Kandi Burruss “I Got Stuck On An Elevator!”

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Happy Monday y’all!

I was going through some video footage and found this video in the Great Xscape Tour Vault. It’s not Thursday, but this is a throwback that I will NEVER forget!

We were just getting ready to hit the road to go to the next city. I thought it might be a good idea to run up to the room to use the bathroom and just as I coming back down…BOOM!!! I got stuck in an elevator!

Talk about a panic attack, your worst fears come to life, a scene right out of a movie and all that!

This was no joke, and the worst part was, before the elevator got stuck it started stuttering like it was about to just drop straight down! OMG!

The Detroit Fire Department did their thing to get me out, and poor Todd was ready to rip the doors open, LOL!

After this, you won’t ever see me complaining about climbing stairs!

I know it’s crazy, but tell me I’m not the only one this has happened to…Have any of y’all gotten stuck in an elevator?