Kandi Burruss Shares Xscape’s First Ever Televised Performance

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Kandi Burruss recently took to Instagram to share the first time Xscape was ever on TV!

They performed on the show “Teen Summit” on BET singing a cover of En Vogue’s “Hold On.” This was before they had a record deal, and when Kandi’s best friend Tamera was in the group giving them 5 members.

Kandi recalled, “I was 15. That’s me in the purple, holding down the bottom note.”

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This is definitely a throwback to remember! And if you haven’t purchased tickets to Essence Fest to see Xscape’s much anticipated reunion performance, or their just announced show in Detroit…It’s gonna be LIT!!!!

  • Tangier McGowan

    So what happened to the other woman in this group

    • Ruhsaan Jones

      She got voted out of the group…I heard about it on Unsung.

      • Cher

        That proved to be a mistake cause her career got further than the rest of them…not so

        • Wicked Bitch

          Well, you should watch unsung for yourself….

  • Judith Lewis

    Jermiah Dupree said they did not need her when he took over the group.

  • Monique

    Kandi’s voice never blends well with the others….I always hear her over everyone else.

    • Linda Northern- Mayer

      But that’s the beauty of it, hearing her over them, it’s a reason for that while we may not know why. But God does! That’s what makes them very unique and US! asking for more of them God makes no mistakes!

      • Monique

        Um…that has nothing to do with God. You should blend well with others when harmonizing. They aren’t blending well

      • OP2

        Has nothing to do with God. Some folks who are less informed or lack insight might resort to explaining something away as God’s doing or give a superstitious view. -otherwise, how do you explain some of the most heinous criminals being able to sing rather in prison or lurking in the community? You really think that they are so special that God is on their side? Millions & millions of people have the gift to dance and/or sing. That is one gift that will forever be plentiful.

        It’s almost like saying thank God for the devil (the so-called lesser god or fallen angel of music).

    • Shar Yvette

      Lmao, I thought I was the only one

  • Best Celebrity News

    Where’s Kandi? What color pants? ?

    • Ivy

      Kandi has on the purple pants

    • Me


  • American Lady

    i luv this version and have watched it many times over the years!!!