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Kandi: “I Was Sticking Up for What’s Right”

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In her latest interview with, Kandi explains why she defended Kenya Moore. How do you feel about the discussion with Phaedra over the kids visiting Apollo?
Kandi Burruss: I don’t feel anything. I’m tired of being asked about it. What inspired you to stick up for Kenya during the argument about Tammy’s nephew?
KB: I was sticking up for what’s right. People try to make Kenya wrong in every situation just because they don’t like her. It’s not OK for a man to physically attack a woman, and they can’t make it OK just because it’s Kenya. I’m shocked that they were taking up for him. Looking back at that Miami episode, you can clearly see he called all of us bitches and all kinds of names. He knocked his own aunt out trying to get to Kenya. There is no way they should be supporting that type of aggression towards women. Would Ayden make a good reunion host?
KB: Ayden would make an awesome host!

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  • stacy adams

    Thats the stupidest question.. would Ayden make a great reunion host? OMG.. what they thought she would say? No! Omfg

  • ytyler

    It is about time some body voice their real opinion on what really happened and not just go along to get along. This issue (abuse towards women) is too important to sweep under the rug just because the person (Kenya) that is addressing it is someone they all love to hate.

  • Toote

    Kandi is the realest one of them all. She’ll tell it like it is, regardless if she likes them or not. So easy to be honest but people still lie for their own benefit. Thanks Kandi for balancing the show.