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Kandi Burruss Responds To RHOA’s Phaedra Parks’ Lies

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“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss isn’t ruling out taking legal action against Phaedra Parks for spreading a date rape rumor about her and her husband.


An unsubstantiated rumor had been floating around “RHOA” that claimed Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, wanted to drug cast member Porsha Williams and take advantage of her sexually. However, during a “Housewives” reunion show, Phaedra confessed to being the source of the rumor, but maintained that she only repeated what she had heard.

But we may not have seen the last of this ongoing saga, as Phaedra could find herself in court.

During an interview with The Ryan Cameron Morning Show, Kandi was asked if she plans to sue Phaedra.

“Uh yeah, I have thought about it,” she said. “I have to talk to my attorneys and see. The damage has definitely been done. They told me I should sue Porsha at first. When it came out at the reunion that Porsha got the information from Phaedra, I was like, you know what, let’s just hold up until you guys get to see the whole thing and I’ll get their opinion on how they think I should handle it and go from there.”

She added that “lawsuits are stressful,” so she may just let it be.

Still, because of the rumor, she said her reputation has been damaged.

“Even if somebody said they don’t necessarily believe it, there’s still the stigma of ‘Don’t put your drink down around her,'” she said.

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  • Alexis Msbadazz Steele

    OK so u don’t understand that porsha was really hurt an that this fool threw her under the bus but we as women are silly b grown she apologize several times an she told Phaedra that omg grow up

    • Simone Shakur

      Kandi go ahead and Sue her isn’t. That called. Deformation of. Character. Correct me if. I’m wrong ty

      • Jenny McCready

        You’re correct I just watched Kandi on a radio talk show and she mentioned it

        • Jerri Gallagher

          I like both Kandi and Phaedra and miss their friendship. I do not think that Kandi should sue her over hear say. I believe Phaedra felt some type of way when she found out that Kandi and Todd was storing some of Apollo’s things in their garage.

          I feel that Kandi should have told her about it before someone else did, by them being friends. Phaedra should have talk to Kandi more sincerely about that, anyway I wish that they can find a way to rekindle their friendship, but I think it is too far gone. I am sad to hear that Phaedra was fired from RHOA. I wish nothing but the best for both ladies.

          • Jenny McCready

            I agree with u kinda sorta. I think Kandi did mention to Phaedra that Apollo had his bikes over her house but didn’t think it was a big deal. That was between he and Todd. That was during the time e when Kandi thought Phaedra called the Feds. Even if Kandi didn’t mention it to PP that is nothing compared to what she did to Kandi. Phaedra has always lied. She lied about when her first son was due. I don’t care for Porsha. She literally thought the Underground Railroad was just that. However comma it’s my opinion that Phaedra used Porsha do her dirty work. I believe in Katma and it’s now biting Phake Phaedra in her bubble butt.

          • Lizzie Mc Duffie Hickman

            Kandi was trying to keep her peach, if you are a true friend she should have told Phaedra about her husband stuff. Todd and Kandi was guilty the reason why they was sure Phaedra call the fed.

          • Jenny McCready

            if my husband and my friends husband were friends and he asked to keep something at our house, #1 I’d assume his wife would already know, #2 I wouldn’t mention either because of #1.

      • Shay will

        Yes and slander also. I would say defamation of character and slander with MALICIOUS intent!!

      • Wendy L Turner


        • Wendy L Turner

          Not DEFORMED

    • Idilla Overton Smith

      agree with you

  • Jenny McCready

    Kandi, I know you wont read this but I knew from the get go, that skanky ass POS Phaedra was behind it. The looks she would give on the show was a tell all. PP is truly fake. Damn when she was pregnant with her first child, she couldn’t give ya’ll a due date. Porsha, I’ve never liked her, BUT, I do believe Phaedra used her and if my BFF were telling me things I’d believe her, so I get it. She’d need to prove herself before I’d trust her again. I’d be suing the hell out of Phaedra.

    • Katharine Uwishucouldworkitlik

      Best believe? Don’t let that Shit fly? Cause it leaves a gap open for anyone to come out and say whatever about you or your family?

      • Qsera

        You are so very right

      • Idilla Overton Smith


  • Katharine Uwishucouldworkitlik

    Phaedra needs to be taught a lesson about talking stuff about people? If that was her she would be trying to literally break your bank? She literally hates Kandi because of who she is a Black Successful Woman?

  • Deltagirl

    Sue Phaedra….really? Kandi please. Phaedra didn’t deform your character….you did. Phaedra allegedly told Porsha and Porsha asked you on National TV and you told everyone else. Give me a break. Do you forget that you and Porsha had your little kissing thingy and then some proposition was made and you and Todd claim that it was Porsha that was the agressor? This is a bunch of hear say bs. Please girl let it go. You deformed your own character. #getoveryourselfplease #stopbeingoverlydramatic #seekingattentionmuch

    • Qsera

      Deform??? I cant take it!!!

      • Keisha Thompson

        Lol… i was reading that and said the same thing and then her facts not straight

    • Idilla Overton Smith

      yeah kandi did tell the girls and everyone else on national tv about sex dungion and what porsha had said about druging her and raping her she spreaded the news how soon we forget

    • Lizzie Mc Duffie Hickman

      Kandi did not want to accept Porsha apologize, kandi was trying to play it like she was so hurt l do not believe she was that hurt. They all lie on RHOA, Phaedra was wrong about what she said but she did not have to get fried over it, what about Kandi mother was acting like a detective in Phaedra divorce that was so wrong, also she lie on Todd mother as well, and Kandi best girlfriend about she was liking Todd when Kandi was dating him.

  • Daisy

    Keep On Being Real Kandi…..What Hurts Is Truth…Stay Strong….With Love

  • Ursala Campbell

    I really really hope Kandi sue’s Phaedra, I really hope she do. Do not let this go, she deserves to be reprimanded. If it was the other way around, she “Phaedra” would take every legal action against you.

  • Justice4TrayvonMartn

    Ppl keep defending Phaedra and saying Kandi brought it on herself. My question is how did Kandi bring it on yourself? When Phaedra was getting divorced, Kandi was getting married and working on getting knocked up. Kandi has a life too, and she said she reached out to Phaedra and Phaedra never returned her call. Plus we could all see that Apollo and Phaedra weren’t happy with each other the prior two seasons. If she already moved on, why should Kandi call her daily?? Phaedra admitted she was talking to someone else. Kandi only brought up “Mr.Chocolate” because Phaedra was going around Atlanta telling ppl not to do business her off camera. Like what was Kandi supposed to do? Not fight back?

    And Kandi SHOULD NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT HER MOM DOES. I don’t know any children, that can tell their parents what to do. Just saying. I mean that’s like a child with a crackhead for a parent who steals and rob folks to support her habit. Should the child have to pay for what the parent did?

    Anyway team Kandi because I can see what happened and I’m not a hater. I did like Phaedra and Porsha but idk now. Like I knew Phaedra was shady and fake, but it just wasn’t like this. Like lying about her pregnancy and lying about talking shit on Cynthia etc. And I keep trying to give Porsha a pass but can’t seem to get there lol.

  • Latonja hinton

    Kandi love you no matter what,phaedra needs to be sued because if the shoes were on the other foot,she would sue you…

    • AngelGot ItTogether Rose

      Yes she would so If I was Kandi I will sue the shit out of Fake Phaedra and dumb ass Porsha

  • Ms. Real!1

    Kandi needs to market some shirts that say,

  • Sabrina Wright

    Kandi I love you girl you really keep it real. You make me proud to be a black woman….thank you

  • Teia Carrington

    Kandi serve her those papers…anyone who stoops that low to destroy someone because they in they feelings …baby please she dirty and run yo mama called it..Hell I have been seeing comments and I been going off..I normally don’t comment because it’s the internet..but for some of these people and they comments …lawd it pissed me off..What about your kids? I mean this world is cruel enough and people will target..I really wonder is her ex doing her time..boy that lady …smh I can’t STAND A LIAR ..YOU SHOULD HAVE SRAGGES HER FROM ONE END OF PEACH TREE TO THE NEXT…GOD BLESS YOU AND FLY ABOVE THE DRAMA…

  • Lavoshia

    Yep she need to be sued cuz she wouldn’t hesitate to sue you.. that shit not cool I can’t believe she would go so low

  • LifeonMars Rochon

    Kandi, got your back. You are a very respectable woman.

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    but her mother lied too and defamed todd mother and father

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    her mother said it was word on the street

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    you are so cold-hearted if you can’t see porsha was hurting so sad

  • Idilla Overton Smith

    no body hating on your mom she is wrong with her… word on the street – when she knows thats her telling those lies

  • Charnell Cassette

    Hey Kandi, I can sum up your question in one word. However, you are definitely going to have to hook me up after this one. You asked what her (Phaedra) motivation was for “all” of her indiscretions, hatred or discontent. In short, she suffers from the textbook definition of “SOCIOPOTHY”! In fact she will not, nor cannot feel any sympathy for the harm she placed on her friends, clients or family members. Research it for yourself. You’re Welcome.

  • Maybe Lainie

    We know what your next slammin hit single is going to be about. Now is the perfect time to sing Envogue’s “LIES”, because we know that is certainly APPROPRIATE​😊.
    Keep your head up Kandi, and always continue to keep things💯.

  • Jennifer

    more bad karma coming fakedra’s way…for a educated women, she really doesn’t understand the basics of human decency..she is clueless, insecure women are the worst!

  • Sonii Nesmith

    Thank you Phaedra for the entertainment , Show storylines was dead

  • lisah higgins

    Absolutely LOVE that she did this radio cast! to bad that there is NOT a way to spread it as Phaedra & Poorsha spread their lies. I I truly Hope that Kandi does sue both Frick & frack freaks if possible for no other reason then to SET & PROVE an example of them, that such disgustingness have serious repercussions! people make slanderous accusations of celebrities all the time( Michael Jackson) and destroy careers families reputations. Its almost necessary that she is FORCED to sue to cleanse her name & brand completely!
    the horrible accusation as it will still carry on with some ignorant people and suing would eliminate & bring complete justice to her name. PLEASE PLEASE I hope she understands that, but truly if the roles were reversed WE all know phaedra and porsha would definitely sue her

  • Val Valencia Totts


  • aseasonforreason

    Any left in Phaedra’s camp at this point officially qualify as the mean girls. And, by mean girls I mean the narcissistic and antisocial, the sociopaths, the cruelly selfish and the exceedingly greedy.

    • Thomasina Burns

      Hi Kandi you know what you have to do fuck what you heard fake ass need to be done with her career and more she didn’t care about you or yours I am in DC the only reason I look at it because of you if you need me just call I will be there bitches can’t live with them can’t kill them

  • Vicky

    Sue her! #Letsbeclear that she would sue you for real! Teach her behind a lesson. That’s wrong and #Letsbeclear your name is tarnished!

    • Verna Jessie

      What lesson would that teach her outside of taking money from her children, She is already got a man trying to take her money, so don’t you think she isn’t paying for that situation she has lost her job as well, i mean what else you want? I hope Kandi does not listen to you, because Kandi has so many things positive that she has going on then to play with this garbage.#Getthetrashoutofthemind #Gettheheadpostive

  • Nadine King

    It is really sad that Phaedra was the one behind feeding Porsha all the lies about Kandi and Todd. Being vindictive is evil. Phaedra can now look herself in the mirror when the next season began and know why she is not there. Ms O say when someone shows you who they are believe them. Phaedra is nothing but a liar and she will have to live with that. Don’t sue unless you have really lost something that can not be replaced. By being successful as you have always been is a good revenge. People now know the truth and her as a vindictive liar she will never be looked at the same way again.

  • Kay

    Hi everyone, let’s recap the reunion when Kandi states to Porsha “quote” YOU SHOULD KNOW ME PORSHA, y’all know I do not do drugs. End quote. Porsha knows Kandi very well. kandi has done a lot for Porsha. Porsha need Kandi and then turned on her after Kandi contributed to Porsha success. All I’m saying Porsha knew for better she too had an vendetta against Kandi. It’s clear, Kandi is rich and their money is not long enough and they; Porsha and definitely Phaedra have been hating on Kandi’s personality and her success. Those were crocs tears, Porsha had an awakening, and blamed it all on Phaedra because her career is on the line along with Phaedra scandals. Porsha is so easily to be lead she got caught up in the devils den.

    • Verna Jessie

      Stuff that comment , you are just as bad as the women you are talking about,I will admit they have their issue , but you as another woman saying that they were jealous of Kandi because of her money, is like you saying that is all she has to offer, therefore you are putting her down yourself. All of them have their own paths that they have taken for their life, and it was not what Kandi is into so it is not like they do not have any money so stop putting your sisters down. That is not what their problems were.