Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi: I Didn’t Even Know Phaedra Had a Problem with Me

By  | Did you find the marriage counseling helpful?
Kandi Burruss: No.

ADVERTISEMENT Were you surprised to receive the award from Peter?
KB: I was very surprised! Todd and I wanted to be there to support Peter, but I had no idea that he would be honoring me. I was caught off guard. Why did you break down with your mom?
KB: Mom and I had been arguing a lot at that time, and I just felt that she never accepted any responsibility for being wrong. She always finds a way to make me the bad guy. When she said I’ve changed and that I’m not there for my family, I was too through! I had just bought a car for a family member that week, another family member was living with me, and I was and still am helping to take care of another elderly family member. To say I don’t care about my family was an insult. I love them all dearly, and for her to feel that I don’t care about them as much just because I’m married now hurts me. What did you think of NeNe’s idea to bring everyone to a group counseling session?
KB: I thought it was a waste of my time, but that’s because I didn’t know what Phaedra was saying behind my back. It’s crazy watching the show and hearing Porsha and Phaedra discuss how I’m not a friend and that I’m siding with Apollo because my husband and Apollo are friends, and blah, blah, blah. At the time that they had that conversation, I didn’t even know Phaedra had a problem with me like that. I have argued with Todd defending Phaedra. I have defended Phaedra when Apollo came around talking B.S. to everyone about their relationship. There have been plenty of times that I have taken up for Phaedra. No one can say that I have taken anybody’s side against her. Last week at the dinner Phaedra was sitting next to NeNe and Porsha. I was on the other side of the table. They were the closest to her, so they should’ve been the first to grab her. They are her friends too… Right? There is so much more I could say on this subject, but I’m going to let it go.

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  • Ladelle Woods

    But KANDI. You have “that thing” like Mama Joyce. When people call you out and “POINT OUT things to you; YOU NEVER ACCEPT IT. You went out of your way to comfort KENYA when Apollo said he was lying and you haven’t gone to Phaedra to comfort. JUST ADMIT some of it;; DAMN.You haven’t been there calling, at least.

  • Laura

    Phaedra lacks integrity and moral character. People who lack these fundamental qualities do not make good friends. When Apollo apologized after admitting that he lied about Kendra, Phaedra at first said she owed Kendra an apology for defaming her character for 2 years. But she quickly reneged on apologizing and continued to defame Kendra. Nene openly has criticized Phaedra, denied even knowing her in the small town of Athens, said Phaedra was a “head doctor” in high school, talked about her being plain looking, called her Fakedra, questioned her lawyer skills on Sheree’s case, etc. You have been in Phaedra’s corner for the past several years, a loyal friend. Yet Phaedra now is joining forces with Nene and Porsha against YOU. She looks ready to derail your friendship like it didn’t exist! Phaedra lacks integrity and moral character. People like her don’t even know HOW to be a friend.

  • meinct

    I love Phedra, Kandi, NENE and Porsha!!!! look everyone, Apollo was never there for her, remember the family photos, he didn’t want to be there!!! He was scum to me Phedra was embarrassed shes an attorney, and her hubby was doing illegal things, how woulf you all feel?

    as for Kenya, I can’t say anything nice about her and Cinthia whose hubby is worse then all of all the woman in the world,,,hes a trouble maker, low class piece of garbage… Kandi I do not agree with your mom, but you could have done better then your hubby….and the 2 new females on the show, have no story line…

    Mr Chocolate was made up by cyntias noisy hubby, cinthia and Apollo…

  • Vanna

    You are a BAD FRIEND. If anyone is going through a public divorce while their husband is fabricating stories, their raising 2 toddlers by themselves while the husband is in prison, their reputation is being ruined then how could you possibly believe that she wAs cool. If you ever considered Phaedra a friend then you are certainly a bad friend. You claim you and Claudia are friends but you laugh the hardest while Nene makes fun of her. A friend has your back when you’re around and not around. You believe you are a friend to all but in reality you are a friend to none. You brought up the things with Nene to create a story line otherwise you don’t have one. Sharon has passed ( May God rest her soul) so you can’t use the families beefing as a story line any longer. Watch I’m certain next season will show you and Nene having problems and you and Phaedra having problems. Without someone else you’re a bore and have no storyline and that goes for you, Kenya because she’s a bore without Nene or Porsha, Claudia because she’s a bore without Nene and Porsha, and Cynthia because she is a bore without Nene.

    • Cousin Sigmund

      Vanna, you are a Bore. If Phaedra’s reputation is being ruined, then she told a lie about not being involved in her husband’s fraud case. Once she said that there were no SECRETS in her marriage with Apollo, evidently, she knew all about what her husband was doing that was wrong. However, Kandi has more love in her HEART for people than Phaedra will ever have. Kandi is holding on to her MAN. Then again, Kandi don’t take no MESS.

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