Kandi Confronts LaTocha About Her Solo Project

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While it may seem like the ladies of Xscape were able to put their differences aside to reunite, after 18 years of being separated, there are still some kinks and unresolved issues they need to sort through, both within the group and outside of it.

In this exclusive clip from tonight’s episode of “Xscape: Still Kickin’ It,” the ladies argue over past issues instead of rehearsing.

Kandi recounts feelings of betrayal from LaTocha Scott seeming to set up her solo career in the midst of the group’s third studio project.

She tells her, “I was not finna sit up there and allow them to make us look like the muthaf*ckin Pips.”

Watch the clip below and share your thoughts. Do you think LaTocha’s solo album was the reason Xscape first broke up?

Don’t miss Xscape: Still Kickin’ It tonight at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo to see how the group got it together for their big performance.

  • bigmomma king

    Why do Latocha think she is “All that” if you such a great singer, what happened? Why haven’t you been recording? Sit down! Please! You act like a mean girl!

  • Sheila Biricik

    What gets me about the entire situation is this: Kandi is the one that has made a professional name for herself, Kandi is the one with the grammy award(s), Kandi has discovered, produced & managed new musical talent. The other ladies (as talented as they are) really need to 1) provide Kandi with the respect she deserves 2) accept the constructive criticism she is able to offer 3) take some direction in regards to the financial end of the process. Its obvious, Kandi knows her stuff!

    • shavonne davis

      I agree while they was on break kandi was still in the industry one way or another so to me she has the most experience at this point in time….#teamkandi…..#teamxscape

  • Antoinette

    Xscape need to know that when the group had split up a lot of fans including myself hearts were broken. Now its exciting to see xscape are getting back together,but leave the pass behind. To me it dosent matter now what had happened in the pass but what does matters now is that the group are together again. Share love and trust in the group and become one family again. Don’t make the pass intervene the future but use it to become stronger.
    Lots of love AH.

    • Brenda Budd

      Ehh…used to like them. I only like Kandi now, and am definitely not interested in seeing them rehash 20 year old dysfunctional relationships. Follow the star, the ashes can settle.

  • Brenda Budd

    Awwww HELL NAH 😂!
    These heffa’s really think they matter in 2017?!
    If it wasn’t for Kandi’s RHOA success, ain’t nobody would’ve wondered what happened to those 2 heffa’s…oops, I mean sisters!
    Kandi needs to realize ain’t nobody really interested in Xscape as much as they are HER, the magic behind the group, plus she WAS the eye candy for the group, still is!

    The rest, they are riding her coattails truly, and need to go back to their couch & Ho-Ho’s, Ding-Dongs, kool-aid & chips.
    Bye 👋