It’s A Blessing For A New Beginning

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Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are expecting and the couple couldn’t be more excited about it!

Kandi and Todd opened up to E! News exclusively Tuesday about how her pregnancy is coming along, telling us that she hasn’t “had any cravings so far. Right now it’s been a pretty easy pregnancy.” Even though she broke the happy news to us, Kandi also explained how she and her hubby spilled the beans to her girlfriends.

Working with music groups Loud and Glamour for her re-launched record label, Kandi Koated, Kandi enlisted them to sing a song called “Heir to the Throne.”

“Basically the song was really a setup for us to come out and say, ‘Hey, we have an heir to the throne coming.'” The “heir,” she admitted, is due in January, but the couple doesn’t know yet whether it’s a boy or a girl. One thing that’s certain, however, is that they’re hoping for a mini-Todd.

“There’s too much estrogen in this house,” Kandi joked.

After going through a series of IVF treatments, hormones and “attitude problems,” the couple was finally able to conceive. Thankfully Mama Joyce was also “very supportive,” which made Todd and Kandi incredibly happy since she has had a rocky relationship with Todd.

“It’s a blessing for a new beginning,” the Real Housewives of Atlanta star said.

“Our daughters, Kaela and Riley, couldn’t be happier about becoming big sisters,” Todd told us.

Todd and Kandi tied the knot in April 2014 in a ceremony that the bride later described as the “wedding of her dreams.” The Bravo stars couldn’t be happier, and we couldn’t be happier for them. Congrats to Kandi and Todd on their growing family!

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  • Trica Burkett-williams

    I am very happy for you Kandi!!!! Such a blessing..


    Congratulations you two. Hope its a boy if not POOR TODD…

  • Chris

    I did my IVF tranfer on May 11th and delivered a healthy girl on January 19th. She is a teen now and driving us crazy?

  • Desiree Brown

    I’m happy for u and todd…. 🙂

  • Heidi Fulks-Motin

    Hi Kandi And Todd Congratulations On Your Baby This Is Your Girl From The ATL…..

  • Roni


  • Veta

    Just as long as the baby is healthy. Pray it’s a boy, your husband need a boy to carry on his name in memory of mama sharon. Stay in prayer. Mrs Veta.

  • Deelia Bennett

    Watch you all the time & always like you, your a friend in my head, so congrats to you & Todd. Dee in the Bronx!

  • Cheryl

    Congrats , you both deserve this awesome blessing !!!

    • Cheryl Dillon Wiggins

      Congrats , you both deserve this awesome blessing !!!

  • Lourdes

    Yeah kandi I’m so happy for you, you wanted a baby now you having it, hope everything goes well and you don’t drive Todd crazy lol

    • silverg

      I always thought her hair was cute long too, …..but short cut is more becoming on her, …and the dress looks good i like it!

  • Angela

    I am very happy for you and Todd!!!! Kandi step it up! Please go back to your short hair or bad Bob cut and get some flattering maternity clothes. As of now your mom looks more jazzy than you on the pictures.No shade all in the name of love!! Show us your fans how happy and excited you are about your pregnancy!!!

  • Angela

    I have a suggestion for a boys name….Kingsley Burress Tucker or Kiñgston Kashe or Braden or Kaison.

  • Sherrie Brown

    I am very happy for you also Kandi can not wait