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Kandi Hosts 2nd Annual Bedroom Kandi Convention

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Over the weekend Kandi Burruss welcomed her Bedroom Kandi Consultants to Atlanta for their National Convention. Bedroom Kandi is changing lives one consultant and customer at a time.


Kandi Burruss is winning in the business arena and she is taking her business partners within the Bedroom Kandi network along for the ride.


Some cool facts about Bedroom Kandi:

Bedroom Kandi has over 1000 consultants across the country that ages range from early 20′s to late 60′s.

Bedroom Kandi’s main demographic is women but she has quite a few men who are working as consultants.

Bedroom Kandi is not your average direct sales company because consultants can connect with Kandi Burruss and have access to her network/expertise.


Bedroom Kandi is launching an affiliate program in two weeks for people who are interested in the Bedroom Kandi but might not have the money to fully invest as a consultant. The BK Affiliates are given the opportunity to sell and work towards their consultant level.

Kandi Burruss is essentially leveling the playing field meeting entrepreneurs at all levels. Bedroom Kandi is changing the game and standard in direct sales by opening doors of opportunity for everybody.


I spoke with Kandi and she excitedly told me to share that Bedroom Kandi is all about empowering their consultants to get the life they want. She shared that so many of their consultants have been able to jobs and pursue Bedroom Kandi full-time. She shared that over the weekend she had so much fun connecting with her partners and learning how to make the business a better experience.

The Bedroom Kandi Convention was truly an electric experience. The ladies that I got a chance to connect with excitedly shared their enthusiasm for BK/BC that’s Bedroom Kandi Boutique Collection a real network of brothers and sisters getting that money!

The weekend was not all business; Singer Rueben Studdard came down to MOTIVATE the ladies to sell more Bedroom Kandi. Kandi even took the stage to perform at the concert Friday night.

Learn more by visiting Bedroom Kandi Consultants.

Check out the fun we had below:

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