Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams Walk Off In Tears

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This Sunday, it’s the explosive conclusion of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion.

The wives are still in shock following the revelation that it was Phaedra Parks who was behind those terrible rumors about Kandi Burruss. As emotions reach an all time high, both Kandi Burruss & Porsha Williams walk off the set in tears.


In this final reunion episode, the cameras go beyond the curtain to capture behind-the-scenes moments, tears and tense conversations as the ladies try to recover from a painful realization to see if there is any chance of moving forward after an explosive season.

What is your hope for the future of the ‘wives relationships following this most intense reunion? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Zola

    Elvis, you are not the victim!!!

    • Sylvia Fruits Thickkmadame Jac

      LMAO 😂😂😂 Elvis. Yeah they were absolutely hating on Kandi,pheadra wax face azz.😒 #TeamToddKandi

  • Kecia Ke’

    This show only will enlightened you on the mindset of people. You can never say who will turn on you and that’s a fact. A mess because Phaedra plays innocent she’s a pot stirring manipulator who lies for her personal gain to harm others. A Narcissist. The only reason I picked her out of them all because she is sneaky and sit back watching storms that she started. This all happened behind what Phaedra said. Bitter Honey…Bloop!

    • Tiffany Thatcher

      Totally agree. This puppet master is an intelligent narcissist masking as a southern bell/preachers kid! What a hipocrite.

  • Leo Suchi

    Kandi is successful.. married and happy.. hence frick n frack motive to destroy her.. I dunno why we black ppl always try to pull another black person down..

    • Jacqueline Williams

      Stop blaming Porsha she really thought Phadrea was her friend. So she believed what her friend told her. At the end of the day her and Kandi and Todd should talk. But the only person to blame here is Phadrea. Period

      • Soraya Hernandez

        Porsha has the same blame a Phaedra and should be taken off the show, she also added lots of shit talking!

        • Vickey

          Yes i will suit them on lied

      • lynda moss

        Porshs is not a friend, bcuz if she was she should have asked Kandi and Tod was phadrea statement, true to what was rumored.

        • Niagara Falls NY

          Things that make you say hhhmmm🤔🤔🤔? Porsha questioned Kandi about damn near any and everything pertaining to Phaedra but yet a serious azs statement comes out about her and she don’t even entertain the thought of asking Kandi about it. Why?

        • Donna J Jackson

          Porsha don’t think and we all know this from her railroad statement. She really thought Phaedra was her friend.

      • BISONFAN

        It’s not blaming Porsha, it’s holding her accountable for her actions. It is your responsibility to FACT CHECK before you go spreading malicious lies about people.

      • Donna J Jackson

        I agree with you Jacqueline. Porsha was used as a pond by Phaedra to hurt Kandi.

    • Yep that s how they are

    • Tiffany Thatcher

      One would think these women would want to celebrate each others accomplishments. I have never seen such jealous manipulative behavior.

  • Eva Scotton

    I want to know why porsha is crying!!! You helped in spreading lies about someone and your crying. GTFOH!!

    • Lauren Michelle Bethune

      Cuz she is embarrassed of her behavior and feels like a dummy for letting phaedra pull her puppet strings! The whole kandi porsha fall out is bc of phaedras lies!

      • Shyne da Poet

        Absolutely. When your regretful. This is human emotion. Yes, she is totally wrong. She should feel ashamed. She try destroy Kandi’s life.

      • Jacqueline Williams

        Facts I believe Porsha and Kandi can mend there friendship.

        • Mzverajohnnyteepoo Tate

          You are so right

    • Monique

      She’s crying because she just realized that her dumb ass was being played like a fiddle.

      • BELINDA

        But you have to realize YOU use to be Porsha

      • BELINDA

        No one called Kandi a dum ass when she and Phaedra was friends, and if you didn’t feel like she pulled your strings you guys would still be friends, she played you to Kandi!!

        • Pmb

          But Kandi did not go to the same extremes as Porsha who is really a dumb want to be who lucked up because of if family last name and started making her own money after her divorce.

          • BELINDA

            It’s so disheartening to hear these women of color and business call one another, dum and stupid. At the end of the day they can all do better, every lady on this show, has thrown her share of shade, Kandi has to, she just reacts to it differently when it’s directed towards her.

      • Vennecia Parler

        Don’t fore get Phaedra made a statement about Porsche brain being like a pea so that’s how she manipulates her because she felt Superior over Porsche
        Porsche should become humble stop crying pull up her big girl panties and Tell Kandi that she is very sorry to her very bone

    • Deborah Bratcher Rivers

      I agree Eva Scotton

    • Mzverajohnnyteepoo Tate

      I feel for porsha because this just happen to me last week with my friend who i thought had my back for 15 years so i know how porsha feel and kandi to regardless of wat kandi and porsha will be alright

    • gladys

      I agree


      Exactly! Her tears do not move me.

  • Carolyn Harris

    I have always known that major was sneaky and what use anyone to her advantage. She didn’t like Porsche until her in Kenya got into it because she didn’t want to pay her the money for a workout tape. Todd did it she didn’t want to pay him his money so that’s why she’s going after candy she needs to leave the show. Instead of dragon each other down they should be up holding each other specially as black women

    • Eckra Nkele

      I don’t want Phaedra to leave the show. I want to see what will happen on the show now that everyone knows the truth.

      • Sandra Matthews

        Please let Phaedra stay

        • Gladys

          No, she needs to go

          • lynda moss

            Gladys, I’m wth you, I’m glad her fake ass is out of there!

  • Marquita Staten

    Kandi frick and frack are hatter’s

  • tracy tracy

    I love Porsha, Kandi and Todd. I never liked Phedra, I think Porsha should of fact checked before spreading rumors on Kandi and Todd she should be embarrassed, it should bother her that she spreader lies..she trusted Phedra a little to much she need to really apologize to Kandi and Todd for this and kick Phedra fake ass to the curve… Phedra probably the one told her that stuff about Peter too..I feel Phedra just used Porsha for her own agenda and Porsha was to stupid to see Phedra for the fake ass friend she is but I think Porsha was a victim too…

    • Red

      Kandi can be messy as well. She also needs to keep her messy ass mom in check for real.
      Kenya needs doesn’t warrant a spot on the show never have. She brings nothing but drama.
      It amazes me that she believes she’s as fine as she is with her bad skin and must have bad you know what else because she can never keep a man.
      Always calling everyone else fake.
      Now this mess mess with frick and frack. We know that child isn’t the smartest and the con just moved right on in and just filled her head up. I fill bad for her because she really believed what her so called friend told her Kandi and Todd was going to do. If Kandi and her had her had been in a better place Phaedra wouldn’t been able too control the situation like she did.
      This why minorities have the stereotypes for being loud, messy, ghetto, hoodrats and etc and the the white man is getting paid off this bs. Andy is sitting in that chair enjoying that bs and being the hype girl.
      I can’t stand it they actually have a platform form that can change how people view us or how girls see how they should be. We need all the positive enforcement we can get everywhere we can get it. In the home outside the home and on t.v. at the rate our youth our getting killed.

  • Monique

    Instead beating they ass (which they both deserve) Kandi should hit’em where it will hurt the greatest, LAWSUIT…take that money and put them to shame publicly by continuing to WIN!

    • Judith

      Yes..lawsuit as this can damage kandi career businesses and her name.

  • Patricia Roundtree

    If there wasn’t any drama there wouldn’t be a show. This is entertaining to some but that’s it. No real shade here. Drops mike.

    • Diane X Hamilton

      Exactly no drama no show they all embarrassed theirselves closet freaks

  • Shyne da Poet

    This was situation that needed happen to Porscha for her to wake up. She needs to find out the fact before believing it. Fakedra is clearly a insecure woman. She need to never associate with this chick again. She owe Kandi a public apology and to never believe the first thing she hear. Kandi was so devastated. I wanted to come through that TV screen and choke the mess out of Fakedra. She is a disgrace and Bravo needs to find another person. She is a liar and a fraud.

  • Cindy Anderson-Stauffer

    You all know that moment when someone you truly connected with and you trusted 100% Stabs you in your face not your back mind you. That’s right in your face how bad that hurts. Even though she has been very dumb and foolish I feel kinda bad for her. Kandi is one smart cookie & she do have it all, even she couldn’t see that Phaedra could be this evil all season. Miss Parks is the ultimate evil. Porsha definitely should have seen Kandi been supporting her since the beginning. She need to think about why she even believed Phaedra .

  • Lu

    PORSHA AS FAKE AS FAKEDRA!!! Who’s she kidding ….She shouldn’t be a LOL journalist LOL and she’s crying about the defamation of character lawsuit Kandi gonna smack her in the face with…you see Kandi goes around comes around NOW THROW HER OFF THE SHOW WITH PHAKDRA

  • Joanne Taylor

    Yes Phaedra is trying to play innocent all the time,if she would throw he husband under the bus what do you think she’ll do to anyone else she feel she can manipulate she new all the time what her husband was involved in she sponsored him then she gonna leave him like that Kandi she do her like she did her husband leave her alone period

  • Elvia Johnson-Gottlieb

    Sad, but things like this happen. Learning curve for us all…Fact check before you believe what someone tell you about another.
    Ex, I know that person, we hung out in the past.
    Turn out that was a lie, just to get close to you. Save yourself, the relationship was built on a lie and you cant get back time you wasted with con artist.

  • Loran Marie

    If Phedrea leave the show then Kenya should have been left along time ago too


      I enjoy Kenya and she was never checking for no damn Apollo. Another one of Phaedra’s lies.

  • Lawanda Kinsey

    Kanda is a Boss Business Woman who’s very successful. Tha hate is real.

  • Crystal S Ward

    Kandi, Porsha does have a few problems we all have witnessed that in previous years. My point is Porsha has never stabbed you in the back or talked ill about, hat ivr seen on the show. The iringinal night thst stemed everything else to follow came form Phaedra and Sharee egged the bs on then ran to tell you something porsha did actually say rather it was implied or not it was not actually delivered the way Sharee delivered it to you. Rhen it all went left because you both started throwing shots at each other. This can be fixed if just watch the playbacks on the show to see where it all came from sharee is a shit starter PERIOD!

  • Alneda Reyes

    I truly admire Porsha & her sister relationship. Her sister is always there for her no matter what!

  • Maria Nock

    Phaedra used Porsha, that is why she acted like she was innocent when all this stuff was going on. What she did not bargain is that Kandi had issued a cease and desist order and when Porsha said Phaedra would comment further on the subject because she could no longer talk about it; that is when the cat was out of the bag of who originally started this crazy rumor. Phaedra should be kicked off the show and when all of this goes down, she will see how God really work when you are wicked and prey on non suspecting individuals. Porsha really thought that Phaedra was telling the truth and in real time Phaedra used and played Porsha like a 45 record!

    • Rossy

      Phaedra wants revenge…remember Kandi and her husband supported with Apollo. Guess payback is a bitch. I have no pity for Kandi.

      • Paris

        Kandi and Todd became friends with Apollo because he was a good friend and they had compassion for him. That is not a sin or a reason for hating on them, its not a crime to choose a side for friendship. They believed him and wanted to be supportive of him. Phaedra could say she doesn’t like that or be upset at most, or stop talking to them. going this far and being so low and sneaky and doing this much damage is so wrong on so many levels.

  • P Lotus Flower

    I hope they fire Porsha and Phaedra

  • Lanette Malena Jamison

    kandi should’ve just slapped the shit outta phadrea as she walked off set….. and phadrea still quiet as shit like she doesn’t know what the f she done did….. she is one sorry excuse of an attorney….

  • SunDa Marie Simmons


  • Sherri

    Always thought Phaedra the church lady was a front from the still she didn’t know how many months she was pregnant. She lies and pretends to be so holy and her behavior is beyond reproach. The truth has finally come out about her.

  • Twyla Harrison Jackson

    The hope for the housewives relationship is for the wrong to apologies and everyone try to move forward positively. It is so sad to see powerful, strong, smart, and beautiful black women tear each other down for entertainment. We need to see black women in a positive light working and building together. It’s so easy to do hurtful and harmful things when you’re angry and hurt! I pray everyone will apologize for anything they said, did, or thought and try to move forward. #praying ❤

  • K Marshall

    I can’t believe all this drama is over the kittybox REALLY.!!! to all the women of on the show bye felicia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole

    Bravo you need to be ashamed of yourself for causing all the commotion.

  • Yvonne Dawkins Hall

    Porsha is like a 3yr old child in a adult body she lies and tell the truth in the same breath….Q(did you say it ….A (no I did not but when she said it I said it)

  • D Iva Xpress

    This season has been a total disappointment!! I have not been able to watch a single episode in its entirety!! Talking about fake news!! Can we just get Nene back to tame these girls?

  • Boots Ranch

    Seems to me that everyone is forgetting when Marlo asked Kandi if she was a lesbian. Porsha asked who said that. Sheree cosigned it was Porsha even though she knew it was Phaedra. Why didn’t Sheree tell the truth. Trust and believe they watch their own episodes so they knew this way before the reunion. All I can say is Kandi deserves what she is getting because her, the Toddler and Messy mama have dogged Phadra out. Everbody forgot about that. But this mess is scripted for ratings. Get over all the BS. Fire Kenya and Sheree messy asses.

  • shirl WRIGHT




  • Wendy Boyd

    What happened? What were the tears about? Always hated phony Phaedra.

  • Geraldine Johnson

    Kandi PLEASE sue Fakdra for causing you all this trouble. TeamKandi and Todd.

  • Paria Tavallai

    Hi Kandi,
    I am sobbing while watching you in so much pain and hurt tonight at the reunion. I used to think you were a bit guarded and didn’t express emotions well. But I saw a deeply genuine soulful human side of you which I relate to and appreciate. You are a true strong inspiring woman, you built a successful business empire, holding your marriage strong, raising 3 kids, making it work with your mom and still loving her. What else can you possibly accomplish and do? I feel for you a lot deeply tonight. I cheer you on, keep your chin up. People are not that stupid to believe everything they hear. You stand your strong ground. I’m proud of you girl. Now i’m a fan!

  • Paris

    Hi Kandi,
    I am sobbing while watching you in so much pain and hurt tonight at the reunion. I used to think you were a bit guarded and didn’t express emotions well. But I saw a deeply genuine soulful human side of you which I relate to and appreciate. You are a true strong inspiring woman, you built a successful business empire, holding your marriage strong, raising 3 kids, making it work with your mom and still loving her. What else can you possibly accomplish and do? I feel for you a lot deeply tonight. I cheer you on, keep your chin up. People are not that stupid to believe everything they hear. You stand your strong ground. I’m proud of you girl. Now i’m a fan!

  • Roxanne

    I don’t understand why everyone was so shocked that it was Phadrea who said Kandi was going to drug Porsha. She has had it out for Kandi for awhile now. She seems to be a very vindictive person who is extremely jealous of Kandi & wants to bring her down without people knowing it. When reality “celebrities” start bringing Jesus & religion into their story line, I become very suspicious. Every season Phadrea was bringing religion into her story line more & more. She wanted the audience to see her as “no way could she be responsible for saying or doing something like that”. I was suspicious of her back when she was pregnant on the show.

  • Donna J Jackson

    I think Phaedra was trying to hurt Kandi because of the relationship Todd and her have with Apollo. It is sad that it went to this extreme.