Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Gets Real With Phaedra

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On tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, we saw Shereé act as momager to son Kairo, as he explores a modeling career.

Porsha finally introduced her boyfriend Todd to the family and he reveals something Porsha wasn’t expecting. In the aftermath of Kenya’s argument with Matt, she calls upon her dad for fatherly advice.

Phaedra Parks calls Kandi to clear the air, but the conversation takes a turn once Kandi lays out why she’s so frustrated.

What were your thoughts on the episode? Sound off in the comments.

  • My_15_Cents

    Phaedra tells her dirt in interviews, Kandi tells it with her friends….although Kandi didn’t swing back until she heard Phaedra side remarks. Although I saw the tension almost ended with the comment Phaedra made about loving Kandi more than her husband N Kandi started laughing….wished they could have build with that… is all about forgiveness. But the deeper they out each other secrets the harder it will be to reconcile. At the end of the day they both have to work together, so they might as well find a peaceful middle ground.

    • Ava Powell

      Agree with your comments.

  • Wyona Bennett

    I love Kandi. She kept it 100, an ended it respectfully. Women need to learn they don’t have no friends. You have associates, an acquaintances. Friends are family and they are that through it all. Even when angry a true friend still will not out you. A real friend know when you are venting….IJS!

    • Beverly Barnes


    • Remeika

      Real talk

    • Kiki

      You are totally right

  • Mia Johnson

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I must say I love me some Kandi Burress cuz she keep it real and don’t put her nose up in the air at others. Kandi is a strong beautiful black woman like myself and stays on her hustle. Kandi just keep doing you and shake these haters off, sometimes you have to cut Negative people out of your life…….including family if they only pull you down!????

    • Beverly Barnes

      Amen to that!

  • frank

    Fuk a kandi fake friend phony azz!!! Pidd

    • frank

      Now ask me y???

  • Remeika

    This is the problem in a lot of friendship “groups”, talking behind our “friends” backs and when it gets back we try to justify it. Be real and talk to the “friend” you are having a problem with. Keep keeping it real Kandi. Do you! Out of all the other ladies you one of the only ones who got your stuff together. Keep it going. You set an example for many to look up to. Keep it moving!

    • Kiki

      Some of my friends will say stupid stuff to your face and expect you to still be they friend and act like they love you if they love me why you talking about me in a negative manner and then tnhey always need you and call you all the time when they want something, I’m the reliable one and family members are worse too. Then wonder why you don;t call them, get real.

      • Jaguar

        Pha Pha has been on this show long enough to know that when she is sitting down with her one on one in front of the camera, they are asking you questions to make you look stupid and throw shade at your comments at a later time. Everybody on that show knows that the producers will show footage to the person you are talking about to make you angry. Bye Felicia.
        The show is starting to make Kandi look all high and mighty because things are going her way. But reality tv has a way of bringing drama to your life to knock you off that high horse. She’ll be back with the waterworks next season. I bet Pha Pha feels like Kandi and Todd are unappreciative to her because if it wasn’t for her, there wouldn’t have been an introduction to each other, which means there wouldn’t been a future marriage and baby Ace. Yea yea I know it was just an introduction but in Pha Pha’s mind she feels you owe her a kidney or a heart if she’s involved in your happiness. Todd doesn’t appear to really be happy and in love with Kandi but just there to enjoy the money train. To me, Kandi seems so naive to the game because she’s in love with the idea of the look of love. And like Todd said at the dinner table for Matt’s birthday party with Kenya and her crew… he’s just staying in his lane and playing his Steadman/Oprah role. That’s not love. That’s being used to being in a situation. He knows he gets nothing if they divorce. And if she dies, everything will go to her mom and her kids. He better get and pay for his own million dollar life insurance policies on her life if he wants anything from Kandi… And he better get 3 or 4 mil policies at that.

        • Vonne


  • Toria

    my thoughts are I am glad Kandi is standing up for herself but she came at Phadrea about issues last season when Phadrea was talking to her about an issue that’s happening now. Like I am worried Kandi’s mom is going to start costing her money for her interfering. This whole season so far Kandi storyline has been her baby daddy and Phadrea makes it look as if she is being petty. I would have expected Kandi to kinda of check DanJaun for his joke about a bomb threat because that’s serious but she laughed along with her crew. However when something happens to Kandi the world should stop.I expected more from a person whom I admire in reference to business. I didn’t like the fact everyone thought Phadrea was looking for a pity party her husband had federal charges against him. She could. Have. Lost her career over a man whom she loved and has defended from day one but everyone is acting ad if Appolo is in jail for a traffic ticket but in fact he was takening money from the banks and people. Then you upset because the feds are at your house?? your mad at Phadrea but why not Appolo for bringing his items to your house when he knew his assets were being seized to pay back his debt?? These same feds went threw her whole house how do you explain that to your kids??? However. If the roles were turned everyone would fall out cause its happening to Kandi. Not fair no one is better than the other. Like to me Kandi and Phadrea are the only ones on the show that has something going or was relevant before the show. Also momma Joyce protects Kandi why she isn’t at Block the way she was at Todd or Phadrea?? I think she still has it out for Phadrea for getting them together.. Just hope ratings don’t. Break down 2 awesome beatuful black women over what happen 2 years ago.

    • Jaguar

      I think Block got an earful from Joyce years ago but let it go because Kandi let it go and decided to support and raise her daughter without his help. Remember, Kandi said in an interview with Bravo a few seasons back that she was not fighting over child support with him. She’ll take care of her her damn self…as she was crying on camera when she said that.

  • Heather Truett

    I love Kandi. Phaedra is just messy and if she really wanted to make things ok with Kandi, she wouldn’t be making those comments in her interview about the meet up with Kandi.

    • Kiki

      I totally agree

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  • Guest

    Phae-Phae is a big Liar!

  • David

    We all know kandi is two face as hell she has always been from day one Phaedra has not said anything about her I have had enough of kandi and her mother I love kandi as a singer but not on housewives she shouldn’t have been there in the first place she was not a wife then.

    • Vonne

      I use to feel sad for Kandi her mother need to have several seats & mind her thirsty business! Kandi act like it’s ok for her mother & fake country staff can say & lie on others with no consequences! Girl bye! They suck! In the beginning I thought Kandi was a good person! And Joyce is just a nosey busy body! Joyce need a good tongue lashing! And sit her messy bass down!

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  • Kiki

    I have fake so-called friends too I love to set straight, and I love that Kandi spoke her mind and didn’t cry a tear. Go girl you did your thang. Keep being 100.

  • Michelle

    Both parties. Grow up. Prayers and Blessings.

  • Stacey

    Friends can go through there ups and downs. It’s life. But bae, you crossed the line and u start telling by business just because you mad. That’s not being 100. Kandinsky that was fake as hell.

  • Pondra Zigler

    Kandi is FED up with Phaedra fake butt! #teamkandi?