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Kandi: At First I Thought The Bomb Threat Was Fake

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In her latest RHOA blog, Kandi talks about being in disbelief when hearing about the bomb threat, and shares more about her date night with Todd.

ADVERTISEMENT Were you surprised your mom set up that intimate date for you and Todd?

Kandi Burruss: Of course! I was shocked. It was really nice though. When you have a new baby, all attention goes to the baby and you don’t think to make time for the intimate nights. So I was happy. Did you guys get your groove back that night?

KB: Of course! You have to take advantage of your time when you have a babysitter. What went through your mind when you heard about the bomb threat?

KB: At first I thought it was some fake B.S., but when Carmon told me that they evacuated Lenox Mall, which is near Phaedra’s office, I knew it was serious. Overall I was glad that Phaedra was out of town and far away from any danger.

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  • mick

    Stop acting like you care shady

  • Asia.W

    None of them Cared,
    Now Mama Joyce going be making jokes
    They all whack.

  • cj

    Nawl not with tem Smerks all on youToddler’s faces. Let b compassion was shown@all.blank…..

    • Brenda Meeks


  • Brenda Meeks

    She sat there and let Msma Joyce run Pheadrea down. Her and Todd along with that goofy staff laughing at Phreadra. Mama Joyce is so ghetto and shady! At her age she is a bad example. Been married 3 times living off her daughter and then being ungrateful. Know Phreadra boys only have her to depend on! She’s been a single Mother! Then Todd cosigned know how Mama Joyce called his Mother a prostitute and jus Father a pimp! Mama Joyce is lie brow! No she has s kind of problem with her baby daddy and his ex wife calling her side chick!

    No they’re laughing and snickering because Phreadra had a bomb at her business. Mama Joyce making nasty comments about it. Shame shame cause Mama Joyce Son was murdered!
    Phreadra children could have been motherless!
    Kandi has two kids!!!

  • GordonGekko

    DUMB N I G G E R