Kandi Asks Rasheeda The Question That’s On ALL Our Minds

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Kandi gets real with Rasheeda in this Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek: “Why [you] ain’t get a paternity test so we can dead this?”

We are well into the sixth season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Kandi Burruss poses the burning question of we all have been wondering, why hasn’t Kirk taken a paternity test yet?

In the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek, Rasheeda sits down with the realest of housewives to get some insight on this mess in her marriage. Kandi wonders why Rasheeda hasn’t met up with Jasmine yet and the boss chick immediately shuts that down saying she doesn’t trust the girl to even sit with her.

That’s fair to Kandi, but the bigger question is why hasn’t a paternity test been given to just dead this whole situation. Rasheeda explains that she has been pressing Kirk but the man just hasn’t gone yet. That looks pretty sus to Kandi because if he is innocent, eliminating himself shouldn’t be a big deal.

As far as how Rasheeda would handle ish if Kirk was the father, well, that thought just makes her sick. For him to bring another child into the world that isn’t hers may even be the deal breaker for their vows because Rasheeda has no idea how she could continue if that was 99.9% the case.

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  • Charming Labyrinth

    What the hell is Rasheeda talking about? Leave the DAMN man. He has shown you in every way that he does NOT care about your “marriage”. He has been acting out for many years now to show you, that’s he’s good WITHOUT you. What more do you want? AIDS? Just cancel the marriage contract and move on with your life. It’s not rocket science! It doesn’t stop you from being friends/co-parenting with him if that’s what you want? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM THIS coach roach? If you love him LET HIM GO!

    • Kara Iyere

      Kirk trapped Rasheeda at an extremely young age on some R Kelly type crap. He is all she knows! Some woman just can pull themselves from unequipped men, simply put!

      • Charming Labyrinth

        Yes, he is creepy! He was messing with her underage. He married her at 17yrs while he was 33yrs or something. Same way he lured the young stripper at 25yrs(by playing father to her) while Kirk is pushing 50yrs. He is a sick man. You can also tell by the way he never speaks straight forward, his head is always tilted to the side. He is unclean!

      • Valerie Ponder

        She’s a boss so she need to pull herself outta that Trans she going through

      • Britt Walker

        EXACTLY & this wouldn’t be the 1st outside baby! But Rasheeda had plenty of x to grow the balls that Kirk wasn’t born with.

    • Geayle Holmes


    • meriweather

      Rasheeda knows that his baby. She’s just not ready to let go, because of her low self-esteem. She’s not a real Boss, she just love the word BOSS.

      • Carolyn Minter

        Amen She is weak as a limp noodle. and it is SAD and PITIFUL!*

  • Mec-One

    I would lick Kandi light skinned!

  • Tanesha Perkins

    He was real quick to take a paternity test on your baby tho. He did it behind your back…lol..old jerk and you crazy..I would leave his ass.

    • Melva Yaya


    • Claire Harewood

      Wow…girl, you are so right…i forgot about that!!..treated her like crap when she…the wife was pregnant, and literally told her to get an abortion…he is dispicable…but, I don’t think she will leave him even so…sad

  • J. Vine

    Kirk has secretly submitted to a paternity test.
    That’s why y’all think he hasn’t because he knows the results and doesn’t want the results to go public — not now. He has to figure out how to tell Rasheed’s.
    Kirk IS the father!!

  • Carmilla Wilson

    After Rasheeda had her baby with Kirk …..her husband, he was real quick to swab his sons mouth to see if it was his or not. Maybe he already know the truth!!!

  • New Juice

    Hopefully this is all an act. Just ?. She always working and he’s tricking off her ? money flexing with waitresses, strippers, and his boys. What does he do for a living? Living off of his woman’s talent and hard work “manager” just to embarass her for the world to see. SMH

  • Sheila Butler-johnson

    I look at Rasheeda to be a very smart lady, but right now she’s making me doubt the hell out of her. I’m not understanding, of course we’re on the outside looking in and of course you love your husband but there’s a line that you draw and Kirk has crossed the line. Now Rasheeda it’s time for you to put your foot down and make something happen either he takes the DNA test or it’s time for you to move on.

    • Hotep2you

      I agree, but would add…
      His baby or not- he laid with that child’s mother. This is not the first time, nor even just the second time. Unless she’s willing to take a page from Kandi’s nasty freaky tail and begin inviting random women into her marital bed, it looks like her trifflin’ manchild of a husband will always be out trollin’ for “strange.” Doing so sans his wife and apparently condoms too! Lawd Rasheed! Smh… He’ll never truly value…least of all honor her- UNTIL she begins valuing herself! So very sad and unfortunate to see ANY woman think so very little of herself. Wow! Smh…

      • Carolyn Minter

        Amen Nuff said!*

    • Carolyn Minter

      If she had any kind of self worth, she would have been gone!*

  • Judith Lewis

    Kandi, Rasheeda does not care, she is milking this to the end. She does not have a storyline so she is doing what she can to stay relevant.

  • Marion

    Kandi, I have been watching RHOA. And I would like to say to you thst
    You are really the only REAL person of the bunch. i am a senior lady in England.
    you are, it appears to me are a lovely respectable woman. Some of your people
    In the group have no class, or integrity except for you. you are a bit of a surprise softie at times. thank goodness for that. You deserve to be around more
    Classy people, snd not such as your tv mates from the show. You are REAL.
    Marion in UK

    • Hotep2you

      Kandi respectable? Class? Mmmkay! :0/

  • Laura

    Rasheeda you deserve better , I know you were with him since you were very young, but let’s face it he has been very disrespectful to you, he had no problem swabbing your son and you were married to him how dare he not get tested for this jasmine baby . Listen lay it on the line I have been embarrrassed enough take the test or cease to exist to me you can see the kids , I no longer wish to interact with you you have 72 hours not a second longer, I will file for divorce immediately your lack of respect and constant cheating means you no longer want to be with me, I’m hurt not crazy I will heal and move on with my life.

  • Charmaine Diggs

    Why the hell would KIRK SORRY ASS NOT WANT TO TAKE ONE! He took one with there own baby???
    Ray Charles is dead & blind an he can see that he is full of horse crap!

  • BB

    Everyone must understand..it’s not that easy to just let go when you LOVE SO HARD.. (sad to say)..some married/unmarried couples can drop a relationship like a dime..sadly, I have been down that similar road..I kid you not, IT WAS TOUGH to let go..but what finally got me through it all..PRAYER!! asking GOD to please give me the strength to move on and lift the burden off of me because the devil is a liar..(ha, oh, yes) soon after, my BLESSINGS had come down on me..I woke up one day and said I HAD HAD ENOUGH..I’M DONE!!! all the love went down the drain..my heart was back in one piece and there was no turning back..so you just have to endure patience and let GOD handle the situation..whatever is meant to be, will be, if it’s not, so be it.

    • Carolyn Minter

      Good for you. Nobody should love anyone more than she loves herself. When a man lay up and have raw dog sex with a stripper, or any woman other than you for that matter. He is telling you with his actions, that he could care less about you or your health and life. What is it? Have these cheating men forgot that HIV and AIDs is real and still alive? If he want to risk his life that is on him, but don’t put my life on the line because you are a nasty dog. All hell naw. Ain’t that much love in the world. Wake the hell up and have some kind of self respect. She better love herself because it is crystal clear, that Kirk don’t give a damn about her. No amount of love would make me stay with a trick like that!*

  • Taytum Smith

    She shouldn’t let it linger. It’s not her baby but it might be her husband’s child. She has to heal and move on which takes time but she needs to ask herself….why is he putting up a fight not to take a test? He’s fighting to be with you so if he really wants to TRY and make it work first step take the TEST.

  • Shawn Webb

    Kirk is disgusting and he’ll never change bc she keeps taking him back. Paternity test or not, the marriage is dead already. There’s no love or respect on Kirk’s part and she flat out can’t trust him. Why try to hold on t o a ninja that’s clearly already gone. She’s too fly, too much of a boss to be looking like this in these streets. Let it go and happuly move on!

  • Harriett Thomas

    kirk does not want a paternity test because he know when the truth come out his wife will leave him

  • Carolyn Minter

    Look I’m so tired of these low self esteem women. That man has shown Rasheeda every chance he got, that he didn’t give a damn about her, nor did he respect their so called marriage. What more does he have to do? When a man starts to play games with your health, that is a deal breaker. This man is in the streets raw dogging strippers, and Rasheeda don’t know what to do? Heifer please. If she let this slide, he is going to dog her even worst than he already has because he will know she will take any kind of abuse. She need to grow a pair and let this piece of nasty dog go, and get with a REAL man who will love and respect her, and stop lying to herself that that baldheaded fool gives two damns about her. POINT BLANK and PERIOD!*