Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Addresses The Lesbian Rumors

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Things got extra shady during last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta.

During their “glamping” trip, the women begin to come together and bond over their outdoor activities, but things quickly fell apart at dinner when Kandi learned about major rumors flying around about her.


Following the episode, the RHOA mom reflects on the gossip about her personal life.

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  • Sonya

    Kandi your awesome btw

    • Monique Bryant

      I love candy. I can’t stand porsha. She is messy and just a stank ass bitch. Always got something to say, but can never tell the shiy she say. And phadrea is a trouble starter too. Kandi just need to pop both them hoe’s in the mouth

      • Angela Glass

        Yeah, I love Kandi too. I always have! But Porshia and Phaedra, Monique, you took the words right out of my mouth! I wouldn’t even entertain either of them. They deserve to be friends. Kandi is on another level and they mad! I get so sick of those grown women acting like kids. They’re starting to make me sick. They can’t wait to run to the other to discuss what they heard the other one say.

  • Carla

    Porsha is really becoming an ugly person she knew she was talking bout Kandi & when the time came to confess she started back sliding ! She is not a good friend ! Oh by the way if you know Kandi business best believe the same person that told hers is telling yours !!

    • Ronnie Davis

      I agree. Porsha and Phaedra both fake and hating on Kandi. I really want to see what Mama Joyce will say cause she doesn’t play about her daughter.

  • Lorraine Page

    “Sheree” is the messy one she saying people are talking about each other and then laughing in their face, she’s doing the same thing.. Duh??? I do like Marlo cause she’s real don’t have a problem to say how she feel..

    • Monique Bryant

      I was just about to say also sherea. She loves to carry bones…. Lol her words not mine. She is always running back and telling shit. This is exactly why they bought her back on the show

      • Marie

        They need to get rating up real fast. Kandi is kind of messy to, when she and Phaedra, was friend she wasn’t all that friend with her, you can’t out it all on one person, now these girls trying to keep the show on, although Kandi is Rich..

    • Kim L.

      Trying to be relevant.

  • Tenika L Carroll

    I think Kandi is freaking awesome and I’m sick of Frick and Frack!!! Their SO damn messy it’s ridiculous! Hell damn near EVERY woman has had a girl experience before!!! I just think it’s so tasteless for both of them to try to tear Kandi down, it pisses me off!! Hell Kandi you want me to whoop their ass for you?? 😂😂😂 #TeamKandi

  • Chelly

    I really like Kandi, but she has become the mean girl this season. As for Kandi and Phedra, everything they talked about as friends should have NEVER came up again when they fell out. Kandi blames Phedra, but she put that out there first. That’s just something you don’t do. Sheree, i don’t even understand why they brought her back. Marlo is hilarious! They needed somebody to keep Kenya’s ass. In check.

  • Serena Anderson

    Yes you right about one thing Porsha is not a good friend Kandi stay away from hood rat all up in Phadrea ass she can’t think for her own dam self. And Sheree is the messing Bitch of all. You see Kandi you have class just get Mom Joyce on them Bitches.

  • 4sure

    What world are yall in???? Porsha is the best friend…she ride or die totally….why yall think she hasn’t mentioned “Phaedra said” dah!!!! She made one little uneventful Lil remark and kandi going wild telling all the bees wax before she knows anything. Danggggg, what’s wrong with yall!!!