going on right in front of you. Y’all are so damn judgemental. Keep in mind you only see an hour worth of mess that happens 24/7. So y’all don’t know the full story and y’all didn’t spend 24 hours a day watching someone else’s reality. You only saw an hour. So stop acting like y’all know these people personally to be calling them fake or whatever. Also, if you feel that this show degrades young ladies, why even allow them to watch it. For an hour at that. Im done with the irrelevant judges. Put your life on tv and let us judge you and decide if you’re fake or not. Or if you should continue the show.

    • Yolanda Gholston

      She not dumb by myself she once had you fool ms kandi

  • rere60644

    I stop watching this show four years ago. Enough is enough this a hot mess. Phaedra, Portia, and Kenya should all have taken off this show.

  • Concerned Black Woman

    All the women are fake and act like they are in elementary school. What kind of example are are they showing other young women or women period that are looking up to them. Kenya continues to be messy and start stuff and she does not need to (stays in people business because she has none of her own). She has never been a housewife so why is she even on the show. Pheadra is fake and setting Portia up to take the fall. And then everyone gangs up on her (which is BULLYING). They need to be real women and be able to sit down and agree to disagree if you can not work things out. Clean around your own front door before you try and clean around others. Everyone has problems and sometimes they do not work through them well but that’s when we be supportive . Treat people the way you want to treated. Yes Kandi I do feel like yall go to far with some of the things y’all say and do and y’all know the people y’all are talking about gonna put there twist on it so why get mad y’all need to just do not have nothing to say about or to the person unless yall meet up one on one and address the issues and let it go. Let it stay between you two and not the reat of the group. Especially when you start hanging with people you do not normally fool with and start talking about stuff from the past which you shared with that person keep it in the past. Yall want drama and it makes y’all look bad. It makes me not want to watch the show anymore.

    • Rhonda

      This is call a job and it’s call acting but Pheadra took it to far and it got out of control .

      • LaTonya Fuqua

        This thread is interesting. I blame Kenya for a lot of stuff too.I have a disdain for her based on what I have seen on the show. She’s always been the bully type, but when it comes back to her she acts like the victim. Most of the bad karma she has received is because of the seeds she is sowing. I think she can be a good person, but she has the immature ability to throw off taking ownership for her actions. She never sees that you cannot just push people and continuously bully them and expect them to not react. I choose to use my words when I’m angry, but not everyone does. Phaedra has shown me this season what I always suspected, but never wanted to accept. I wanted her to be good so bad, but she hit an all time low telling Porsha that Kandi wanted to rape and drug her. That is unforgivable. That is low and vile. She was willing to let her friend take the fall for something she did. I think porsha was truly Phaedra’s friend but I think Phaedra exploited that and was only acting like she liked Porsha.

        • LaTonya Fuqua

          I never thought that Kandi and Todd would do that, but I knew that Porsha was telling the truth about being told that too. I don’t see Porsha as evil and trifling, but I do see her as too trusting of this she calls friends and naive. I wish Kandi hadn’t spread the story through the cast after Porsha told her about it, but I wish she had gotten to the bottom of it during the season. I think it would have gone better.

        • BISONFAN

          What does Kenya have to do with Phaedra making up lies about Kandi?

    • Theresa

      I understand inside the brain of everyone except Kenya! All the wives have somehow been hurt and some of them have not gotten the support/help that was needed to cope with the betrayal and it caused some behavioral dysfunction/bitterness. I want them all to heal together and depart in peace, except Kenya. Kenya gets the 🔪 and sticks and turns it into whoever is the most susceptible to her trap. I understand that Frick and Frack’s husbands hurt them badly and treated them badly and none of their friends, except maybe NENE supported them; probably because they had issues at the time themselves, just not the same ones.

      • floratamale

        You need help with this Kenya thing. You seem to be the only one having issues with her. Which knife is she using and twisting. I don’t see it, especially this season. Go get help with your hatred for Kenya. You need to be neutral and just watch and enjoy the show.
        You don’t understand shit about non of these women. Nothing! You don’t know them, you don’t understand a thing. Leave your hatred for Kenya out of this discussion.
        Kandi was not even talking about Kenya. And here you go totally off topic!
        Kenya this, Kenya that, Kenya this, Kenya that! Get help!

    • floratamale

      I like how you start off by blaming Kenya for everything and then play off the other two. Then give all the advice about women working together. How about you clean up your mouth about Kenya before giving advice. Don’t trash one woman out of the whole group. They are all messy. All of them! Stop pin pointing out Kenya. She has more class than any of those woman. Maybe Cnythia too and Kandi. The rest no class! All of them are messy.

      • #myopinion

        Kenya ain’t got no class, she’s An Instigating HOT MESS! They shudve been Kicked Her Sorry Mess of A Person off the Show A Long Time Ago!

      • Olivia

        About Kenya I think she should be off the show because they allow her to do things to bring on Physical altercations. 2 she keep hiring men to be on the show.


      • Meka Canty

        Kenya is the worst of them all season after season she proves she’s the daughter of Satan.. you sound ignorant as hell… Lol

    • Jamel Spencer

      Some of this stuff they do on reality television is scripted. We can base these women real lives and characters off of what they’re showing on TV Getting paid to do. They’re all people and I’m sure they’re not on national TV to be a roll model or example to kids they didn’t have, rasied or even know. Chraity starts at home not on television. The entertainment industry’s job is to enterain and full fill the needs of it’s employees and acters. Not raise your kids. You teach your own children right from wrong, how to think for themselves and obtain the best for them and hope they grow to retain great morals and standards within the confounds of your home as parents. If they’re not mature or strong minded enough in watching reality television them then maybe you should ask yourself as a parent where did you fall short. If you’re raising Babies and small children under a certain age then just not even subscribe to these type of channels being on your television for them to have access to

    • Jamel Spencer

      Some of this stuff they do on reality television is scripted. We can’t base these women real lives and characters off of what they’re showing on TV Getting paid to do. They’re all people and I’m sure they’re not on national TV to be a roll model or example to kids they didn’t have, rasied or even know. Chraity starts at home not on television. The entertainment industry’s job is to enterain and full fill the needs of it’s employees and acters. Not raise your kids. You teach your own children right from wrong, how to think for themselves and obtain the best for them and hope they grow to retain great morals and standards within the confounds of your home as parents. If they’re not mature or strong minded enough in watching reality television them then maybe you should ask yourself as a parent where did you fall short. If you’re raising Babies and small children under a certain age then just not even subscribe to these type of channels being on your television for them to have access to

  • Sheena

    I love me some Kandis Burris, I’ve been a fan since xscape! Kandi is the realest one on the show, since day one… She dont come for anybody until they come for her! Pheadra has been a total bitch this season, I mean she been lying since season one, but she has become a bitter asshole. Phaedra is still upset at the fact Apollo had things at kandi house, that her husband was keeping for his friend, and she still mad about Kenya flirting with Apollo, but Apollo was flirting with more than Kenya, as we see… Phaedra is really mad at Apollo and chose to take it out on all the wrong people!! She swear up and down she is a humble southern bell that is so holy and trying to keep everything professional, but a damn attorney would think twice about spreading a lie or lies like she did.. Phaedra need some damn help and need to face her troubles, go to Apollo and have that discussion on how angry she is find a punching bag and let it out, bc once u forgive somebody, just let it go and move on, kandi is a great person and mother, wife.. She is all about her business and family. .. Phaedra was dead wrong, if she wanted to be mad, then let it be but dont go spreading damaging rumors about somebody, bc now Mandi can sue the hell outta her and really make her life miserable, what Apollo hasn’t already done, then she can use her money to pay the other assholes that phaedra sent kandi way to sue her… Karma is a bitch, mean while she still will collect her coins and sit back and be great.. While that hoe hate!!!
    S/o to Cynthia Bailey for being so strong and humble, leave the bones to Sheree and the chateau!!! Kenya much better season, still get angry to fast though… Both houses are fabulous…

    • Sheena

      And poor Lil porsha just believe the hype from phaedra, that women needed somebody to fall back on and who would actually believe her lies and porsha was an easy target, she basically used porsha as a scape goat so that everyone would think it was her that spreaded the lies and porsha dumb butt fell for it, and phaedra didn’t even have any remorse towards it… That child is as bitter as hell and if she didn’t want to be divorced then she should have supported Apollo, bc she still fuck herself over by doing damage to other people. Ended up ruining her on self.

  • carmen vazquez

    what the fuck kenya has tow do that porcha is a liar?

  • carmen vazquez

    crak and ckaquie the have to go

  • Kevin Daddio Jackson

    #teamkandi why they hate on my boo so much like nene said trying to be a celebrity and not Phaedra & porsha needs to go bring kim n nene back to the show I knew kandi was going to be shocked when she found out that Frick and frack had started all the bs its over with kandi don’t fuck with them period

    #32million she don’t need them bye messy bitches

    • Yolanda Gholston

      Not Picking on your boo your boo not innocent she is shady booth just like the rest of them to show example to you kids especially to your girls have repect for yourself being a business woman that’s really don’t look good for your boo

      • Crystal Stewart

        I agree. These teamkandi folks are crazy. Phaedra fights dirty, but she does not come for people who don’t cross her. Everybody on this show that she ever did dirty came for her first. Nene, Kenya and Kandi.

  • Andrea Council

    That is sad, i really liked Phaedra, but she needs to stop pretending to b a Christian.

  • Erica Gardner

    I knew Phaedra was a fake ass person from the jump. Even when everybody was oh Phaedra is such a Christian and sweet person, saw right through it!!

  • Cynthia

    I think that Kandi, Phaedra, and Kenya need to all make their exit off the show! In Kandi’s case, there is a such thing called “Karma” and this season, she received exactly what she dished out every since she has been on the show. Kandi sat back for the last couple of seasons pretending to be neutral and she was continuously carrying mess back and forth between the group of ladies. She sat back and allowed her malicious mother to interfere and cause drama with not only her own husband, but with the situation with Phaedra and Apollo. By no stretch of the imagination is Kandi innocent in season 9. She seemed to take great pride in proving her point about Porsha by going to great lengths to explain in vulgar details about the whole encounter. Phaedra’s deception and manipulation of her “so called” friend Porsha was unbelievably cruel! There is no excuse for what Phaedra did and the real victim in this whole scenario is Porsha. Porsha was obviously being used by Phaedra and was totally ostracized by all of the castmates because she was taking the heat for Phaedra. I really feel like Kenya has no significance on the show. She used Matt as a storyline and I am tired of watching her start unnecessary mess and drama with everyone else just to be relevant. It is a shame that they are having to reach back to former castmates of the show to come back.

    • carmen vazquez

      no they dont

  • Tammy Prattis

    That moment right there when Porsha said Phaedra to her she tried to drug her Kandi should have whooped her (Phaedra’s) ass WIDE OPEN. Then sue her for deframation of character. Everybody should know by now that you can’t tell Miss DISH NATION nothing ol’ blabbermouth. She should have kept being friends with Shamea and not Phaedra.

  • Carla hornbuckle

    I really don’t care for any of these shows anymore bc in my eyes these shows are extremely daragatory these story lines or disrespectful these friendships are fake as he’ll they are giving these tv ppl exactly what they want in return for a pay check I did not watch this season I was done when Kim fields came on board and the way they treated her on that reunion show I’m really sick of these fucken shows it’s like u have sold ur soul to the fucken devil all this fucken back biting and disrespect and everybody keeps watching like this shit ok it’s not ok bc we are showing our young generation of girls and young women this behavior is the norm but it is not these shows are no GOOD for us and we must stop watching and supporting this mess LETS everybody hold our self responsible accountable for those coming up we need to teach and do better I can not will not watch any of these shows any more we as black communities has so much going on we sell our selves way to cheap bc if they stay on these shows for the coins these bargan pricces useless entertainment LETS stop selling ourselves to america so cheap GOD BLESS ALL

  • Tina Blackford

    I’m team Kandi and Phaedra is a snake and a lier she hateful and she’s a crook just like her husband

    • Sherri Scott

      I am with you girlfriend

  • Judith Lewis

    Kandi needs to go right to her lawyer and sue Porsha, Phaedra and Carlos. They literally wanted to destroy her.

  • Artrell Johnson

    I am glad that Phaedra can no longer throw rocks and hide her hand as she would say the Bible says ……………… Well Ms Parks the Bible says whatever is in the dark will be revealed by the light and our good Lord is surely shining the light on the darkness you’ve hidden in for a looooooonnnng time you might have fooled some but you can’t fool all

  • Louann Williams

    Why lie really

  • Brendalee Clarke

    Does Kandi actually read your responses??