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Jaws Will Drop After This Sunday’s RHOA Reunion

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Things are as tense as can be on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 reunion right now. And they’re about to get even crazier when one more Georgia Peach is added into the mix.


The men join the conversation to weigh in on the drama of the season – including Bob addressing his shortcomings in his relationship with Shereé, and Todd revealing he still has a bone to pick with Phaedra.

Cynthia and Peter reveal what life has been like post-divorce and Shamea Morton will also sit down with the RHOA ladies. She’s set to confront Porsha Williams about her Frick and Frack-ship with Phaedra Parks.

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As the conversation turns to issues Kandi & Shamea, friendships are shaken like never before.

RHOA fans’ jaws are going to drop this Sunday. Don’t miss part 3 of the reunion at 8/7c only on Bravo.

  • Kita

    She’s a habitual liar

    • JD

      They all are

    • Too Savvy

      Keep spinning them Phaedra, they are not your friends, you don’t owe those nothing azzes anything but a smirk. Keep it pushing!

  • Jermey C Hayes

    Something is telling me my jaw will be fully intact when watching this part 3. We all kmow what the jaw dropping moment is! Phaedra lied!

    • Keeping it real

      The jaw dropping moment is Porscha had sexual relations with Apollo!!!!

      • Jermey C Hayes

        Lol that’s it!!! O lord!

      • Jermey C Hayes

        Lol that’s it!!! O lord!

      • Elizabeth Walsh

        SAY WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Daneen Eason

        Says who? Apollo??! Riiiight…we all know how truthful he is🙄

      • GetReal2014

        Oh my. I just saw today where a poster said she admitted. SMDH, and all of that faux outrage by Phaedra regarding Kenya. What a hypocrite.

    • GetReal2014


  • Irolynot

    There is something seriously wrong with Phaedra — you don’t insinuate someone is boinking someone [another woman] then say you didn’t say they were lesbians!! Phaedra wants to preach & pray one minute — then forgets how to properly forgive, creates viscous lies about your once bff, then sit there and not OWN up to her delusional remarks when asked who said that. Porsche is too stupid to realize that Phaedra was letting her catch all the grief for the remarks made instead of being a true friend & say I said it!! Phaedra is the most deceitful one on RHOA!! Phaedra seems to think that the hippocratical oath that doctor’s have with their patients applies to lawyers — which it doesn’t. Not a very bright lawyer that Phaedra — maybe that’s why she prefer’s Porsche’s company because she feels smarter than her.

    • Ann samuel

      You can not say it better .she’s the most untruthful individual on the show…can’t stand her at all…

      • Ashley Johnson

        I cant agree more

    • TheSnowcat

      There is attorney-client privilege in that an attorney of record may not speak on items not previously agreed upon by the client, to anyone else. The question is, is Phaedra in fact Johnnie’s attorney of record? I doubt she is, and she’s free to speak. Phaedra has always had a tenuous relationship with the truth.

      • JD

        We don’t know that

    • GetReal2014

      Outstanding post, Irolynot.

      • Too Savvy

        Outstanding post? Really? So sad.Thats why so many black women don’t hv friends.

        • GetReal2014

          I don’t know about you, but I have great friends, many of them I have had for decades. But that doesn’t mean that I will support a dirty, lying, hypocritical bich based on gender. I don’t get your point.

        • Irolynot

          I have great friends also – 47 yrs, 42 yrs, 35 yrs, 25 yrs, & some since elementary school. The reason Phaedra doesn’t have friends – because of what she has shown this season especially – she’s pretty vile and no one should trust her. Many others, not on the show, will probably question as to whether or not she has been honest with them as well. She owns a funeral service and maybe that’s because she has better friendships with dead people. If so many black women don’t have friends – then maybe they need to change how they treat others & adjust accordingly. Phaedra used Porsche to do her dirty work — will Porsche realize that, who knows. I hope so but Karma – it is a bi*ch & it does catch up to you. Kenya or Kandi have not been the snakes in this past season, its all been Phaedra & Porsche. However sad you think it is – it is of their own doing. Two adult women out to hurt [1] Kandi’s reputation as a business woman, [2] Kandi & Todd as parents [3] pure vindictiveness to Kandi due to Momma Joyce [4] attempting to disparage Kandi & Todd’s new restaurant and [4] using Porsche to do all her dirty work. Attorney-client privilege doesn’t apply here since it was done on TV. The gall of it all is Phaedra doesn’t seem to think she’s done anything wrong & that in itself is truly scary. Tonight will be an interesting watch & will really be interesting to see how many people still stand up for Phaedra – those who do — I would be questioning any of my friends, that’s for sure.

    • Pamela Stovall

      Very well said. We will see soon how Phaedra served Kandi a fake cease and desist on Porsha behalf, because she didn’t want her telling Kandi anymore info. That why in the promo you see Porsha break down and run off stage. And that’s why Kandi left the couch..So yes, Ms phadrea day is coming….soon…

    • JD

      They all are. It’s just Phaedra’s turn in the hotseat

    • Too Savvy

      Let’s not forget how this all started….does the word Loyalty rang a bell Kandi kane…That damn funky Dunkey booty video and Mr. Opportunist husband Todd started all this bullsh*t oh and lets not forget Messy Kenya was apart of that drama too….

      • Mahoggany


  • Judith Lewis

    I think Shemea might have let the cat out of the bag. She told Porsha to leave Phaedra alone because she does not know where her vagina has been. Now what has Phaedra vagina has to do with Porsha and her being friends. Another thing is Porsha’s mom the one hooking them up with​ rich Africans
    Is she pimping her daughter and Lauren? Remember, Shamea said Phaedra was asking her to hook her up. Are Porsha and Phaedra playing in the lady pond? Did Phaedra and Kandi play in the lady pond and is that the real reason she hates Kandi because Kandi cut her off. Remember said Phaedra u know I have fun but drugs and rape, I do not do that. There’s a bigger issue here.

    • Renee Hatch

      MOM hook me up w/rich Africans… I’m tired of the poor ones frfr⚘

    • SickofTre

      Where did you get that tea about the mother???

      • GetReal2014

        That’s been out there for at least four years. Even back when Porsha was playing the dutiful Christian wife.

      • Judith Lewis

        Wrong mother. It was on lipstick alley.

        • Judith Lewis

          Porsha mom is an Accountant for the rich Africans

    • Yah how does her mom have so much money? All I’ve heard idiot say is her parents are entrepreneurs.

      • Pamela Stovall

        If she didn’t know the significance of the underground railroad, clearly she won’t know what her parents do for a living. This Girl is a dumb be who needs to put some clothes on go back to ELEMENTARY school. I was never a big Kandi fan. I was team Fake n Fuck. After Nee left the dynamics of the group changed. It was like Porsha lost her Damm head in the clouds. Half naked, always showing her tits, lying, messy, and omg, false accusations on Kandi and even tho I’m not team kandi no one should

        • Pamela Stovall

          Be lied on like that…Now that I see their true colors I’m like F them two fake h…

      • Judith Lewis

        Shamea parents r or were daycare owners. From what the article stated, their daycares are notorious for all kinds of violations and most recently, if I am not mistaken, they had not paid rent in three years and the bank had them evicted. Also, the state closed them down. From the article, they r very shady. Not paying employees, taking ppl money, knowing they were being evicted and they treated their employees like dirt.

  • Charming Labyrinth

    Goosh, this women is disgusts me!

    • Eckra Nkele

      Kenya, is the most intelligent and classiest. She speaks, dress and maintain her finances well. No man support herand she does not support a man. She also stands alone and owns up to what she does are say.

      Kenya is definitely the BOSS on the show. They just don’t agree; I understand why!!!!!!!

      • SickofTre

        Kenya is the classiest…What show have I been watching. She is the messiest!!!!!

        • Too Savvy

          Right she’s the messiest. Vendictive. Won’t be long before she turns on her accomplices Kandi and Cynthia…. smh.

      • GetReal2014

        Yep, that’s why those broken down women stay bothered. They can’t handle it.

      • Too Savvy

        This must be Kenya in disguise complimenting herself as usual.

      • JD

        Is this Kenya??? What show are you watching.
        I see what you did. You planted a seed to get the audience to believe that, so they can start repeating it also, LOL!

    • GetReal2014

      I think so too. Phaedra became emboldened by her lies and ability to fool her fans, but other viewers saw right through her and here we are. Now all of her lies and dirt is coming back to bite her.

      • JD

        Phaedra got tired of Todd, Kandi and her Crew talking about her for the last 2 seasons. Don’t tell Kandi any of your secrets, she will show you what Mad Day looks like.

        Kandi was one of my favorites. She had an opportunity to show you what a good friend does when you are a mother of 2 with 2 small kids.

        Instead she joined her husband in attacking her on behalf of Apollo, the arse hole who had a girlfriend, and was spending more time with her than his family. I remember when he showed up to the record release, tried to pretend they were still in a relationship, and ask why Phaedra didn’t tell him about it, which means Todd did. She told him then, because he hadn’t been coming home.

        Todd waited until Apollo left to even ask for the money. He was supposedly out with Apollo every night. Now we know, per his gf of 4 years, Todd was covering for him.

        Todd and Peter should have shown Black Men across the Country, how a real friend steps up and be a male role model in his friends kids life, like Ricky Smiley did for his friend. Instead, both Todd and Peter act as if they were both trying to get a Peach. Both acted like the ladies of Basketball Wives, now ATL HW’s.

        I’m so disappointed in the way they decided to take the storyline, instead of stepping up.

        Being a parent of 2 small kids, after your whole world collapsed on TV with the Feds breathing down your neck, is Traumatic. She could have used the support of the cast, not adding to her trauma.

        Every last one of them are concerned about how the fans view them. Every one of them have been caught in lies. Even when they deflect and take the heat off of them, most of us are not that stupid to miss it.

        • JD

          Kenya should have understood how Phaedra felt about the party. Even if she moved on to get over him, he is still the father of her boys. He was still her husband, she went thru the trauma with the Feds too. Cynthia also said she didn’t like it. All Kenya had to do was apologize, and say she understood she was speaking from a place of Pain.

          When Kandi broke up with AJ it didn’t play out on the show. All they showed was Mama Joyce and sisters didn’t like him. Considering how she treated Todd, we understand she was just being an over protecting mom.

          No one brought up AJ on the show and used that broken relationship or his death as their storyline. Why are you doing it to Phaedra. Someone’s Pain should not be used as a storyline. Use your own life as your storyline, and stop using others pain.

          Mad Day is no more cute or acceptable when Kandi did it, than it would have been, which never happen, if Nene did it. Kandi warned Phaedra, Nene would tell all of her secrets on Mad Day, but it was she, Kandi, who taught us, and showed us, what Mad Day Looks like

        • GetReal2014

          I will not even read a post from someone who believes anything that Phaedra says. No words.

  • Tarl Green

    I hope Shamea didn’t tell Porsha any mess like that

  • Kimmey Love

    That Phaedra is really crazy, I’m convinced something isn’t right with her(mentally) who would be on TV being a COMPLETE LIAR when the people whom are involved can watch it…and expose her…then she try to portray a sweet southern belle and Christian…she is a complete embarrassment to Christianity, I do not wish to see her next season…I can’t tolerate her behavior!!!

    • She’s fired isn’t she?

    • GetReal2014

      It’s mind-boggling isn’t it? How can you lie, constantly get busted and continue to lie through your teeth like that? Only her fans believe it, most people have been onto Phaedra for years.

    • Katherine Smith

      and PLEASE!!! take Kenya with her!

  • Geraldine Johnson

    I pray that Kandi will leave Horsha, Fakdra and bone carrying Sheree alone. They mean you no good. And please don’t forget about Kim with her money stealing self. . Watch it Kandi. The devil is all around you.

    • GetReal2014

      Surprisingly, she seems to still not get it.

  • Too Savvy

    Honestly you all are so wrong on soooo many levels with regards to Phaedra and Porsha, it’s extremely ridiculous and sad how Kenya’s messy nosey azz has manipulated the whole storyline and now you got people on the show who clearly were fareweather friends that are beefing over crap that they know was wrong and Dirty from jump… I can clearly see that It’s the Losers Kandi, Kenya & that ole washed up Cynthia against the Winners this season huh??? I don’t blame Phaedra for her responses to what’s really goin on in her life, those tied messy 2faced Biatches are not her frickin Friends, so she dont owe u nothin azz whores anything.. and if she comes off as a So called lier then so is the whole frickin show, let’s keep in mind that we don’t know these women…We don’t know their truths!!! This show is an embarrassment to women, marriage and family. It’s so sad!!

    • Symphoni Zenski

      Is this Phaedra or Porsha? LMBO😂😂😂. You tried it!!!

  • NMMiller

    I can not believe all of you are posting your opinions about people on reality you know to stay relevant you have to be sort of messy that’s what keeps the viewers like you all and me watching..Ratings People! If you do not have the viewers you do not have the ratings and the checks will not be signed…If you are boring with no excitment you will get not judge these individuals on what you see on TV..they are all sweet women..for real…

  • Sheila Biricik

    Was I the only one that suspected Peter was, well, basically under the influence of alcohol on tonights’ episode?

  • Nesha Vallius

    Let’s go Kandi well me myself as a woman who ventures to both sides of the fence can totally understand how you feel in a situation like this!! If Porscha wanted to Munch or get munched on lol New Orleans slang baby love she just wanted to be YOUR LITTLE Secret!!!!