Real Housewives Of Atlanta

I Understood Todd’s Frustration

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Kandi Burruss dishes on Part 3 of the #RHOA reunion. Were you happy to get a break from the reunion for pumping?
Kandi Burruss: Of course I was happy! Anything to get out of debating with the women all day long. Was it hard watching Todd and Phaedra argue?
KB: You never want your husband to argue with any woman, but I understood his frustration. I’m glad it is over with and we don’t have to talk about it anymore. What did you do after the reunion?
KB: Went home and went to bed!

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  • Tesha Iamvictorious King

    Phaedra was telling Todd about the things she knew about which was what He and Apollo bragged about going out hanging out blah blah blah why would he go off and say oh but you didnt know what Apollo was doing. He totally ignored the fact that if Apollo didnt have anything to do with why were they claiming to be out editing the video. Come on Todd and Kandi yall was wrong.. face up and realize it

    • Jasmin

      Sorry. You missed his point. He was saying you know everything I was doing but you’re going to play dumb and say you had no idea where all Apollo’s money was coming from. Phaedra always plays the victim. She knew whatever Apollo was doing it probably wasn’t legal but while the money was good she didn’t care.

      • Tangee

        Amen!! I’m so glad he finally said what people were saying on the streets. She claims to be this intelligent, accomplished woman..yet has no clue where her husband is getting all this money? Yeeeeah right, trust me as a married woman we pay attention..I notice if my husband say he didn’t spend any money eating out..and I see McDonald’s bags and empty sweet tea cups in the car..but she doesnt see new cars and expensive clothes..Chile please. Phaedra started off as one of my favs..but then became the one I liked the least..because she is phoney. I mean wasn’t he a convicted felon before they got married?? Also wasn’t her practice geared towards those who were a bit unsavory.. I.e getting cash in a parking lot..I think she was in on it..and had a schemey kinda background in the past, birds of a feather flock together, so she and Apollo were equally yoked. But now she got some Bravo checks and now acting all high post now and leaving Apollo out to dry.

        • Lene

          Phaedra is a snake.

        • Ty-Nisha Mayes Brown

          Girl everything u said I said on a different post, she ain’t slick people know how criminals role and she was rolling right along with his ass. She was dating him while he was in jail to because his friend let that slip one day when he was talking to her on the show at her house. I can’t stand her

      • Lene

        Phaedra hide her evil ways behind God.

      • Ty-Nisha Mayes Brown

        Agree 100%

  • Jay boss

    He’s telling the truth. . And why was she trying to put his mother in it ! She’s wrong

  • Yaneth Olga

    I just went through all this verification BS only because of how disgusted I am at the way Todd talked to Phaedra…..
    I wonder how YOU would have felt if you had your small baby and Apollo would be out taking Todd to the clubs. Yeah am sure you wouldn’t like that shit either!!! YOU ARE NOT being a good friend because if Todd is saying he didn’t have to get Apollo into the mess then WHY ARE YOUUUU??? IDK i think you & your boo are WROOONNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

    • itsjustme

      Todd had Apollo out away from his family??? Last time I checked Apollo was a grown man. Can’t no one make him do anything he doesn’t want to do. Apollonwas aware of his responsibilities to his family, he chose to go out all night partying. Phaedra is a grown woman. She should have told her husband he needed to stay home or stay gone. That’s one of the problems I have with Phaedra, she never takes responsibility actions or lack there of. I like Phaedra but she has been caught in several lies and finger pointing. I need to see her practicing what she preaches and less of her trying to dance around things. I honestly don’t think Todd wasbwrong. If we are all being honest, she knew everything that Todd and Peter was doing while out with her husband but had no idea of the illegal actions her husband was doing. Come on, Phaedra is not a dumb woman. Where did she think he was getting his money from and as noisy as she is, don’t think she didn’t look into things prior to him getting caught.

      • Ty-Nisha Mayes Brown

        Fr he’s the one who chose to go out and he’s also the one who chose to illegal shit, now she wanna blame everybody else because she chose to marry a criminal. I can’t stand Phaedra, she is fake and phoney and should be real lucky and humble that she’s not in jail and still has her law license.

    • Elnora Graham Bowden

      Is it just me or like Todd said Apollo was “In your house and you didn’t know what he was doing get outta here” if your husband got a car, a motorcycle or dirt bike which ever and it gone one day that she didn’t miss it? She was Kandi friend,TODD was Apolla’s and Todd was there for him, so what?TODD was speaking to Pha Pha in that manner about BUSINESS not about personal, she can throw over the top parties and talk about all her jobs but couldn’t pay him,a deal she wanted separate from Apolla, that was her deal and hers alone. He had no reason to go after Apolla. And she use the excuse he had her husband up in strip club instead of home, now let be clear Todd didn’t drag him kicking and screaming and if we remember Apolla said in a couple of season back that he love the strip club and be dropping thousands at them. So she already knew where her husband was. There is NOT a woman on here that can tell me that they don’t know if A CAR or Bike is missing from their that they didn’t find out just where it was.point,blank,period

  • Zeenatu Ismaila

    ‘Get outta here mehnnn’…This is what I call the Todd gathering. Gathered fakedras phoney ass like a pile of poo…good job Todd. Kandi you’ve got yourself a good one.

  • Mvp Howard

    Ur horns are.showing Pha

  • jackie beltran

    she is too much. she acts all god like and yet she knew. and i know for a fact with the look on her face when she was told that the fbi went to kandi’s house that she told them to go look there for stuff. her comments yes she did it. she will be caught in all her lies one day and will be shown to be worse than kenya. yes i said it.


    It’s amazing how we as a people are so quick to judge. I would never allow my husband to speak to any woman that way right, wrong or otherwise. There is a time and place for everything. Oh yeah, I forgot, this is TV and this is how we make them rich from their inappropriate nonsense. We all fall short. EVEN YOU.

    • Wanda Robinson

      What’s even more amazing is when we talk about what we want allow people to do. Sometimes people will make you come out of character. The problem seems to be that Phakedra feels as if she is entitled to whatever she wants. I believe she should have kept her word and paid the man for his work!

  • just breathe

    You dry snitch on yourself and now your mad…ha… Why dont people think that authorities dont watch these shows…they are watching everything you do especially when you owe them… disappointed with kandi because at the end of the day Phaedra needed her friend..and instead of Kandi putting her personal feelings about her friend situation first vs just being there for her mentally and emotionally.. She drop the ball.. In a situation like that only the person in it can make the final decision..regardless what anyone thinks and when you marry it is for better or worse but when your partner decides to make the wrong choice its not always your job to follow thru because your married but to make most feasible conscious decision that would suit you…..everyone will have an opinion but until your in it. ..your opinion doesnt matter… So if your friend you can keep it 100 but respect the person who is actually going thru…..last when you agreed to house apollo def put yourself into your “friend” personal affairs…