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Kandi Burruss Teases The Not-So-Boring Atlanta Reunion

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Believe it or not, but Kandi Burruss had some doubts that things would get firey when the crew gathered to film The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 8 reunion. But, as the day went on, those quickly subsided.

“Going into this reunion, I thought it was going to be boring. I really did,” she told Bravo. “I didn’t think that Phaedra was going to deal with the issues. So I didn’t really think there was going to be that much debate between she and I and Todd. And I also didn’t think that Kim Fields was going to be aggressive.

So I thought this reunion was going to be boring, initially. Until the day of and then I left there thinking, ‘Wow this is going to be a great reunion.'”

Given just how much drama has gone down this season, we’re hardly surprised to learn that the shade did hit the fan once the ladies got in the room together. So what were some of the biggest moments of the season, according to Kandi?

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  • Tamra Berry

    Kandi is looking great!

    • Princess P.

      Yes, she is.

  • Princess P.

    All of them are beautiful woman. Drama pays!!

  • Betty Roper

    Kandi is full of shit!!!

    • Dje234

      Why is she full of shit?

      • Monique

        Because tells the truth and keeps 100…people don’t like that.

        • Betty Roper

          What is keeping it 100? Maybe keeping it 50/50,

      • Betty Roper

        because she and Todd can talk to everyone about Phaedra and that money Phaedra owed them…but as soon as she hear Phaedra was having a private conversation with her friends then Kandi gets outraged. Furthermore Kandi should have had a conversation with Phaedra about it instead of taking that nosey ass DonJuan’s rendition of it…because he blew it all out of portion and threw some lies with it. They were having a private conversation and DonJaun was snooping because he saw them together talking. When someone talks about her man wow…but she talks about other people’s man. It was talking with Kenya about Kim when they were going to Kim’s Beats party. If she was so true to things why didn’t she shut Kenya down. She had Apollo things in her garage and woman to woman she did not tell Phaedra’s omg..that’s why I say she is full of shit. I am pretty sure if the shoe was on the other foot..Kandi would have been outraged. Kandi has done a lot of underhand shady shit…but according to her she is the truth and nothing but the truth.

  • Tasha Wooten

    Two Snap’s n a twist

  • Tasha Wooten

    Kandi is right. Phadra always been full of shit

    • Gee Scott

      Gurrell u gots the dirt…alll true…

  • 504Shorty

    I love Phaedra

  • Monique

    That’s right Kandi…a lie is a lie is a lie no matter how you spin it…and truth is truth…Porcha’s dumb ass needs to go somewhere with that BS line of “everybody has their own truth.”

  • MJ

    Kandi momma talk about Todd and his family especially his mother and none of it was true.
    She didn’t turn up at her momma, didn’t even ask her to apologize. But quick to snap at everyone else who blinks at Todd. If it wasn’t for Phedra she wouldn’t even know Todd. No words for DonJuan, he gossips and snaps more than the ladies. He’s Peter Jr. when it comes to the housewives.

    • Patricia

      You are so right MJ….Kandi beginning to take on ways like her associates. I seen her as the cool and calmness of the trouble waters. I hope she don’t allow this show to change her to a person that likes drama….

    • Jacob Sells

      Let’s be clear! Turning up on your mama and a bitch you don’t owe shit too are two different things and I think it’s silly to expect her to chk the woman who gave her life with the same respects as her mother…….here’s a seat for u to sit in ?

      • Jacob Sells

        ***same respects as phaedra**** excuse me

  • solo white

    yeah kandi let them know how u handle it

  • lahla s

    This is going to be good. Phae paid right before & shoulda known Kandi was going to tell all of it. The look on Cynthia’s face when Kandi checked Phae says she knew the bs was coming from Phae in a matter of seconds.

  • joey

    yes they say drama pays, but kim fields still does not belong in that environment,
    its sad. black women are really too much on her, jokes and are cool, but tonight it has reached another level. kim does not know how to READ! anyone are you kidding me,,, Bravo you can find someone else other then kim fields.

  • Nthabiseng

    In Africa we have ‘night schools’ to educate those who bunked school when they were young. Please send Porsha to South Africa to get that education.