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Kandi Burruss Shares Her Thoughts On Porsha Williams’ Apology

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In her exclusive interview with Bravo, Kandi reveals why she wasn’t in a place to accept Porsha’s apology, thoughts on Kenya’s marriage, the wine tasting & more.

Bravo: Did you ever get that pizza after having to miss dinner?
Kandi Burruss: No.

Bravo: What did you think of Porsha’s apology?
Honestly I wasn’t in a place to receive it. I feel like the timing of it was weird, because we were leaving the “wedding.” But even if we weren’t, I just don’t think I wanted to hear anything from her at that time.

Bravo: What did you think about Kenya’s comments about her husband?
I think her marriage is new and like most women you want to please your man, especially in the beginning of the relationship. So she’s going to do what she needs to do to keep him happy.

Bravo: Did you enjoy the wine tour and tasting with Jean-Charles?
Yes! I thought it was great, and I would recommend people trying it.

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  • Rentorbuy Realestateoffice

    Kandi, Porsha is very naive even for her age. She TOTALLY believed Phaedra because of her position as a lawyer and a prior friend of yours. I don’t think you should hold grudges against Porsha- she apologized, and that’s all she can do. God forgives us for EVERYTHING- who are we to not forgive others. Not the love of God. Life is too precious. Kim stole your money and it took a minute for you to forgive her, but you did. Go and do likewise to Porsha. She deserves a 2nd chance.

  • Sharon Bennett

    Sherree has alot of growing up to do

  • Toi Toi84

    Funny how everyone is so quick to tell someone else what THEY need to do in these kind of situations, knowing good and well if they were in the same position there would be hell to pay lolol. We see what’s shown to us on TV, we don’t know the half of what’s been said and done OFF CAMERA as well, and we definitely have no place to tell someone what to let go of, or when and how to do it! The main ones bumping their gums have probably physically fought folks for less 👊…😂 smh.

    • Lady


  • Acy Yapi

    Look Kandi, that is a child you are dealing with. Come on she had no clue on the underground railroad. She has not have real adult life lessons. She is like a 12 yr old in so many ways. She is gullible and easy to manipulate. She needs some help her grow up and open her eyes. BUT that dont have to be you…let someone take on that crisis of a mess. Mrs. Parks new she could get her to do all the dirty work and with out effort. You do you and worry about your family and the roots that hold you up.

  • Tif Young

    Happy 2nd birthday Ace