Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Claps Back at Her Ex

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Things got real & raw on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

We saw Riley’s father Block reach out to Kandi to discuss “co-parenting” but things took a quick turn for the worse when he says he isn’t going to chase her and Riley.

Watch the emotional clip below.

How do you begin to co-parent a child 14 years later? Share your thoughts & experiences below.

  • karen

    you go Candi my baby daddy knows I have open door and can see anytime. but only takes him every other weekend. he only pays 143 no xtras for scouts or sports. but my son is a good son and looks after his momma. some how we make it
    Proud of you and love you

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  • Trina Tolliver

    My daughter father has never financially supported her which I’m not as mad about that as I am that he can’t seem to make time for her it took 15 years of pop out the blue visits and calls for him to be some what consisted with calling her she says she talks to him like every week now I guess better late than never. Unfortunately for him she knows she never wants to be with a man like her father because of the character he’s shown her. My dude has been a wonderful addition to her life and she looks up to him as the father she wish her dad would be and she told her dad this one of his many trips to county jail with broken promises to change. Riley knows and sees her dad for what he is and you like me always have that door open but I agree don’t force it but don’t dis it either it’s in Block to mend that fence with Riley he shouldn’t even be speaking on chasing you, that chapter of y’all was over a decade ago shows he has unresolved feelings about you &a him so he’s punishing his daughter hopping it hurt you but it’s hurting the wrong one ? I pray it works out just so the drama ends I can say I’m glad I don’t have ill feelings towards my bd ugh ? anymore only because my daughter knows and sees the real him and has accepted he will never be someone she can depend on. God bless you all Kandi Boo?

    • Lucy Clark

      I don’t understand why you baby daddy’s you want come around after so long than act dumb

      • Beyah Maisah

        That clown is looking for air time on the show and a check.

        • Tee

          Kandi your a wonderful mother. I love how you are with your children… We as mother’s can’t make no man be a father to they children..He is the one gonna be missing out on a wonder beautiful smart daughter He should be doing what ever it takes to bond with Riley but instead he wants to act ignored and childish.. He needs to grow up.. Just keep doing you boo and continue to be a great mother that you are to your children.. Riley’s getting older and she see’s him for what he is.. At the end of the day he gonna need her before she needs him.. I will keep you all in my prayers..

  • Charyl

    She’s a joke ain’t no way in hell that should have came out his mouth u not chasing your child negro please get a fucking clue shit she don’t need your ass noway he’s a lame ass nigga…

  • Ivory

    I am a single mother of 13 yr old twin girls and with a 5 yr old as well. A father should always be chasing his daughter/ daughters no matter what the circumstances are with the mother. For 13 yrs.’ never knew where he worked or lived but always calls my girls randomly. But now he has managed to move back into their life physically in the same city finally. Which I have allowed them to see him. Which I don’t push any court on him I just want them to see he can change and he has tried. But your right its them a father needs to re-establish a relationship not me. Not the mother. I’ve passed that and have been the mother/father since they were in kindergarten. But all I can say is a child will know the true meaning of a how hard a mother has to work as they get older and yes my kids have cried and begged for their father at times but I’ve always told them good things but when they decline the calls or do not reply to text messages that is a child’s doing and a fathers responsibility to chase their childs wants and needs. Hang in there girl. You are doing a great job!!

  • Kecia Ke’

    After 14 yrs honestly once a tear sheds from feeling irritated Goodbye. Nobody can not chase anyone moving in another direction anyway’s. Kandi every good woman loves hard but, once you moved on your daughter is happy stay awesome. Nothing else seems to matter at all. Gurl your doing the right thing. Make up please aint nobody got time for that mess after 14 years trying to be relevant after your abandonment towards Reily. Baby Bye✔ Love you from the checkmate.

  • Annie

    I feel ur pain Kandi, my daughter’s father never took care of our daughter who is now 23 years old. He never was a father to her and they never really had a relationship. He basically was a dead beat dad and to think we were actually married. When I watch the clip just now it brought back bad memories of what I endured so many years ago. Now she is grown and he is trying to have a bond with her when it’s too late. You are an awesome mother and person Kandi, you have done good for yourself and your family. Just keep it moving girl, love you.

  • Victoria

    She is of age that she knows and understands that you and only you have had her back. I would have said my piece and hung up. I have a crazy baby daddy who tries to mold and brainwash and control my daughter…I’m constantly trying to rebuke the demons he is trying to keep on her. It’s a full time job and 10 years later still happening…I wish he would go away.

    • Tye

      I don’t understand my sisters you new this man’s character before you layed with him. Physical attraction does not have to lead to making a baby.

  • Gregory

    Sorry to use insulting words,that guy needs Psychological counselling,he cant give what he doesn’t have after 14years.Kandi ure a Rock and can’t be moved by any valley of trouble.Stay Blessed Always Kandi.You ROCK .

  • Keisha Dominique

    I understand the pain, frustration and heartache you feel for your child. I have three children, age 23, 21, and 16 for the same person and he has never played his position or role. For the longest, I thought it was my responsibility to make sure they had contact with him but he would use that contact as opportunities to get at me. I finally decided not to deal with him at all! He’s a street peeson and he knows how to dodge the system, so he’s never paid child support that has been ordered. Unfortunately, my youngest, which is my son, is struggling right now and trying to play both roles is especially difficult. Praying for your continued strength and understanding as well as mine.

  • Marie Crowder

    Let his ass alone she is 14years old..if she want to see him find if not Oh well. Let it go, it Sean to me you done all right for her and yourself.. Life to short 14years.. REALLY

  • Carlissa Fryson Turner

    You can’t! Not with a person that still living in the the best thing to do keep strong because you know the truth and he do to.. that’s why he do what he do and think’s it’s funny…he know but as your mother would say hit them pockets and don’t think twice because he don’t

  • Kimbetly

    It starts with phone calls first until Riley is comfortable with being with him. Riley is at an age where she can decide something’s for herself, she needs no prompting from her Mother. Dad has to give her the space she needs to make her decisions as he made his.