Kandi's Ski Trip

Kandi Blows Up At Carmon

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Things get heated when Kandi confronts her assistant. Watch below!

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  • Ms.B

    Kandi, u have changed after u married Todd, personally if u ask me Todd isn’t really into u @ all,im on momma Joyce side wth that one, open ur eyes Kandi.

    • Jeanine Bennett

      i disagree with you on this it seems to me that he puts up with more shit than most men with with a mother inlaw like joyce and kandis family so disrespectful and ungrateful family and i see a glow in todds eyes for kandi i just dont see kandi with that same glow towards him

    • katrina

      She need to change and stop being a punk, Ms.B u must let ppl treat u like shit too or u must don’t have a husband. Now Kandi has her own family and family suppose to understand. Momma Jackass need to worry bout the hit house owner she have. A hit house is where ppl go to dance, get drunk, and party now that is what her boyfriend own. Kandi need to have an new attitude. Stop blaming Todd. Momma Jackass just want all the money, get the he’ll out of here.

    • Georgia Cross


  • BeachN

    Kandi is finally letting out what she been holding in for a long time. It’s best to address the problems as you see them rather than hold it in so long Kandi. She has held in way too much from Mom too.. I am glad to see kandi changing because she has let people run over her for way too long. She is getting a backbone..

    • amy

      I feel like Kandi has soon much on her shoulders and is about to blow. Carmen might not be the perfect assistant but the real people she needs to blow on is her family. She acts like she is scared of her family and they are going to ruin her happiness. Im glad she is finally speaking up, but put your frustrations where they go.

  • Debra Holmes Gates

    Kandi has too many ppl around her that require too much of her. She can’t even live her own life and have time for herself because everyone is telling her she doesn’t call or come by like she used to. I don’t think marriage changed her. She is having trouble in her marriage also. Todd went into this marriage with issues about momma Joyce and the prenupt. Kandi never addresses a lot of things that happen especially with her mom. She really need to take her daughter and get away from them all for a while!!

  • ReignWater

    I think Todd is helping her to find a greater strength. Before she would let her family and friends get over a lot more than they should. As her mate, Todd is bringing the b.s to light as he see’s it go down. He then stands behind her when she feels the need to address it. That’s what a Stand-up dude would do. That’s the real reason why they don’t like him. How can any of you judge their relationship by watching 42mins a week.

    • Sonia Mrs-Sassy

      That’s so true…. they have been mooching off of her for years and now she’s calling them out on shit, and now they don’t like it. The old kandi use to over look a lot of shit they do, and now she’s not taking it, so now they want the old kandi back. No, the crap has come to an end.

      • Nat4real

        Well said!! They all need to be clipped from Kandi’s coat tail. Too much weight, damn.

    • mirlin

      You are right he is a great husband she is learning

    • Richardmwest

      ^^^^^Next Day Your Success Day kkaann

  • KSJB

    It’s a start, Kandi. While you’ve got your nerve up, try confronting the ones who are the real problem-makers in your life. If you really love Todd and want him to stick around, you have to put him before Momma and let her know that you will have his back. Her or your family dissing him in any way, should be off limits and you should make that clear to them. Todd has been exceedingly patient and forgiving, in my opinion. Of course, that is perceived from what we see aired. Honestly, I’m surprised he is still around.

    • Georgia Cross

      I AGREE #KSLB. !! 🙂

    • Lynne’ C Wilson

      been there done that and eventually they will leave if it dont stop

  • princesspr


  • katrina

    Let me get off this page because some of y’all sound like fools right now. Oh Todd changed Kandi, oh ppl ask too Much of Kandi, y’all need to stop with the bull. U can tell who take shit and don’t have husbands. Things suppose to change her life has changed.

  • Mary Willis Williamson

    Confront the issue but don’t lose sight of what she means to you as a friend

  • Jeff

    Once again Kandi Buruss needs some serious help. Her communication is the problem which is that she laughs, walk-away, cry or blow up as she does here with Carmen. Meaning if she was open and honest with Carmen daily as her BOSS, Carmen would not look confused. Kandi is the “F” problem with ALL. JOYCE, TODD, Phaedra, NLs, that F’d up Staff Don Juan, Carmen etc. (that staff do not know when she’s the BOSS or a friend). Kandi is the ONLY one that cannot see herself until its a PROBLEM, she’s the PROBLEM in not dealing with these people.

  • Natascha Maxwell Talley

    Kandi, EVERYONE else can see that your friendship with these two has blurred their idea of what working for you needs to be. The boss cannot be friends with their employees for this exact reason. Give them both a cutoff date to find new jobs and/or get let go, and hire two new assistance. The way they behaved to Mathew who is actually doing the right thing was terrible. Those two have gotten big heads and have put themselves where you are. But they cannot expect to be where you are because they have not earned it. It’s time Kandi, it’s time.

  • Lynne’ C Wilson

    kandi i gotta say i luv u, i luv u, i luv u for being real n truthful always!!! i wanted to write u when u were going thru it w ya moms to find out if we was sisters on the low cuz i go thru the same thing w every relationship after my husband. i think she took the divorce worse than me lol!

  • Lynne’ C Wilson

    that was about u confronting carmen n everyone else!

  • Elizabeth McGuire Wells

    They don’t like the fact that Todd is her husband period! he has the influence now not them. I can not believe that you are invited on a holiday all expenses paid and you bitch about it, really, Disgusting.

  • Sydvixen

    First thing, Kandi has confronted her mom numerous of times, like she said Ms.Joyce is gonna do what she wants to do. Aside from arguing with her on tv, I don’t know what else her fans expect her to do, she loves her mother and its unconditional period so stop hounding her she trying to please everyone and its hard. I get Ms. Joyce now, she’s trying to protect her daughter because she knows Kandi is a softy and she seen many people take advantage of that she may ruffle a few feathers but she does have Kandi’s well being at heart. Its hard to be someone you’re not when you’re an honest person, and its hard run a business being nice she just have to find her nitch.

  • Jody Zachow

    should have throwed a few dog beds on the floor boards for those rabid old hags. future advise.. to enjoy a trip forget the drama queens. Kandi your smarter than that.

  • Wavie Johnson

    Desiree, I agree this girl have a great job. Kandi you do not hire friends. I would fire Carmen butt as fast as one, two, three. Both assistance were on vacation more so than Kandi. They should have stayed in Atlanta. Kandi need an assistance just a buzz away. Carmen “Bye Felicia”

    • Desiree Jones

      LOL. I hear you Wavie.

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