Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Isn’t Holding Back Anymore

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The first RHOA of the new year is not one to miss!

The juicy details surrounding Kandi and Phaedra’s disastrous lunch begin to spread like wildfire, leaving Porsha on a mission to defend Phaedra from the allegations.

When Porsha and Shereé decide to confront Kandi about the drama, everyone is left speechless when new accusations are brought to the table.

Meanwhile, Cynthia looks to get a different type of makeover, while her daughter Noelle and soon-to-be-ex Peter share a tearful reunion. Kandi celebrates her daughter Riley’s 14th birthday as Shereé deals with the cost of having expensive taste and Porsha takes an unusual exercise class to help spice up her new relationship.

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  • Charmaine McCary

    I’m over this Phadrea and Kandi mess… Every since Kandi got married she changed! Of course as friends you going to go through things but damn ya was girls. Sheree is to messy!!!!

  • Lakeisha

    If I was one of kandi friends I would not ever trust her with my business because if mad day comes she will spill all the tea.. you don’t do that.. She is so wrong..

    • Felicia

      I agree

      • Nicole Hollis

        I disagree Phaedra started sneak dissing after Todd asked her about the $ she owe him after that the shade started getting throwed Kandi was good to Phaedra if u ask me Phaedra isn’t anybody’s friend she selfish

    • Candace

      I absolutely agree….she will tell all your business….I can’t deal with Kandi or none of her crew….especially her moma….

    • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

      Yes she is very wrong. She was the one who sat on one of the reunion shows explaining “mad day”, but now it’s okay for her to do it now!? It’s just simply wrong!

  • Felicia

    It seems that Kandi is so cold when it comes to Phadrea and that’s her choice. However, it seems like it’s only because Phadrea spoke on Todd and I get it, I’m married as well and I love my husband. But, it’s not good to be so cold to your friends just because you’re in a certain place in life and she’s not. God has his way of humbling you and you may need her again. It also seems like the fact that they were extremely close doesn’t matter anymore. I love you Kandi but you’re wrong with this one. Clearly you’re becoming your mom.

    • Nicole Hollis

      That’s a good thing she becoming her mom mother’s knows best Phaedra isn’t nobodies friend she fake n the whole beef started because Phaedra didn’t want to pay Kandi’s husband so with that being said I’ll be mad at that fake sanctified hoe too Phaedra just not right watch her n Porsha end up falling out Phaedra is team Phaedra she selfish she is not nobody’s friend

      • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

        This is the problem. Too many people are not thinking about when their relationship took it’s first hit. This started because Kandi was sooo upset that Phaedra was crying about their friendship when she was talking to Nene. As Kandi said, “I can’t believe you went to freakin Nene crying about our relationship.” That’s not what happened. Nene went to Phaedras house to check on her and she asked her if Kandi had been around for her. The thing is also, when your “friend” is feeling so strongly about the fact that it is her belief that you should be taking “your” children to prison and is “crying” about the situation with her cousin and his father, why or how can you go back or continue to talk to someone like that?? Giving your opinion is one thing, but basically telling someone what they need to do with their own children is another. I know Kandi would not have appreciated that!

        • KeshaH

          I agree!!..I don’t care what Kandi say when you stop being friends with someone you don’t go spreading the business that was told in confidence..She say Phaedra is full of s*** but I feel Kandi is too..She talked about NeNe and Cynthia but NeNe proved to be a better friend to Cynthia then she is in that aspect..If you Kandi friend beware when the friendship is done!!!..

          • Nae

            That part

          • Denise Wilson

            Kandi did Phaedra right because two Sunday ago when Kandi did the food tasting for her restaurant and in the interview Phaedra made the comment about that wasn’t her one night stand she was wrong for that. Phaedra ain’t shit she always talking about fix Jesus somebody need to fix her

          • Marilyn

            I like the old kandi , this mean girl is not attractive,

  • Adrina Stribling

    I understand what kandi is talking about. Kandi let a lot of shit go when it came to phadrea. Phadrea should have came to her when and if she had a problem in their friendship at first instead of saying everything was kool but then going behind kandi back and saying how bad of a friend she was to her. If they were friends phadrea should have came to kandi and said I wish you were around more or whatever. Then it escalated from there. Kandi was a good friend to phadrea. She was going through her own shit as well and phadrea wasn’t around either. It was just a friendship that went sour and that’s, that. Plus I’m the same way. I’m going to respect you until you disrespect me then it’s over. I would be cold as ice to you. Keep my family and my name out your mouth and we will be fine. We can coexist. Otherwise imma do you like you do me. It’s fine when other people do it but when kandi start putting the real out there everybody get mad with her. Whatever. Keep it real Kandi!!!

    • mums_da_word

      Phaedra threw shade all over the place and Kandi was well within her rights to check her ass! I’m just waiting for her to pour out all Phaedra’s tea!

      • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

        Checking someone is one thing, and going all mad day on someone who use to be your good friend is another. As far as Porscha talking to Kandi was not about her checking her on a conversation they had, but putting out information that’s supposed to be personal, things that Kandi knows should not have been repeated.

        • mums_da_word

          Y’all heard Kandi say she held back all these years exposing Phaedra for being fake. She’s self-centered and bougie and used her husband and friend for her convenience. Peter was right about her acting like she didn’t know what Apollo was doing to bring all that money in. If you go back to prior seasons, you’ll see she used to “manage” male strippers and Mr. chocolate was one of them.

          Now, I have to go back to my own life and recommend y’all do the same instead of fighting somebody else’s battles.

          I’m done and that’s my 2 cents!

          • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

            It doesn’t matter if she says she held back. If she wanted to “tell Phaedra about herself” she could have done that when the camaras were not rolling! Going all “mad day” on national television was as low as you can get. If I had a close friend that I thought was so shady, then she wouldn’t be my “close” friend, I know how to back away from the drama! Noone needs a friend or ex friend like Kandi. This tick for tack shit is so elementary school. She needs to get over it. As spectacular as Kandi think her life is, she should be thanking Phaedra to the heavens, because if it had not been for Phaedra introducing them, there would be no Kandi and Todd with Ace and all of her glorious happiness!!

          • mums_da_word

            I’m with Kandi. Case closed!

          • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

            Your opinion does not matter to me. You can be with whomever you want to be. People who are wrong for the things that they do, will always have someone behind them still being their cheerleader no matter what the issue is…. even murder. Sad.

          • mums_da_word

            You opinion doesn’t matter to me either. It’s obvious you’re watching too much of RHOA and applying someone else’s life as if it’s your reality.

            With that being said, I’ve dropped the mic and walked out this petty conversation..

          • mums_da_word

            Why should Kandi hold back? Porscha and Phaedra didn’t because its reality TV, remember?

          • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

            The only thing I need to remember is the same person that had the audacity to try and put Nene in her place during the reunion show, about going all “mad day” on someone was so wrong, but when she did it to Phaedra it was okay!! She’s just making herself look like the spiteful person she’s always been, but people failed to see before. If you “really” watch a person you can see what they’re actually about. For me it’s easy to see through all of the messiness that goes over others heads.

        • mums_da_word

          Phaedra is the queen of shade with all of her side comments! I can’t wait till the reunion so they can all see her true colors

          • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

            Since Phaedra is the queen of shade, you don’t have to wait for a reunion, just tune in weekly and watch the show. It’s where you will see Phaedras, Kandi’s and everyone else’s true colors, but you have to be actually able to comprehend what you’re watching, and not the sugar coated colors!

  • nehru2009 .

    Team Kandi all day long. Kandi been silent and being a good friend to Phaedra. Phaedra was on some super shady spells and Kandi is over it. Speak the truth Kandi…speak the truth. How you gone get mad over the truth. LOL.

    • Nicole Hollis


    • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

      That’s just messy. It’s not about her speaking the truth, that’s just about you wanting to hear about things that are noones business.

  • Dionne

    Kandi has not spoke bad of Phadrea… Kandi has consistently said come to me if you have a problem. Phadrea throws jabs at Kandi, Todd and family all the time and Kandi has set back … so now she’s taking the gloves off.

  • JoAnne

    Kanda is 100% CORRECT ! Porsha needs to shut her face… and Cheree too… bunch of 2 faced lying women… Porsha sat right there at Phaedras kitchen table being 2 faced and catty… bump her. She will always be just a wanna be idiot.

  • TheRealOne

    Kandi is doing the same thing her old group mate did to her when she told that Kandi had slept with JD and his Daddy! She should have took the high road on this one cause she knows how it feels. And Sheree needs to go back to middle school to be jumped for being messy so it still wouldn’t be a trait now that she’s 55+. She brings up mess out of the blue for no reason its sad. She couldn’t sit in my circle AT ALL!

  • Angelia Pea

    She didn’t tell Block’s wife, she was sleeping with him so why tell Phaedra business. Todd stayed in California last year after they got married to hang out without her, she better pray she don’t be the one that’s being played. I see he is also the one walking get around with Apollo’s new woman. Heck he was probably there when they met….so my point is when you live in a glass house, don’t throw bricks.

  • Demetrius

    Ummm Porsha (oatmeal creampie face) , shut your real super retarded self up u going so hard for faketra sneaky behind like yall sleep together ever night , shut up when u don’t even know two sides u only know one side of the story , u don’t even know kandis side , just shut up matter of fact why ur dumb self even on the show ??

  • Shampton31

    I think Kandi has been real since day 1 to Phaedra n Kandi doesn’t sugar coat her thoughts so if Phaedra had a problem with Kandi she should have went to Kandi instead of NeNe but I loves Kandi because she’s the realist of them all n now since her and Phaedra are having some beef most ppl thinks it’s Kandi that’s who is wrong Phaedra just a two faced wanna be she always say something and then when she get confronted about it she tries to make up another story about the lies she don told.teamKandi

    • Ficorfac

      Exactly! When the one who is usually quiet and doesnt speak up actually does, then there is a problem. Its always like that!

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  • Nicole Hollis

    I’m agreeing with Kandi Porsha need to stay n her lane Kandi not wrong uPhaedra is fake as hell I can’t stand her she a liar I remember Cynthia caught her jacking on her n when she let her know she heard her how she changed that shit around I didn’t like her since I knew she wasn’t right n her momma not right either n I know Apollo glad he don’t have to deal with that sneaky lying under cover thot anymore I forgot to add controlling n I feel she get it from her fake ass momma I can’t stand her huge ass either n Porsha fake ass just need to sit down n shut up cause n a min Phaedra gone cross her too I’m like momma Joyce Phaedra is not right n she full of shit momma Joyce know what she talking about Kandi always been my favorite on the show her n Cynthia isn’t as messy as the rest n Sharee is always n the middle of mess too she a instigator

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  • Wanda Robinson

    Lord have mercy! She talked about Porsha like a Dogg! I know she saw all that shit Phaedra said about her!

  • Tina

    Team Kandi all day!!! Yes Phadera had her time to shine!!! And yes Kandi was her friend but let’s be real Phaedra played both sides of the dunce when Kandi was the same at all times! I don’t blame Kandi for being quiet but hell its time to break the silence…. I been said it was something to Phaedra but when certain people come areound the true her comes out!!!! And Porshia is just a tag along puppy whoever has her leash at the moment that’s who she rolling with!!!!

  • Ettona S. Abner-Carter

    I like Kandi, but so many people look at her as if she’s so innocent. I pay attention, and Kandi has been doing low key shady shit for a long time under a lot of people’s radar, but not mine! For example, I can’t think of the key player’s names, it may have been Porscha, correct me if I’m wrong. Oh, I got it, it was the lady who sings and use to act on the Tyler Perry TV show. Kandi had an event at her house and invited some random friend nobody ever seen before, knowing she was going to say that she had been seeing her man at some point, Ah…. Demitria’s fiancé, and then tried to play like she had nooo idea, but again, of all the friends you could have asked to come you asked this chick. That was no mistake! Then tried to play like she didn’t know. That’s “your” friend, but she never told you. If Kandi didn’t know, she found out when she invited the girl and she asked Kandi who all was going to be there. Ofcourse when she named Demitria the story came out. Like I said, LKS (Low Key Shady)!

    Then Miss Shady Kenya went to this man, “because she knew him so well and Demitria was not his fiancé”….. and when she talked to him, he shot her ass down saying she was his woman!!