Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Clears The Air

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Kandi Burruss paid the Big Tigger Show a visit to set the record straight on recent statements made by Chuck Smith on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Watch below.


  • karen

    And this is the man Mama Joyce liked. SMH

    • retta

      mama joyce saw that dude coins that’s all

  • siberian


  • Nurse_Diva

    This dude (Chuck) looked like a freaking CLOWN, and I think it was to pacify an insecure wife at the crib!! That was SO unattractive!!!!!

    • Angel Firststreet Campbell

      yeah she was pissed

    • Loretta Browner

      You are so

  • Kishori Love

    She upset she was part of the team…. like ppl don’t lie!!! Come on gurl!!! He just liked u a lil bit more than the others.

    • bsbfankaren

      And after all the BS he spewed, who knows if he ain’t still WITH the other’s!

      • Gateway Comm Supp

        From the impression he gave he is.

  • sullygrl03

    I’m confused… you’re not going to tell that many lies on me or about me & my only comment is I’m over that. I’m really not feeling how Kandi & Phadera just let this nobody disrespect them!

    • Gateway Comm Supp

      You just said it. Nobody’s get replied to. That’s what this man desires from all of these women.

    • bsbfankaren

      I am. They allowed him to dig is own grave. They behaved with grace and dignity, while he showed the world he’s a legend in his own mind!

  • Tracey Hines-Whaley

    Chuck was wrong for what he said last night I wanted to beat him up for the statement he made and the way he was taking to NeNe about how he just smashed you and you never dated he was wrong

    • bsbfankaren

      Nene set all this up to get back at Phaedra over what she supposedly said to Nene’s sister’s she doesn’t really have any thing to do with. What Phaedra did or didn’t do was completely off camera. Nene prefers to get her thirsty friends to do her dirty work ON camera.

  • Tracey Hines-Whaley

    Me I think that you and Todd are a lovely couple and I think that Mama Joyce should be happy for you because if you look at this Jerk Chuck the Duck man I hate to think what life with him would be like.

  • Rita Walker


  • Gateway Comm Supp

    The most distasteful thing is that we have women who would agree with a man disrespecting women in such a manner. Just like his wife you will settle for anything. Chuck had no right to confront Phaedra with he and his wife’s lies in this manner. And to think he used the Boys and Girls Club to railroad her and his so called friend into this mess. I definitely would not want him mentoring my son or daughter with those kind of views. He called his self the big hommie, and really he’s a little boy who kisses and tells. He’s lucky Phaedra has a calmer husband than I. My husband said this man would have regretted ever treating his wife in such a manner, after Phaedra clearly stated to his wife she had nothing but respect for their marriage. The Smiths are some real cowards. To bad the children who have been allowed to be around this you know what, will see his behavior discussed every where. Parents remember everyone can’t be trusted with your children, even if they have made a couple of dollars. God Bless.

    • Neece

      I really hope some of the parents of the kids at that particular Boys and Girls Club watch Real Housewives of Atlanta and saw this buffoonery. It’s a shame that Chuck Smith is what they have to look up to as a mentor. What a disgusting creep!

    • Loretta Browner

      100 %. Correct! Shady Nene!

  • lollypop and

    Why worry about the past with this Chuck, u got a good looking big head Todd, Chuck is a thing in the past let him stay there.

    • Osama Big Johnson

      But Phedra and Khandi weren’t the ones who brought it up!! HE DID!! With the shit he told his wife!!

  • Gia Barroyo

    It was too funny

    • Don’t Get Me Started . . .

      NeNe is as dirty as ever, she knows she should have put her good friend “big hommie” in check. I guess she watched the segment and saw how rachet she looked and decide to back track during the talking points segment. How foolish did “big hommie and mrs. big hommie” look getting upset and disrespecting Phaedra and Kandi over some 8th grade and young adult dating that was over what 20 years ago, please . . . Obviously, Phaedra and Kandi didn’t fall for that “young black millionaire’s” swag because they have gone on to be very successful independent women, unlike mrs. hommie who fell for the okie doke. She will be crying on their shoulders soon, ask Porscha !!

  • stopit5

    he kept it real tho. face it, you were a part of the team. Dudes do it every day, much worse a pro athlete. he made her feel special because thats what it took to get the panties. He had multiple women and she was just one of them. why they sound mad? he said he lied to her, doesnt make her a fool just a woman who was lied to. and Phaedra sounded stupid “we dated.” when he asked where they went on a date to all she could say is she went to some of his games. lmao, not a trip not even dinner and a movie. she sat in the stands with her friend and then met him at the telly later smh. as crude as he may have sounded, it came across brutally honest

    • bsbfankaren

      You do get that in high school and college, this guy was not in fact a pro athlete…right? LOL! A real man doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone. If they say they dated him, fine they did. Why should it matter to him at all at this point in his life? Oh, yeah. It matters because he’s now a nobody looking to become a somebody at these women’s expense. As someone else already said, it is disgusting to see a woman agreeing with any man treating a woman in the manner this fool did last night. It’s doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if he would trash Phaedra and Kandi years after they had relations, he will do the same to his current wife the minute she becomes his ex!

  • Harriet Webster


  • Miss E

    Chuck is a butthole! Him and his wife should have stayed in their place. Chuck was actually acting like a queen, to me.

  • Ang

    Chuck this clown is a non motherfin factor, obiviously him and his suck a– wife need money that’s why they tryin to bring some old as dirt crap to try to discredit the 2 highest paid entrepreneurs on the show and nene did setup this bull crap to try to make Phaedra look bad but the point is: only job nene got now is this show. kandi opened yet another shop in Vegas, starting her own play and Phaedra bout to get paid once she finishes school. I would not waste two penny’s on a classless bastard like chucky and his bride of frankensteins !!!!! And Phaedra thank u for telling it like it is cause nene said she didn’t know u but keep talkin bout what they called u in school, lieing heffer

  • cleo

    Chuck Smith is the ultimate fool, what difference does it make what happened 15-20 years ago, he is the the fool that is a nobody cause Kandi can buy and sell him
    I hate when men think to make themselves look good they have to trash a woman,Phaedra and Kandi are sucessful women in their own right,he is a wanna be old ex player,trying to get another 15 min of fame.He is a used up player and his wife is very insecure if she has to worry about what he did before he met her.

  • SexiLexi

    Why did he even speak on (you) Kandi and (you)she wasn’t there to defend herself?? Shows he was all da way FAKE & WHACK! He just mad cuz Phaedra n Kandi is successful n he’s re(TIRED)

    • Stephanie Keita

      U saw the ‘Culprit’ who stirred the pot sitting in front seat actin all innocent.It was a set-up.’Chuck coward move he didn’t wanna bring ‘kANDI,he use ‘Phaedra scapecoat.He knew ‘kANDI would bust loose on his tired ‘A** on his page he don’t mention a word He hiding bc ‘Apollo gonna pop his behind clowning his wife.

  • tbaby

    chuckis a none mutha fucking factor bitch his tied ass wash up football wanna be player how you gone try to play kandi and Phaedra like that somebody need to whop his ass forlying on tv like that he sho was paying kandi credit card bills and giving mama joyce expensve purses so whats t boo……

  • TRsweetascanbe Milligan-Newton

    First of all…chuck who? And his lame ass wife…Phaedra and Kandi are true ladies and that nobody trying to build up his image he was a nobody then and he’s a nobody now…You blessed and beautiful ladies will always be the epitome of class and grace

  • Berenda

    Chuck is an ass. Chuck lied to his wife about the seriousness of both of these relationships. FYI: Chuck you got caught in the lies you told your wife, man up & own it instead of trying to minimize the relationships & make these ladies look bad.

  • Nitisha White

    Chucks wife is just a bunch of stupids all in one.

  • Gail

    Nene was wrong for bring the whole thing up in front of his wife. We talking about Chuck and his wife but what about Nene and her motives. I like Nene but that was wrong as a friend on so many counts.