Kandi's Ski Trip

Kandi: My Family Always Has Drama

By  | Did Mama Joyce’s apology bring her and Todd closer this time?


Kandi Burruss: After Todd’s mom passed, he and I both wanted to make a major effort to bring our families together. I think it was a wakeup call for everybody. My mom started being nicer to Todd. She gave him a real apology. Things were just better. Were you surprised Aunt Nora and Aunt Bertha were so upset about their rooms?

KB: I knew there would be some drama, because it wouldn’t be my family if there wasn’t. It’s funny how people tweet me and they really think we make this stuff up. I hate to say it, but we don’t. My family always has drama with or without cameras… But we have a lot of fun too!

Let me just say that the Bella Vista Estates is a very nice place. It feels like a home away from home. I don’t understand why my aunts got so mad. Their house had a gorgeous view and it had a balcony, which I thought Aunt Bertha would like because she smokes cigarettes. I didn’t know they would react to their rooms like that, as if I didn’t care about them just because they were in that villa. How difficult was it having your mom, cousin, and aunts confront you about not spending enough time with them?

KB: I couldn’t believe they were saying that I had changed since I got married. Well, let me take that back. Doesn’t everyone change a little when they first get married? I stopped coming to every event, because in the beginning of my relationship they were being mean to Todd. He didn’t feel comfortable coming. So I would come most of the time, but I just wouldn’t stay that long.

I don’t know why my mom was chiming in on their argument, because the reason for we had not been talking was totally different than why I wasn’t at every family gathering. My mom has been hard to talk to for the last few years. She would hang up on me, yell, or have an attitude every time I called. I started getting tired of that, so I started calling her less. I needed a break from the negativity. I love my family with all my heart. Todd knows that, and that’s why he is pushing for our family to rebuild our bond. Well, we’re working on it!

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  • Gus Smilez

    Every family ain’t meant to get along and U just have to accept that at some point and move on. Husband & Wife seriously don’t need any approval from no one but GOD.

  • Christina Green

    Kandi they should be lucky you paid for the trip don’t understand why your cousin had to put her 2 cents in it I wanted to grab her through the tv and punch her in the mouth shit they lucky you got them on national tv

    • alicia nesbitt

      Really…that’s what you feel aboout elderly women who have all loved and supported and helped raise her for free unconditional love.when you bring old people on a trip their comfort should be priority it’s not oh well take what I give you it’s FREE…that’s bulll and if that daughter knew her Mom shouldnt have to be walking up and down stairs then she should have said something…I sure hate to see how some of you treat the old people in your families.. old people complain when they are not comfortable…aunts get on you when you stop coming around and calling..caring for your elderly in your family shouldn’t be contingent on rather they like your husband….they don’t have to as long as you do…

      • chercher

        Most old people would be more humble…..The exercise is good for them anyway.

        • alicia nesbitt

          Lol ok..

    • Rainy Taylor

      Bravo paid for the trip.

  • Loisshedidthat James

    keep doing what you are doing. stand by your man!!

  • V’ia Hodge

    Your family is selfish!!! Todd won’t stick around I believe that he truly love you not about money he cares more than your family

  • Tyrone

    Dont worry about that kandi u dont old them anything but the love of god keep grind baby girl enjoy your life u and your husband much love

  • Tanika

    I feel like Mama Joyce her sisters and niece and Todd’s uncle and Aunt should’ve all been in that 2nd Cabin. Carmon and the other Assistants could’ve taken that last Cabin. They younger than them.

    • chercher

      But that’s not they wanted either ….they wanted the one Tom and Todd had.

      • Tanika

        oh ok i didn’t see that part. Chercher

  • jackie canada

    Kandi, God said when a man takes a wife, he leaves his parents. You shouldn’t worry about selfish relatives. They act as if you’re some little child. You’re first obligation is to your household, then your family. As long as your husband is honoring you and you him..let all that other drama and foolishness stay with them. You can’t please everybody. You know you love your family, it’s a shame they don’t always give you that same respect by trying to make you feel guilty.

  • TreesyTreasure Lewis

    Kandi the time has come where you have to just stomp ur foot & say looka here this is what it is & this is what it’s gone be since my status is @ the center of the uproar couse if there was no status wouldn’t be any issues! Your family is ripping you to shreds mentally only you can stop them take care!

  • sherrypierre

    Kandi trust me you can’t please everybody your family will be find your promise at the alter that day was to todd and the girls Pray for everyone else to trust your decision you have to be happy kandi stop upsetting yourself trying to please everybody been there done that trust God kandi to fix this ok and be happy baby give this situation to God and live,laugh,and by God enjoy your new family love ya

  • Petula Johnson Kone

    When you get married you spend time with your family meaning yourself , husband, kids, you visit family on special occasions. You don’t owe anyone anything. This is your life now Kandi take control of it Stop being nice if they don’t like your husband so be it. Your Mother is going to always be your mother. She can’t choose the man for you. You and Todd need to Move from Atlanta and start Your family. They can Come and visit or not it’s their choice. They will get over it. You love them but what makes you happy. You remind me of my daughter. I was and probably still is like your mom. No one is good for my daughter But I had to let her grow up with out me getting into her personal business talking shit to her friends. But I still got one I open because if anyone hurts her I will ff them up. Start being that person your big brother seen in you.. Love you sis stay strong because family is always going to be there and got something to say. .

    • Richardmwest

      ^^^^^Next Day Your Success Day kkaann

  • Susie Dean

    I know Jabdi’s not lying about “family drama!.” Every week there would be all kinds of drama with my Mom,her duster ,gramps an Nsna. I know about growing up around family drama! And it ain’t pretty!

  • Sally Jo Houselog Randall

    Your mother, aunts and cousin are nothing but a bunch of lousy, ungrateful, nagging, whiny old bitches. Can you do anything right? They complain constantly about everything, it’s all about them and what they can get out of ya. They’re nothing but a bunch of bottom feeders who have done nothing but try and destroy your relationship with Todd from the get go. I’m surprised he’s stuck it out as long as he has. If I were him I would’ve hit the road a long time ago. Nobody in their right mind could or would put up with the bullshit your mother and aunts pull. Greedy, ungrateful, thankless and cold hearted.

  • tonya smith_wheeler

    Kandi I love you and your a strong woman keep on doing what yiur doing oneday the family will all come together. I really liked the family ski trip. Keep your hunband happy and he will keep you happy and that baby will come lol !!!!!!!

  • tonya smith_wheeler

    Kandi keep on doing what you do stand by your husband and keep him happy and he will keep you happy and that baby will be here soon lol lol

  • John Legette

    Stand by Todd all the time kandi family is family they will get ova it you have too live your life your mom was wrong for treating your husband like that now what if you would of took her advice the way she was treating Todd come on now kandi Todd is going too be in your corner always but hey me I wouldn’t mess with them right away if you ask me god bless y’all live your life too the fullest don’t let no one stop y’all growth either let’s say you forgive them then something else my flair up jts

  • Rainy Taylor

    Kandi, you are begging for ratings for your show. I will not be looking at your show. The disrespect for Todd started with you, your mother and your daughter. You laugh at everything. Why are you trying to pressure Todd Into Having A baby? You are 39. Todf Really Does not want a baby. Stop trying to control him.

  • Leo Richardson

    Hey Kandi the ride was crazy. They didn’t like the ride that was too long. And when u got there it was a problem about the sleeping .u can’t please everyone.Ur aunt are acting like their sister.Donot let ur family run ur man away.ur mother trying too say ur best girl and ur man have been together she just .do not like Todd Iam like Todd her hug was fake.Be happy live ur life keep Drama out maybe u have too love them from a distance

  • LaTrinner Hamilton

    Let me help you Kandi. You are a grown women, and you don’t own them any explanations. The bible says for this cause shall you leave you mother and father and cleave unto your husband/ wife. Kandi is cleaving right now. With all of the drama that her mom was bringing before she got married, and then the issues with the house, all of that has already put stress on Kandi and Todd’s marriage. Kandi’s emotional issues with everyone is stems from the relationship she has with her family, her mom in particular. I have never seen a women reduced to feeling so powerless. That is why she can’t really deal with drama or confrontation coming from everyone else, and either blows people off, like she did with Pheadra and Todd, or having a meltdown like she did on Cynthia’s sister at that Intercontinental in season six. It all comes from that feeling of powerlessness and having to deal with the drama that her mom brings to her life. No one is saying that you have to be disrespectful of down right belligerent in doing so, but she needs to put mama in he place. It”s God first, your spouse, you children, you career, and then, everybody else. Kandi is going to have to lose the fear of hurting her mothers feeling. I have long suspected that Mama Joyce’s biggest fear is losing control of Kandi’s purse strings that is why she was so against Kandi marrying Todd to begin with. And now she and her sisters are trying to send Kandi on and all expenses paid guilt trip about not spending what they consider enough time with the family since she has been married; Girl Bye. Joyce manipulates the hell out of Kandi. And Kandi who is a dutiful daughter, and take care of her mom because she does love her and can never thank her enough for raising her and supporting her dream and helping her can never do enough to pay her back. Problem with that, is that it’s not even Biblically accurate. Parents are supposed to leave and inheritance for their children, not the other way around. I don’t blame Kandi for pulling back from her family at this point. But at some point Kandi is going to have to women up, put her big girl draws on, and deal with her mom. And if they can’t come to and understanding then she is going to have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of not being close to her family. But not facing the issue head on could result in her being were Phaedra is right now.

    • nonal

      Kandi I pray that you, take you have been given, search deep into your heart, and really think about your future. Kandi, so many of us are praying for you, God bless you , and he is with you.

  • Wanda Nero

    Kandi do not let know one stress you out stayed prayed up ask god to fix your family. When you got married you became one with your new family work hard on that one do not worried about everybody else cause there life here is not long. Your aunts need a life and everybody need to stay out of your life. I have never seen or heard of such things that come out of there mouth they need JESUS. Focus on you and Todd making your own family and empire together ….Peace Love Prayer … Family that Pray together stay together..

  • Darlene Dee-Dee Salaam

    Stay strong. .we love your spirit ….You have a big heart and sometimes our heart gets us into a bind….You are suppose to cling to your husband. YOU ARE ONE NOW……

  • chercher

    Until you buy three more houses in your neighborhood ….one for Aunt Bertha, one for Aunt Nora and one for your coozun ….you don’t have a prayer. They were horrible and ungrateful guests who wanted the suite that you and Todd had. I am not questioning their love for you, but if you were a struggling woman they wouldn’t be so involved. As for Mama, it is not about Todd so much …any other man would be subject to the same venom. Mama wants you all by herself because if anything happen to you everything would be for her and Reilly….she don’t want another child or another man into this equation.

    • SonnySky

      They throw all good she does right back in her face–I can see it now –Mama Joyce and her sisters going to some voodoo doctors to cast a spell on Kandi not to get pregnant or make Todd sterile–lol.

  • Granna Glamma

    Kandi you are doing the right thing. Enjoy the journey With family through the pain. Nothing beats a failure but a try. No one is promised to be here 2morrow. (You get that). Todd please cover her, protect her. Your world is with Kandi! You can let in who you please, when you please. Let the floodgates Of love open with you and Todd. Enjoy! Too blessed to be stressed!! Plus!!!! You got too much merchandise to sample(lol) .
    Love u guys….

  • Christine

    I actually don’t usually get into stuff like this but when I saw how childish and ungrateful everyone was acting I really felt bad for Kandi. Instead of thanking her for inviting them on such a beautiful vacation that most people will never see in a lifetime they cried and complained and made everything about themselves. These women are not behaving like women but like spoiled children. The way your family disrespects your marriage and you in the process is shameful. I understand you love your mom and aunts and will always , but this was sad to watch. Kandee, you are being taken advantage of and your sweetness is being mistaken for weakness by the very people who say they love you. I would not wish to be around family members who try to make me feel guilty instead of trying to understand that you have a life. They seem like they need a great deal of attention and that’s not normal behavior. The whole thing about missing birthdays etc.. Ridiculous. Your aunts should know you love them and how immature for them to assume otherwise. You’d marriage is going to fail if you continue to let this behavior take place. You would never do to your family what they are doing to you. Take away the money and fame and I bet you dollar to donut your aunts and mom would not feel sentiment towards your husband or anyone else trying to impose on their time with their Kandee. People who love you uplift you with positivity. People love you know you aren’t going anywhere. People who love themselves act like what I saw. Keep your chin up, but don’t let other people run your life, especially ones that have not accomplished what you have and continue to be humble about it. I’m getting off my soapbox now and wish you luck because you genuinely seem like a sweet and genuine person.

  • Christine

    Oh and Todd is always taking the high road with your family. Remember , what’s said is said. Your mom and aunts can’t take what they say back. First impressions are lasting ones. Your family has a lot of work to do to get Todd to believe they will ever care for him or his family. He maintains his composure in front of people who are flat out nasty to his face and behind his back. I feel a huge heartfelt apology from your mom and aunts is in order for both you and your husband, but I am not going to hold my breath on that one. Professional help can’t even help your mom and aunts.. They lie, and they refuse to recognize when they are wrong and that is kind of how someone without a conscience behaves.

  • nonal

    Kandi, the advice Ms. Kone gave you, I think is really spot on . Because, I too was like you,mom but not as bad. I feel like you have given your family, a lot and that’s great but you need to have time for you now. Love yourself, enough to dare to be happy without, any outside influence, or pressure. I can see that you love your family, and that’s very commendable of you. Kandi you worked hard to get where you are now. And, you deserve to be happy. You now have your new husband, your precious daughter, and Todd’s daughter. They are your first priority. Then you can do whatever, you can for you mother, as long as she is well. For I have no doubt that, if that ever changes she can count on you, and Todd to be there for her. After taking care of her, everyone else is secondary. Take your happiness now or you’ll live with regrets later. I think your mother is afraid of being alone, and she lost a child, and some pain never seems to end. And it’s different for everyone. You, and Todd look happy, so do your best to keep things that way. Tell mama Joyce, that I see, and feel her pain, and she helped me to see the error of my ways. And God gave me the strength to change, and he wil help her too. God bless you Kandi, and your family.

  • abr

    Seems to me from what I’ve seen of Kandi’s interactions with her family and her relationships with them, she more often than not encounters a lot of flack from a group of unappreciative women who appear to find fault in whatever attempts she makes to bring the family closer together. Case in point…the SKI Trip ! Bunch of Complaining Birds !

  • gloria

    Watching the show.. never heard so much COMPLAINING from people getting a FREE VACATION FROM THEIR NIECE… WOW

  • Marie Taylor

    Kandi you have to take control of your life and just watching the show just lets everyone know how ungrateful some people are. It might hurt but you need to put some family members in their place. Hell if you asked me it should have been done a long time ago. Sooner or later this is going to come between you and Todd. So you need to take charge of your life young lady. And they should realize it’s not about how they feel and it’s not about their feelings. Life is too short to always Go through drama. You better wake up girl!

    Let your family know it’s only one Bee that can’t Fly.

    And that’s who you used to be! So let them know you are not the same Person you used to be but better.

  • Massaquoi

    Your aunties and entire family are parasites. bertha is an ungrateful wench, she should stop smoking. joyce is a trip and the others are just hanger ons. even Khandi’s assistant is a parasite. Why is he even on the trip. it should be the only 4 nuclear family. Nora, you do not need locks on your door. Nobody wants you and you have nothing they need to steal.

  • Massaquoi

    Nora;s or Berthas daughter is a fat parasite.

  • SonnySky

    Your family is full of drama with you all the time–your mother sat back let her sisters turn on you like a snake and then here comes Mama Joyce slitering in at the end once you started crying and join them—no one thinks or cares how you feel Kandi cause they make sure they hurt you all the time. They disrespect you because they can and you let them. Why can’t you stop being a baby grow up and say, “if you do not like these accommodations then I will make the accommodations for you to go home and let me and the rest of my family have a good time cause you are no longer allowed in my life to cause me your drama and hurt me anymore!

    Its called growing up Kandi and a backbone and not a martyr and its a bad example for your daughter to grow up under cause she will treat you just like them. Because you are being abused by your family then you will take that out on others around you somewhere and someway. Someone is going to take the fall for your pent up feelings you fail to grow up and face and you will also become an abuser and controller of someone. You will have someone in your life that you will do as Mama Joyce and her sisters and you will create the same drama with someone else cruelly and undeservedly.

  • Nat4real

    OMG!!! Kandi, your family seems to want you all to themselves. You appear to enable your family to mistreat your husband because you make excuses for all of their behavior. Your family seem like they have nothing else to focus on but you. You just cry and try to cater to them when you should be telling them to respect your marriage. I bet if you put your foot down they would learn to respect boundaries. Your family members are manipulating you. You are going to allow your family members to run Todd off like they did with your mom and dad. I don’t believe your cousin “Weenie” would let you run her or her husband. Your family just want to dislike Todd and make him the problem because they want to be able to depend on you. Getting married is the best thing you could have done to get your family to move beyond you. It will break if you keep allowing your family to disrespect your husband. I just do not understand why Todd is putting up with this s$%@.

  • Jean S

    I think your aunts should be grateful you bring them along and let them see that part of the world. You seem like a unselfish person,, so don’t think for a second you are. Hands down for you to have to take all that from your own family.

  • Latricia Hauer

    When you get married your family needs to understand that you need time to get to know your other half. I understand when you are close to your family also, and they want so much of your time also, you have to stand strong when you speak and mean it. I went through something similar, but my family wasn’t too nice. Now I’m divorced, and I have my family to thank for that. So please, Kandi, don’t loose your husband, who is a good man, and good for you. Love is important, we all need love in our lives. You both make a great couple, and your blended families will be okay. Keep God first in your lives, everything will definitely be alright.

  • Stacey

    I’m amazed Todd hasn’t walked by now. You do not stop your family from abusing him, over and over. It’s really sort of shocking to watch. I get that you love your mother. We all love our mothers. By not drawing hard lines and boundaries about what your mother can and cannot say to Todd and to your employees (who are absolutely none of her business, if you’d only tell her so), you condone it. It’s disgusting.

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